data driven marketing for restaurants

How To Embrace Data-Driven Marketing & Drive More Revenue?

Data is the new gold. It is not just numbers but an identity to understand one’s customers. Today, a restaurant wants to know what Neha wants and Manish wants. To understand your customers on a personal level, you need an unprecedented amount of data and machine learning and utilize it in the best possible way.

Taking The First Step Towards Data-Driven Marketing – Collecting Data

The best source of gathering customer’s details is from your customer only. Ask your diners for feedback along with their details like name, contact details, special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. Feedback gives you direct insights on multiple levels like what did your diner like or disliked about your restaurant – food, ambience, music, service, or something else.

With a digital feedback system, you can collect these data safely and gather all these insights in one place, giving you a proper timeline of your customers with dining history, feedback history and other information. Other than this, we would also suggest you to build a strong database by adding no-show customers, people who have placed an online order or take away orders, etc.

Why Data Driven Marketing Is A Must For Every Restaurants?
With evolving technology, 80% of customers prefer personalized experience from restaurants. Send one broad message to everyone is no longer advisable. Today, restaurants should focus on providing relevant experiences that are tailor-made for your specific customer’s needs. This way, you won’t only reach to the right audience but also increases the chances of getting more diners, thereby growing your business. Here’s why data-driven marketing is super important for your business growth.

“By focusing on customer data collection and analysis and combining those insights with artificial intelligence, TGI Fridays doubled their business over the past 12 months*.”

Why Data-Driven Marketing Can Help You Drive Revenue Growth?

Here’s why data-driven marketing is beneficial for your restaurant and can help you increase your sales.

Increased Customer Retention
The secret of retaining more and more customers is fueled by data. By knowing which customer hasn’t visited your restaurant for how long, you can run email and/or SMS marketing campaign. You can influence them with special loyalty programs, discounts, offers, new menu items, latest events, etc. Similarly, you can target no-show customers to visit your restaurant again.

Personal Marketing = Better ROI
The right type of marketing means sending the correct message to the correct audience at the correct time. For example, sending Isha a personalized SMS offering special birthday discount precisely 2 days before her birthday – a time when she might be planning her birthday party with family or friends. This in-depth information came from Isha herself when she gave her feedback during the last visit to your restaurant. Running personalized campaigns like this will help you reach more customers in the most relevant way, promising a better ROI.

bday text msg

Improve Overall Customer Experience
Today, it all about offering a world-class experience to your customers. With a proper customer timeline in place, you know your customers on a personal level – all at one place. So, the next time a customer visits your restaurant, your host will have a brief idea of his/her likes, dislikes, previous experience and more by just asking his/her phone number. This way, you will be able to provide a better experience and your customers will enjoy their dining experience at your restaurant.

In an industry that gets more competitive by the day, data-driven marketing can provide you with the much-needed edge over others. Using guest data and understanding customer behavior s extremely necessary to make intelligent decisions and eventually grow your business by prioritizing investments.

*Data Source – The Wall Street Journal