Why Your Restaurant Needs a Feedback Management Software Right Now!

The secret of a successful restaurant business is not just serving good food, but offering an exceptional customer service that includes and not limited to your restaurant’s ambiance, staff behaviour and much more. If you don’t try to find out what your customers actually think of your service and food, you will never be able to give them the best customer experience they need.

Why You Should Take Feedback From very Customer?

According to a Harvard Business School study on Starbucks (source), customer satisfaction can increase your revenue by 82% (approx.). As per the study, a satisfied customer visits 4.3 times per month, spends $4.06 and is a customer for 4.4 years. Whereas a highly satisfied customer visits 7.2 times per month, spends $4.42 and is a customer for 8.3 years.

Amazing isn’t it? But what happens when you have a dissatisfied customer?

Studies show that 43% American diners don’t complain/leave feedback because they don’t think that the business cares. Of those same customers, 81% said they would be willing to leave feedback if they knew they would get a fast response!

The secret to understanding your customers’ needs, wants and concerns is making the most of customer feedback. That means not only collecting feedback, but managing and acting upon that feedback to improve your services.

Feedback Taken…Now What?

Successful restaurants understand the fact that feedbacks not only inform and instruct but also creates a connection to drive better business practices, higher customer satisfaction, better retention and increased sales, ofcourse! To ensure the same, it is important to have a systematic platform to not only capture and organize feedbacks but also take necessary actions on the given feedback  – be it positive or negative.

The challenge for restaurant is to know:

  1. If the feedback is captured,
  2. Who captured it,
  3. Where it is stored,
  4. Who is following up with bad as well as good feedback,
  5. If anyone is actually analyzing the feedback based on various metrics.

This also makes it difficult to use this information to improve customer relationships.

Things To Evaluate In a Feedback Management Software

Feedback Management Software is basically a handy software which helps you capture feedback, organize the same and analyze the same. While you are going for a feedback management software, ensure that it has the following features:

Capture Customer’s Feedback

All your customer needs is to tap on the given options. Capturing feedback from a digital software hardly takes 50 seconds. While the host is settling the bill, your customers can easily fill the feedback on the tab.

Organize Them With Ease

Another challenge that most restaurants face is organizing the feedback based on days, time, table, host staff, customers etc. A good feedback management software organizes your feedback based on these metrics and more so that you have a better understanding of your restaurant’s operations.

Real Time Alert For Poor Reviews

Connecting personally with customers goes a long way. With feedback management software, get real time updates if a customer gives poor feedback. Connect with them instantly and try to solve their issues. You can also offer them a concession. This way, you will have a chance to serve them better.

Run Loyalty Programs

The oldest trick in the book to attract customers is with loyalty programs. The feedback management system acts as an effective backbone as it easily collects your customer’s details. The database comes extremely useful for marketing campaigns and run special promos on customers’ birthdays or anniversaries.

Understand Your Staff Performance

The purpose of gathering feedback and reviews is to get insights, analyze data, and make informed decisions on their basis. With a feedback management software, you can understand and analyze your staff’s performance based on metrics like food, service and overall dining experience.

Remember that customer feedback is the key to not only develop strong relations with your customers but also improve your business to amplify your sales. Do not underestimate any comment about your restaurant be it good or bad. And more than anything, don’t forget to be responsive. Your customer will appreciate you value their opinion. Customer voice is priceless for your business, so never stop listening!