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Why Your Loyalty Program is Not Creating Loyal Customers?

As consumers, haven’t we all gone crazy over black Friday sales and discount coupons on our favorite brands? That’s exactly what your customers are seeking when they visit your restaurant for their favorite food! Hit their right spot, and they become loyal to your brand forever. And choosing the right loyalty program is your way […]

Restaurant Instagram Marketing Tips That’ll Actually Work

In the world of check-ins, self-proclaimed “Foodies” and endless #FoodPorn posts, a pretty obvious assertion that one can make is the undeniable connection between eating out and social media, that is certainly here to stay. Restaurateurs have started capitalizing on this trend by making sure their restaurant’s Instagram profile is catchy enough to tempt customers. To […]

Common Email Marketing Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

72% customers still prefer companies to contact them via email – and restaurant business is no exception. For a restaurant, sending promotional and offer related emails is one of the most common marketing strategies to get customers and generate revenue. But how often you send an email campaign that has a significant effect on your restaurant […]

Why AAHAR 2019 Is A Must Visit For Every Restaurant Owner?

AAHAR – the International Food & Hospitality Fair is coming back with its 34th edition – starting from 12th March till 16th March 2019 at Pragati Maidan Delhi. It is a yearly fair, organized by Indian Trade Promotion Organization (Government Of India’s premier trade promotion body) along with the Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Agricultural, […]

Why Your Restaurant Needs An Intelligent Digital Menu?

With over 80% of restaurants turning to technology to run their business successfully and efficiently, it has surely taken over the entire restaurant business for good. And the menu is no exception. Traditional menus have been replaced with an intelligent and attractive digital menu. They are the next big thing with the later helping restaurant […]

How To Embrace Data-Driven Marketing & Drive More Revenue?

Data is the new gold. It is not just numbers but an identity to understand one’s customers. Today, a restaurant wants to know what Neha wants and Manish wants. To understand your customers on a personal level, you need an unprecedented amount of data and machine learning and utilize it in the best possible way. […]