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Here’s Why You Must Know About Restaurant Tech Live 2017

A great platform to learn all about the new technologies and services that are contributing to the restaurant business, Restaurant Tech Live is a major European exhibition taking place in London this September. What it is. Restaurant Tech Live is a platform that’ll showcase the latest tools, technology, systems and adjustments that are reshaping restaurants […]

Through Thick And Thin: How to Nurture Customer Loyalty That Lasts

Loyal Diner: ‘Hey, do you want to go have waffles? I have a coupon with 50% off desserts’.   Prospective Diner: ‘That’s a pretty generous discount. You must be a regular visitor at their restaurant’   Now that’s a delightful conversation clearly highlighting the benefits of customer loyalty programs. With competition brewing on all sides, […]

7 Facebook Tricks Your Agency Won’t Tell You!

You might have tried every trick in the book, but if you’re still not gaining new followers on Facebook, you’ve really got to rethink your current strategy. Showcasing your dishes, restaurant interiors and broadcasting events are some of the most common tactics, but you really need to go beyond these basic practices to stand out. […]

Do Restaurants Need Waiters?

Restaurants have always been considered to need a personal touch, where the staff must attend each visitor personally. But times are changing, and automated systems are gradually taking over the ordering system in the F&B industry and helping deliver a more personalized experience. Some might think that’s counter-intuitive, but let’s dive a little deeper to […]

6 Important Lessons All New Restauranteurs Must Learn

Exploring business opportunities in the restaurant industry is a big challenge for every entrepreneur or, as we like to call them, restauranteurs. With increasing competition in the food and beverages industry, opening a restaurant can be a roller-coaster ride unless you are well prepared. It’s no surprise that a number of restaurant start-ups close down after […]