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How To Reduce Your Food Wastage To Under 2%?

According to a study, approx. 70,000 kg of garbage is dumped by the restaurants every year. Food waste in restaurants has more than merely what the customers choose not to eat. It also contains pre-consumer kitchen waste due to incorrect food preparation, spoiled food, trim waste, over-production, etc. This means 4-10% of purchased raw materials […]

Is Your Social Media Strategy Helping Your Restaurant?

The thing about social media is that everyone is there, either on one or all. From our family to friends to millennials, everyone is there and so is your Target Audience. Research shows that nearly 72% customers use Facebook to make restaurant decisions, based on comments and images shared on their page. You might be […]

Tried & Tested Restaurant Reservation Management Tips

The biggest sports event is ongoing! For restaurants, it is the perfect time to capitalize as dining out at their favorite restaurant is their go-to place for the game screenings. Though the holiday rush will surely surge your restaurant’s revenue and profits, it can be extremely disappointing for your customers if they don’t get good service […]

Dineout Acquires Torqus – a SaaS based Restaurant Management Software

We are ecstatic to welcome Torqus, a Pune based restaurant management software to our family. Dineout has acquired Torqus, taking a step ahead in strengthening our position as a full stack service provider and making Dineout the largest dining out platform. Following this acquisition and a combined client base of 10,000 restaurants across 70+ cities in […]

inResto Recognized as an Excellent Restaurant Management Software by Platform for Software Reviews

Since its inception, inResto has been delighting businesses with a comprehensive one-stop shop restaurant management solution built to boost customer satisfaction, personalize customer interactions, and improve re-engagements. Aside from satisfying customers everywhere, we also have impressed a team of business software experts. FinancesOnline recently branded inResto with the 2018 Great User Experience for its simplicity […]

Thrive without Offers: 6 Ultimate Ways to Promote Your Restaurant

Before you launch another marketing campaign for restaurant-specific offers, riddle me this – what happens when offers begin to cost you more than they are worth? Promote your restaurant, bring in new customers, make the old ones happier and do it without losing a fortune. As competition has risen significantly, restaurants often turn to discounts […]