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4 Last Minute Sales-Boosting Tricks For This Valentine’s Day

  • Published on : 07/02/2019

More than 55% of Indian consumers plan to go out for a meal on Valentine’s Day. Don’t miss the chance to ensure that your restaurant is the top choice for diners. This means that the next week is a great opportunity for your business so make the most of it.

So, here’s presenting 4 amazing ways to increase your restaurant’s Valentine Day’s Profits.

Add A Little Romance To Your Restaurant
Valentine’s Day is a special time where your diners would love to have a quiet and subtle environment where they can talk while dining. Ensure that your seating and decoration is as per the relaxing environment. For that special Valentine touch, scented candle votives, sprinkled rose petals and a vase of red and pink flowers would do the job. You can also add a white or blackboard with romantic messages.

Get Creative With Your Menu
Valentine’s Day calls for food for love! Create a prix fixe menu for couples with oysters, heart-shaped dishes, chocolate, desserts, etc. Even with your fancy restaurant, stick with an approachable and familiar taste. You can go creative with love-evoking dish names. You can extend your creativity to the bar as well with fun love inspired drinks and wine for this special occasion.

Give Your Customers An Experience
Approx 78% would choose to spend money on experience over buying something desirable. Other than food and ambiance, make your guest feel special with a small gift like complimentary valentine special dessert, welcome cocktails, etc. Don’t forget to promote them on your social media channels and offline to make your restaurant the go-to place for customers.

Make Your Loyal Customers Feel Special
Increasing customer retention rates by 5% increase profits by 25% to 95%, according to research done by Frederick Reichheld of Bain & Company. Run valentine special discounts for your loyal customers and convey the same via email or SMS. With a restaurant CRM tool, you can run targeted campaigns to customers who haven’t dined in the past 3 months or have visited more than 2 times. Don’t forget to use language that drives emotions like “What’s Your Plan This Valentine’s?

With careful planning, you can make Valentine’s one of the most profitable day for your restaurant. Give your restaurant the reason to choose your restaurant over others.

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