6 Effective Ways to Up Your Email Marketing Game!

As a restaurant owner, you dedicate time, money, and efforts to create a service with good food, ambiance, and friendly staff at a reasonable price factor. Why? Because you want the customers to keep coming back.

Retargeting the guests, hoping to turn them into regulars for your restaurant without coming off as a nuisance is both, significant for business and achieved efficiently via emails.

Email is permission-centric. Every person on your email list is aware that you may send them messages. It generates the highest ROI for marketers, as per VentureBeat. It’s 40% better than Twitter or Facebook at acquiring new customers, says a McKinsey report.

It’s worth a try for the high-end as well as average restaurants, for email marketing services have low administrative costs. Let’s look at the strategies which work!

  1. Create Your Restaurant Email Marketing List On Your Own

Don’t buy generic email databases. Build one organically.

Request the patrons for their email address in the comment cards they fill after dining. Let them sign up online to reserve tables. Place a signup form on your social media pages, blogs, mobile application, or website. Offer incentives, like 20% off their next meal, to give up their email addresses.

Just remember to tell your customers how they can opt-out of the service.

  1. Make the Subject Line ClickBait

The subject of marketing emails should have two purposes-

  • To specifically state the main point of the message
  • To establish a personal note with the reader

Keep it short and original. Stick to the point. Subject lines restricted to 50 or fewer characters result in 12% higher opening rates than the longer ones. Use the official restaurant email address which the customer can quickly identify.

  1. Personalise the Message

If you want a high performing email, who it’s intended for and how it’s designed become prime factors.

Instead of ‘Dear customer’ or ‘Hello Sir/Ma’am,’ use their names. Stick to one message per email. If it’s a restaurant promotion email with offers like a free dessert, 2-for-1 drinks, or special holiday dinner at slashed prices, keep it concise. Give them an immediate expiration date to maintain the offer’s value.

If you’re sending out newsletters (or a one-two minute read), write stories about your signature dishes, share a recipe for the foodie-customers, promote menu additions, give subscriber-only offers like a chance to meet the chef.

Track the birthdays or anniversaries of customers who have previously been to your restaurant. Marketing emails can contain a special offer, like a free meal, buffet or wine tasting invitation, or gift cards, for such guests. It would strengthen their loyalty towards your brand.

  1. Be Careful with Email Frequency and Timing

Don’t flood the customer’s inbox with hourly emails. Target it once or twice a week or month at an optimal day and time.

For example, restaurant marketing emails for a corporate employee could be free dessert on Wednesday evenings, 35% off on weekday lunches, etc. A Monday Morning email could offer free coffee on buying breakfast.

  1. Prune Your Subscriber List

Remove the non-responders after a duration. But, before you do the pruning, ensure that the reason for no action on the customer’s side isn’t you. Religiously avoid poorly proofread emails, distracting backgrounds, broken links, long paragraphs, or deals that aren’t followed up.

Whenever you end someone’s subscription, send them an email clarifying the reason and the steps to rejoin if they wish to do so.

  1. Track the Email Marketing Campaign via Different Metrics

It’s important to track metrics like open rate and click rate. You must be aware of the number of subscribers who open your emails, click on the link/CTA present in the email, forward the email, complain, or unsubscribe.

When you structure marketing emails, always include a Call to Action(CTA.) Keep your CTA obligation free. State what the subscribers can do next in simple steps and encourage them to act right away.

For instance, if the agenda of your mailer is for diners to book a table, order food or buy a deal, it needs to be highlighted properly. The mailer must end with a CTA button stating your agenda clearly.

If you offer coupon codes to a customer for a particular diner, you can use a feedback application to validate them. The more people use the specific code of a restaurant, the better your marketing strategy performs.

The Indian food services will cross almost 5 Lakh Crores in value by 2021. Indian restaurants have a chance to grow and become a dominant contributor in this industry worth 48 billion dollars. And, 89% of Indian marketers consider Email Marketing a crucial tool to drive sales.

Unquestionably, email is a mighty tool. If you are about to utilize it, understand the email marketing tips for restaurants and do it right.