SMS Marketing For Restaurants

How To Use SMS Marketing To Get Better Return Of Investment (ROI)

With an approximate 98% open rate and 90% is read within 3 minutes, SMS is one of the most effective marketing channels to communicate with your customers and keep them coming back. Far from being dead and buried, even after the emergence of alternative messaging channels and marketing platforms, SMS marketing is alive and thriving.

Why SMS Marketing Should Be A Part Of Restaurant Marketing?

Even after having an amazing menu, ideal location and perfect staff, no restaurant can survive without consistent demand. While some marketers still grapple about the value impact of SMS marketing, there is no other marketing channel that can guarantee to be seen by the customer at such affordable rates. Here’s why it’s worth the effort

1) It’s Effective

Unlike email which has an open rate of approx 25%, SMS’s open rate can go up to 90% – which is perfect to hold customer’s attention. SMS message arrives quickly and is read in seconds – thereby performing 4-5 times better than any other forms of advertising.

2) It’s Omnipresent

Your coupon might get lost, menu gets buried on road or junk drawers, emails might land up in spam but text messages are available anytime you customer wants to refer to them. And since SMS is a more intimate form of communication, there are higher chances that your diners will go through it.

3) It’s Super Affordable

If used correctly, SMS can give you maximum ROI than any other marketing channel. The cost of 1 SMS in India is close to 16 paise. An enticing text sent at the right time can attract more diners. This means more profits.

6 Ways To Use SMS Marketing To Get Better ROI

The small difference between SMS Marketing and a Profitable SMS Marketing is the way you utilize this platform. Here’s how you can use SMS Marketing that will help you increase your business revenue.

Promote Your Limiter Period Offers

Limited Time Offers & SMS compliment each other. Send time-sensitive offers to your customers to drive immediate traffic.

“3 COURSE MEAL FOR Rs.740. Choose from a wide range of starters, mains, & deserts. FREE drink with all KIDS MEALS. Limited Seats. Hurry! Call us at 01234567890”

Send Exclusive Birthday/Anniversary Discounts

Personalized message is a warmer approach to connect with your customers. Extract the details of customers with upcoming birthdays and anniversaries and send them a short and sweet message with an exclusive offer, discount or a freebie, which is enough to win over a lifetime customer.

birthday wish sms

Build Long Lasting Relationship By Showing Gratitude

As soon as your customer make a reservation or walk-in, send them a “Thank You” message and provide them with necessary details.  You can also include the special of the day or any event that you are organizing.

Decrease No-Shows With Reminder SMS

One of the major reasons for a no-show is because your customer forgot about his/her reservations. Ensure that you remind them about their upcoming reservations by sending a reminder SMS with necessary details. Also, add a Call to Action to change or cancel the reservation so that you can use the table in case of any cancellation.

Advertise Your Loyalty Programs

According to a study, retaining customers can increase your profits by 25% or even more. Of course, it makes sense to put in more efforts to nurture existing customers. Not to forget loyalty programs are one of the best ways to make your customers come back to your restaurant. Invite, Update & Remind your customers about your restaurant’s loyalty programs.

Ask Them For A Feedback

Didn’t take feedback? Worry not, send SMS to your customer and take feedback online.  Instead of filling out a feedback form, send them a text an hour after they have finished, ask a couple of questions about the food, service, and environment.


With a data-powered marketing automation platform, you can easily automate these SMS marketing campaigns. This way your SMSes will send whenever a customer satisfied the criteria set by you. This way you can save time & money.