inResto Recognized as an Excellent Restaurant Management Software by Platform for Software Reviews

Since its inception, inResto has been delighting businesses with a comprehensive one-stop shop restaurant management solution built to boost customer satisfaction, personalize customer interactions, and improve re-engagements. Aside from satisfying customers everywhere, we also have impressed a team of business software experts.

FinancesOnline recently branded inResto with the 2018 Great User Experience for its simplicity and ease of use in helping businesses cover all the bases of their restaurant operations. Furthermore, our inResto pricing options for our “feature-rich modules” are also easy on the pocket and allow for great flexibility, stated the review team.

FinancesOnline writes, “inResto provides you and your fellow restaurant owners and managers with a very flexible restaurant management system that enables them to choose modules that they need so they can easily meet their prevailing business requirements. If and when your requirements shift due to expansion, growth, and shift in industry standards, inResto’s unparalleled scalability helps you keep up and stay ahead of the competition.”

In reviewing inResto under their best restaurant management software, the FinancesOnline review team found our restaurant management platform as one of the most efficient platforms for managing various aspects of one’s business. This includes managing reservations, loyalty programs, tables, menu, offers, and campaigns, among others.

With all modules combined, inResto is the “perfect restaurant management suite” on the market, concludes FinancesOnline. This speaks volumes to the effectiveness of our platform in our niche. This is also one of the reasons why we were recognized with FinancesOnline’s Rising Star award for 2018, granted to newcomers in the SaaS market that have quickly gained in popularity and have garnered good customer traction.

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Basics to Brilliance: Incorporating Technology in Restaurants to Increase Efficiency

These days, employing the latest technologies is playing a huge role in raising efficiency, cutting costs, minimizing staff requirement and enhancing dining experiences. So, along with basic technology like online table reservations, restaurants have started adopting the latest advancements to stay up to speed and be as efficient as possible.

A Tablet For Everything!

Do you handle all online reservations and feedback via tablets? What if you had a tablet to manage everything? From an app to order right from the table, taking customer details to get to know your target audience to creating loyalty programs; tablets help store data in one place and also improve your diner’s experience. If you employ these technical advancements, your diners can order without waiting for servers, they would respond to your loyalty programs better and you can also save their preferences and allergies for further use. It’s a win-win!

Customizable Feedback Technology

You might be using a tablet to record feedback, but it wouldn’t be that helpful if you’re still following a simple format. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if the feedback form could automatically ask the customer to elaborate through follow-up questions on elements that got a low rating? That way, you could get deeper into the problem without any follow-up calls or angry diner rants on facebook. Fortunately, there is a solution that takes all this into consideration. We’ll come back to that in a moment.

Order From the Table

Wouldn’t it make life a lot easier if people could order online right from their table, with all orders show up on a single tablet that gets automatically updated on your POS system? Ordering online also has an advantage of a digital menu. You can introduce new items and update this menu quite effortlessly, not to mention the level of detail you can give for every dish, with images, descriptions and maybe even calorie and allergen information.

Multiple Payment Avenues

Paying by cash or debit/credit cards has been a regular practice for ages. Now, when e-wallets like Paytm, Mobikwik and Freecharge are gaining popularity, one must give their diners other options too.

Adopting these emerging trends in technology is a must these days! With inResto, you can handle almost everything smoothly through a tablet! For instance, with inResto DineIn, your diners can order online straight from the table and wouldn’t have to wait for servers. With inResto Feedback, you can customize your feedback forms. Once you gather valuable feedback, you could use it to create apt loyalty programs through inResto Loyalty and parallelly run campaigns to re-engage diners via inResto Campaigns.

healthy food

The Wave Of Healthy Food & How Restaurants Can Be A Part of It!

There has been a sizeable spurt in Millennials opting for healthy food, which has made it essential for restaurants to reciprocate and cater to these needs. As per a PWC report, nearly 47% of people aged 18-34 have switched to a healthier diet.

The Rise Of Healthy Food

Change In Attitude

Earlier, if anybody mentioned gluten-free or lactose-free food, it was usually for people who were prone to allergies, but now the notion of eating clean isn’t related to any disease or allergy, but rather, better health. Now, these practices are no longer confined to the home, and diners are asking for palatable diet options even when they’re eating out.

Emerging Diet Trends

High on healthy fats and low on carbs, the Keto diet has become an obsession among the youth, and it’s already gaining popularity in India. Based on consuming healthy fats, it’s said that this diet boosts the metabolism and helps the dieter lose weight rapidly, while still eating plenty of meat and fat. Influential celebrities adopting this diet has been one of the major reasons for its pervasiveness.

Rising Awareness

Since our tech savvy generation is now well aware of what’s happening around the world, they tend to catch on global food and fitness trends. As heart diseases, obesity and diabetes are on the rise, people have realized that amending their eating habits is the need of the hour.

Targeting These Health Conscious Millennials

If you’ve been looking for ways to attract these calorie counters and fitness buffs, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Introduce Vegan & Gluten Free Options

Nobody would be comfortable with revamping their entire menu, but if you could just add a few vegan, gluten-free, low fat or lactose-free options to your menu, you’ll catch quite a few eyeballs. You can throw in some low-fat options like sugar-free desserts and freshly prepared juices to start off.

Nutritional Information

Lately, everybody uses a fitness app to track their calorie consumption or the amount of proteins, carbs, fats, cholesterol and sugar intake. So, you could attract this crowd by providing a full breakdown of what they’re eating. You should also indicate the exact calorie intake. Ideally, dishes with less than 600 calories could be put into a special healthy menu.

Promote Organic and Fresh Food

Adopting a practice of fresh and organic ingredients has also seen a surge in the restaurant industry. Restaurants serving healthy food usually source their ingredients straight from the farm. If you’ve also heard of the terms “farm-to-table” and “locally produced” food, it’s time to hop aboard that bandwagon and pay heed to where your ingredients are coming from.

Other Quick & Easy Healthy Fixes

If you’d still like to be cautious, give your diners a few easy-to-implement options. For instance, let them swap their rice, fries or mash with a salad on the side or other veggies. You could also offer smaller plate options for your larger dishes, and maybe even bunless burgers. The possibilities are endless!

You can take inspiration from restaurants like Zehen in The Manor, Delhi; Fab Cafe and Carrots in Bangalore, who’ve taken the plunge and come up with extensive healthy menus!