Check Out The Fastest Selling Restaurants of The Great Indian Restaurant Festival 2018!

We’ve reached halfway through the Dineout’s Great Indian Restaurant Festival (GIRF) and it has already been breaking records since the very first week. We’re proud to announce that some of the top restaurants across India have sold their inventory for the entire month! Read more to find out which restaurants are selling out the fastest, and how they did it:

Top performers across India

Although Delhi has been leading the show with maximum inventory sold out, restaurants across India have sold out their slots for the entire month. Here are a few top ones in all cities:

Out of all deals, restaurants offering discounts on buffets have done particularly well apart from restaurants offering discounts on food. Over 40% of the total restaurants offering buffets have been sold out. Almost 200,000 deals have already been sold in the first 2 weeks, and the festival is still soaring high!

How they have overachieved

One of the key practices of top performing restaurants is keeping their customer database constantly informed about the festival through social media, emails or other platforms. From placing tent cards on tables for recall to conducting engaging activities, restaurants that went out of their way to promote the festival have performed especially well.

Dineout’s promotions as a whole have been quite extensive, but these rockstar restaurants have taken the initiative to promote themselves. Restaurants which earlier weren’t Dineout partners have seen a 2.5 times jump in their diner count after GIRF opened. You could also see a huge leap in diners if your restaurant conducted similar marketing activities.

This festival is presented by Airtel Payments Bank, Pepsi as food partners, William Lawson’s CDs as beverage partner and NRAI as an industry partner.