inResto Loyalty Management now at Zero cost to Restaurants in India!

It has been one of the most challenging times for the restaurant and food technology industry over the past few days, with some big steps taken by many other platforms with regards to the #Logout campaign. Our meeting with the NRAI, other associations and leading restaurant owners was a very positive and insightful one. The key pain point highlighted by most restaurateurs was that of “deep discounting”. Dineout as a wholesome platform was recognized for our “restaurant first approach” and as a trusted partner for all our B2C and B2B offerings by both NRAI and our restaurant partners. We’ve always believed in a win-win situation for our restaurant partners and after reflecting on the issues highlighted by restaurants in the last few days, we concluded that providing them with technology tools has become more important than ever with the changing dynamics of the industry and the high overhead costs of running a restaurant. 

At inResto, our core services revolve around simplifying a restaurateurs management and operation of business so they can concentrate on their most important asset – food! 

We’re not just a SaaS platform, we’re your partners first. And that differentiates us from the rest as we are on a mission to make every restaurant tech-enabled not just in India, but globally with inResto by helping restaurants manage their back end operations through POS, Supply Chain Management, Table Management, Feedback Management, Loyalty Management, and much more! We have been the biggest advocates of this mission for the last 5 years and have been continuously educating restaurants across the country with more than 8000 partners using our technology modules. In the world of digitization, having an automated, hassle-free and time efficient technology that will help restaurants manage their operations smoother than ever before and thereby provide a seamless experience to diners. 

So, we believe it is only fair that we share this exciting update with you first-hand.

We’re bringing in a new era in the restaurant industry by launching our inResto Loyalty Management module at ZERO cost to all eager restaurants in India effective immediately! With this a new age cloud-based SaaS platform restaurants will now be able to build customized loyalty programs for their diners, from identifying to rewarding loyal diners and communicating with them directly to build a long term relationship. We will empower restaurants to create customized rewarding experiences for all their diners! All of this at no additional cost. Exciting, right?

inresto loyalty program at zero cost!

How can inResto Loyalty Management help Restaurants?

Behaviour that is followed by pleasant consequences is likely to be repeated so when restaurants reward diners in exchange for their loyalty, it only influences them to continue engaging and returning more frequently. inResto loyalty will help you, as a restaurant, convert your new customers to regular customers and grow their repeat business through loyalty programs. Here’s how:

  • Capture your diner data – from walkins to reservations to orders, all details, transaction history and preferences on one platform!
  • Create your own campaign – Design engagement campaigns based on spend, visits, repeat purchases, etc.
  • Customisation is key – An elaborate loyalty program which can be customized on various parameters to give your diners a personalized experience.
  • Retain diners – Identify non-returning customers and launch marketing campaigns to attract them back to your restaurant to concentrate on long-term sustainability
  • Reward diners – Recognize VIP customers and build reward points based on their visits or amount they spend at your restaurant
  • Track Performance – Get detailed analysis on the performance of your campaigns to understand effectiveness and use them to build future ones
  • Stay Connected – Communicate one-on-one with your diners regularly through emails, sms, and more. Give them special offers or rewards on their special occasions and become a part of their life! 

Types of Loyalty Programs to choose from:

Loyalty programs are designed in a manner that you can reward your diners when they visit your restaurant frequently, spend more or purchase their regular orders repeatedly. Cater to the diners need for instant gratification by rewarding them during their visits, encouraging them to become loyalists of your brand.

  • Spend based – Reward points based on diners spending behavior
  • Visit based – Reward points based on diners repeat visit behavior
  • Punch card based – Reward points based on repeat purchase and visit behavior

Loyalty Tiers:

Point based programs can be designed around multiple tiers wherein diners will be able to unlock higher rewards by progressing through different tiers. This enables rewarding of initial loyalty and encourages more visits and purchases.

                                                       Bronze Tier | Silver Tier | Gold Tier

Key Results of inResto Loyalty Management at some partner restaurants:

  • 35% Walkout Reduction at one of the largest breweries in Bengaluru, India
  • 42% Increased Customer Engagement (on avg. across inresto outlets) whilst waiting for service 
  • 20% Increase in returning customers at a major barbeque chain in India, through the inResto spend based loyalty program

Our Journey with inResto is Pretty Matured,  they have always been responsive to any questions I have & they understand who we are and what we are trying to do.

inResto has impacted our Business positively in reaching out to our regular Guests and their Reservation platform is user-friendly & seamless.

The newer Features that they have been working off late would bring in welcome changes to retain our Guests is my firm belief.

Prosenjit Roy ChodhuryCEO at Absolute Barbecues

Are you as excited as we are? Here’s how you can get inResto Loyalty for Free:

Simply request a demo to register for this module for free and our team shall get back on how to activate the same at your restaurant outlets. 

Our promise to you is that we shall ensure that every staff member at your restaurant is well-trained and understands the purpose of this platform. As a successful, tech-enabled restaurant, you will now be able to know your customers, understand them better and communicate with them one-on-one which is extremely important in today’s digital age.

Our CEO, co-founder and energy powerhouse Ankit Mehrotra, has a message for you: 

“It’s an evolving time for Dineout and the restaurant industry as a whole. While we have never been a platform encouraging “deep discounting”, we have always had a “restaurant first approach” and encourage restaurants to #LogIn with Technology. With our technology support we are here to stay in this industry for the long run, and it will not be possible without the support we continue to receive from all our restaurant partners and diners. Together we can bring in a new era and take the restaurant industry forward with the help of technology, discovery, reservations and payments.”

The president of NRAI, Mr. Rahul Singh has also commented on our #GivebacktoRestaurants initiative, “We thank Dineout for their recent move to extend their inResto Loyalty Management tool, as a free offering to all restaurants & empower us to connect with our diners directly. We are working with Dineout to create more tech products for the industry and encourage restaurants to embrace Dineout powered reservations and transactions.” said Rahul Singh, president of NRAI.