inResto Recognized as an Excellent Restaurant Management Software by Platform for Software Reviews

Since its inception, inResto has been delighting businesses with a comprehensive one-stop shop restaurant management solution built to boost customer satisfaction, personalize customer interactions, and improve re-engagements. Aside from satisfying customers everywhere, we also have impressed a team of business software experts.

FinancesOnline recently branded inResto with the 2018 Great User Experience for its simplicity and ease of use in helping businesses cover all the bases of their restaurant operations. Furthermore, our inResto pricing options for our “feature-rich modules” are also easy on the pocket and allow for great flexibility, stated the review team.

FinancesOnline writes, “inResto provides you and your fellow restaurant owners and managers with a very flexible restaurant management system that enables them to choose modules that they need so they can easily meet their prevailing business requirements. If and when your requirements shift due to expansion, growth, and shift in industry standards, inResto’s unparalleled scalability helps you keep up and stay ahead of the competition.”

In reviewing inResto under their best restaurant management software, the FinancesOnline review team found our restaurant management platform as one of the most efficient platforms for managing various aspects of one’s business. This includes managing reservations, loyalty programs, tables, menu, offers, and campaigns, among others.

With all modules combined, inResto is the “perfect restaurant management suite” on the market, concludes FinancesOnline. This speaks volumes to the effectiveness of our platform in our niche. This is also one of the reasons why we were recognized with FinancesOnline’s Rising Star award for 2018, granted to newcomers in the SaaS market that have quickly gained in popularity and have garnered good customer traction.

Try inResto today to efficiently manage all aspects of your restaurant.