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6 Tips to Create the Ultimate Dining Experience That Will Help You Retain Diners!

  • Published on : 18/07/2017

Sometimes you’re doing all the right things but your diner count’s graph is still a downward curve. If you’ve been wondering how to make a lasting impression to retain diners, we’re here with some hacks to ensure they get hooked to your restaurant.

First Impression Is The Last Impression

The first and most imperative lesson is impeccable service! It’s important to pay attention to your diner as soon as they walk in. From a server greeting them to the manager visiting their table to ask about the meal, taking good care of your customers is crucial. Make sure that your diner’s experience is as good as the food and ambiance.

Reservations For A Seamless Experience

Providing the option of table reservation is taking a step towards a fine-dine experience. It also makes diners feel special when they have a table waiting during peak hours.

Never Make Customers Ask You For Their Order Again

If you keep your diner waiting for their meal for too long, it would definitely work against you. If something takes a little longer to prepare, it’s best to let them know beforehand rather than facing a hungry and annoyed diner later. It’s also a great practice to give them a complimentary bread basket or something else to munch on while they wait for their food.

Know Your Menu Well

Your servers and manager should be very thorough with the menu and must be able to explain all dishes properly. When diners ask for preferences and the servers aren’t well acquainted with what’s on the menu, it shows your restaurant in a bad light. They should also be able to make recommendations as per the diner’s taste.

Feedback Matters the Most

You might realize some pitfalls of your restaurant, but it’s best to know where you stand with your customers. Letting them know that you care about their overall experience along with improving your service and food also works in your favor. It also helps you assess what customers love about your restaurant, and what they’re not so fond of.

Tackle Problems in a Courtly Manner

Handling problems politely is another important aspect to create a seamless experience. So, if there are any road bumps along the way, it’s best to handle the situation with grace and polite respect. If there’s a mixup, one must own up to their mistake and apologize immediately. It’s also a good practice to appease your diners by offering them something on the house or making up for it with a discounted bill.

There must be a perfect balance of delicious food, inviting interiors and impeccable service to offer the ultimate dining experience. A happy diner with great memories will always have good things to say about your restaurant.

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