The Wave Of Healthy Food & How Restaurants Can Be A Part of It!

There has been a sizeable spurt in Millennials opting for healthy food, which has made it essential for restaurants to reciprocate and cater to these needs. As per a PWC report, nearly 47% of people aged 18-34 have switched to a healthier diet. The Rise Of Healthy Food Change In Attitude Earlier, if anybody mentioned […]

The Ultimate Guide: Nail Your Restaurant Business Using Customer Feedback

When a customer dines at a café or a restaurant, food is just half of the story. It’s the overall experience that counts, including the way diners are treated by your staff. According to a recent study, 73% of diners prefer more personalized experiences, even if that means a brand uses their personal data. During […]

8 Instagram Hacks Every Restaurant Must Know For Insta-Success!

These days nearly every restaurant is on Instagram, but are they making the most of it? Usually, they play it safe, but that way they could be losing out on a lot of engagement opportunities. You need to mix it up and take a different path to get noticed. We’ve got some tricks to pave […]

6 Tips to Create the Ultimate Dining Experience That Will Help You Retain Diners!

Sometimes you’re doing all the right things but your diner count’s graph is still a downward curve. If you’ve been wondering how to make a lasting impression to retain diners, we’re here with some hacks to ensure they get hooked to your restaurant. First Impression Is The Last Impression The first and most imperative lesson […]

Here’s How The GST Will Impact The Restaurant Business.

GST is currently the flavour of the season. This new tax overhaul drive will impact each and every business of the nation. The objective of GST is to get rid of corruption in the country and have transparency in the market and in its operations. The government claims that GST will achieve that and create […]

7 Practices to Adopt That’ll Attract Millennials to Your Restaurant!

It’s quite evident that of late a major chunk of customers at restaurants are millennials; people in their late teens to early 30’s. The youth tend to dine out more as compared to their parents, and therefore every restaurant needs to evolve and market directly to them. Here are a few tips that’ll ensure millennials […]

5 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Needs InResto!

In the F&B industry, outstanding service is sublime, but it is exceptional efficiency at the end of the day that paves the way for success. Enter inResto, a unique restaurant management platform that makes use of technology to create end-to-end solutions for restaurateurs. It is the only open platform that successfully connects with various services […]

Here’s How Food Festivals Play An Essential Role in Marketing For Restaurants

Keeping up with the latest trends is essential for any restaurant to thrive in a market that breeds cutthroat competition with innovative restaurants that are cropping up by the minute. One of the greatest trends that have taken the country by storm are food festivals, and it’s a crucial move for marketing for restaurants. So, […]

9 Things to Keep in Mind For Social Media Marketing For Restaurants!

Over the years, social media has emerged as an indispensable form of marketing and everybody needs to bring their A-game to get noticed. We’ve all been trying to make our mark in our own ways, but have you really gone the whole nine yards? Here are a few tactics you need to incorporate in social […]

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