Contactless Delivery: The Safe Way Ahead 

As the COVID-19 outbreak becomes a matter of global concern, social distancing has become our only saviour. While we are all inside our homes, minimizing physical contact, the outbreak has taken a serious turn. The government has declared a strict lockdown with all restaurants being closed for dining out, however, the delivery and take away business is still operational. People are not dining out, but they are still looking for safe food delivery options.

Contactless delivery is one such simple initiative to carry-on business, responsibly. Here restaurants take all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of the customers, and staff. Fast-food giants across the country have adopted this new safeguarding method to ensure social distancing and continue to deliver good food.

What is Contactless delivery?

It is a new way to practice social distancing in the food delivery business. One of the several initiatives for businesses to sustain sales without compromising on safety, this method ensures that there is zero physical contact between the delivery agent and the customer.  The delivery agent leaves the food package at the customer’s doorstep, and the customer is notified about the delivery status via call or on the track order feature available on the food delivery app. 

Here’s how you can execute contactless delivery for your restaurant:

  1. Train your Staff Around Safety Measures

  2. The instruction manual issued by your restaurant for the employees must include these important pointers:
    • Wear gloves while preparing and delivering food
    • Use sanitizer before and after making each delivery
    • Do not hand the delivery package to the customers; leave it at their doorstep.
    • After placing the package at the doorstep, notify the customer about the delivery status. 

    Remember to take your customer’s feedback, digitally, to ensure that your delivery agents are following all the safety guidelines. 

  3. 2. Promote Contactless Delivery

    Use your restaurant app/website to promote contactless delivery and make your customers understand why it’s important for them as well as your staff. It is the need of the hour to stay socially distant to stop the spread of the virus. 

    You can also personally inform your customers about all the precautions that your restaurant is taking using SMS, email as well as social media campaigns. Your regular customers would feel connected, and they would know that you are with them in this fight against COVID-19. 

  4. 3. Focus on the Packaging

  5. Make sure the food packaging is intact and solid —stock up on extra tapes. The delivery person’s handbags should be properly cleaned and sanitized at regular intervals. And remember the package should always be handled with gloves on.
  6. 4. Food Untouched with Bare Hands

    Make sure the food packaging is intact and solid —stock up on extra tapes. The delivery person’s handbags should be properly cleaned and sanitized at regular intervals. And remember the package should always be handled with gloves on. 

  7. 5. Symptom Check and Staff Survey

  8. Regularly check the temperature of your staff; anybody with the symptoms should not be allowed to work at the restaurant. If there is anyone who is sick, give them leaves and advise them to get their tests done. Anyone who has been in contact with a person who has recently travelled abroad must be asked to stay in quarantine for 14-26 days.
  9. 6. Promote Cashless Payments

  10. To further facilitate successful contactless delivery, you must encourage your customers to make cashless payments. While placing the order on the app, the cash on delivery option must reflect a warning like- ‘The exchange of cash can be a transmitting channel of the virus. Pay online to avoid direct physical contact between you and the delivery agent.’Send personalized SMS and email to your customers, informing them of the importance of cashless payments for the safety of everyone. 
    And lastly, while we are all thankful for the chefs and delivery executives who are working selflessly during these trying times, we must encourage our customers to be cooperative and extra kind.Stay Safe. Stay Responsible. 🙂

The world is Gotham city and Dineout is Batman

Dineout, India’s largest dining out and restaurant tech platform has always believed in a restaurant first approach. Supporting the restaurant business with cutting edge technology has always been our forte. But when life throws a curveball, like that of COVID-19, what do we do? Do we dodge? Or do we swing our bat and hit it out of the stadium? We believe in the latter, and we swing it real hard.

All of us have been bombarded with news about COVID-19 and its implications on our society. And the restaurant industry has been the first to bear the brunt. The news about our restaurant industry expecting a loss between 70,000 – 80,000 crore is disheartening. And this pulls the heartstrings of about 7.3 million people who invest their blood and sweat in it every day. So what do we do? The restaurant industry, being the thought leader that they are, has taken a brave step towards safeguarding their diners. They have either temporarily stopped services, or have adopted contact-less delivery. The precautionary measures at such delivery restaurants are at par with medical facilities. 

So we have decided to take matters into our own hands. Using Dineout platform, we have set up a rescue plan, Operation: Restaurant Vouchers

Here is how ‘Restaurant Vouchers’ works-

  1. Using our ‘Restaurant Vouchers’ platform, we empower your loyal diners to buy vouchers of either 500 INR or 1000 INR. These vouchers have a validity period of 3-6 months. So as soon as things calm down and they can all step out, they will walk straight through your open doors.
  2. We encourage our restaurant partners to give us an inventory of either 50 vouchers, each worth 1000 INR or 100 vouchers, each worth 500 INR. How does this help the restaurant? People buy vouchers that they will use in the future, which guarantees immediate cash flow.
  3. How does the diner benefit? The diner buys these vouchers at a discounted price. This discount is up to 30%, at the restaurants’ discretion.
  4. These vouchers will apply on the total bill, which is inclusive of taxes.
  5. What does Dineout get out of this? Your love.

Your diners are in knee-deep withdrawal symptoms from not getting all the love that you serve along with your food. So, this is our little way of playing batman, the hero in a cape. We’re committed to do our part and continue to introduce new tools in the coming days to help facilitate support for the restaurant business community.

We hope our effort helps ‘flatten the curve’ of lost income for restaurants and secures the business and its staff’s needs. You are lucky to have such lovely and loyal diners who can’t stop thinking of those crispy, fiery peri-peri fries that you serve!


As you read this, we already are assisting about 1000 restaurants with ‘Restaurant Vouchers’. If you want to know more about this, write to us at Or call up your salesperson. We are all working from home, but we can’t stop thinking about you. Let us help you rewrite history.


Women Restaurateurs Who are Changing the Face of the Restaurant Industry

Women have been ruling the kitchens for ages. Some genius said, if you are good at something don’t do it for free, and they took it seriously. So here’s a toast to women restaurateurs who have been ruling the food industry with their gifted talents.

1. Anahita Dhondy Of SodaBottleOpenerWala

Success comes to those who wait, but that was not so much the case for this young lady. She is an award-winning, youngest female chef in Delhi. She has her name written on various awards and magazines. She has been taking her native Parsi cuisine to another level. In a city like Delhi, where we cannot obsess enough over Chole Bhature, Anahita made Parsi cuisine loved by hundreds of people. 

Her journey in her own words:

“From being one of the ten women at IHM-Aurangabad to working at the Taj hotels and then to Le Cordon Bleu which later led me to work under the guidance of Chef Sabyasachi Gorai and Mr AD Singh at SodaBottleOpenerWala and now managing and being a chef-partner at one of the outlets have been a huge learning experience.” 

2. Usha Batra of Cafe Delhi Heights

The woman with the most inspiring story is Usha Batra, the Culinary Director of Cafe Delhi Heights. Coming from a not so well off background, Usha struggled to and worked hard to reach where she is today. Her journey started in the year 1976 when circumstances were difficult, and she couldn’t even provide one square meal for her kids. To manage, she took a loan of sixteen hundred rupees from a friend to start a garment fabrication business. 

Her sons encouraged her to explore new opportunities and follow her passion that is cooking. This led to the inception of Café Delhi Heights, which is one of its kind three-generational café where all 3 generations can enjoy a meal together at any time of the day. With an ambiance that is vibrant, quirky yet comfortable, warm and loving. 

3. Pooja Dhingra- Le 15 Patisserie 

The Macron lady, Pooja Dhingra, is the one who introduced us to an entire collection of macarons. She brought a whole new trend of desserts to India. Her bakery has the most delicious and the most Instagrammable desserts you have ever seen. Apart from being the owner of Le15 Patisserie, she has written two books- The Wholesome Kitchen: Nourish. Energize. Indulge. And Big Book Of Treats.

4. Natasha Jain Of Plum By Bent Chair

Have you ever walked into a restaurant and thought to yourself what if you owned one of those beautiful dining tables or that antique chair or that quirky showpiece? 

The Stanford University alumnus, Natasha Jain, juggling with startup ideas, built this thought into a business model. 

Plum by Bent Chair is India’s first retail restaurant with the most delicious Asian food.

5. Megha Kohli- Lavaash By Saby

The youngest chef of India is Meghna Kohli. The secret of Meghna’s success at Lavaash By Saby is that she puts her heart and soul when it comes to making the most exquisite dish. Her experience with top restaurants has helped her refine her skills. 

She has a strong opinion on gender equality, and as the head chef, she makes sure that men and women meet shoulders at the workspace. 


All these women, young and bold, are redefining the restaurant space by bringing in innovations, and new trends. With the restaurant industry rewarding and recognizing the male chefs more often, they had their hurdles, but nothing stopped them from being the boss ladies that they are. 

Just how amazing these women are, so are their restaurants in their unique way. It’s inspiring, and the delicious food keeps us going back to these restaurants. 


How Digital Menu Helps You Increase Your Profit Margin & Offers Diners An Exclusive Experience

Digital Magazines, e-Books, or be it digital payments, India’s obsession with technology is growing day by day, and there is something new coming up every month. And now, with the restaurant industry going massively digital, the latest addition to the list is digital menu already leading the charts in the restaurant technology trends.

Restaurants that have digitized menus record higher sales and revenue with desserts alone witnessing a 30% increase in sales. 

What is A Digital Menu?

Digital Menu

It is an online food ordering system at the restaurant that is accessible to the diners via their mobile phones. The diners at your restaurant can scan the QR code printed on the tent card, and the menu will pop up on their phones. They can select food items and place their order directly. 

This can be the first step to boost sales. You get an opportunity to offer an exclusive dining experience to your customers that also translates to increased average order value. Leading restaurants have been successfully using digital menus at their restaurants. And this has helped them increase revenue.

Here is how digital menus are the future of restaurants:


  • Cross-selling and Up-selling made simple

Cross-sell and Up-sell menu items

The digital menu helps recommend items to diners based on their order history. It also highlights chef specials or hot selling items during that season, helping you up-sell. 

In addition to that, you can cross-sell by creating new combos or eliminating old ones, as per your convenience.

  • Eliminate extra cost

A digital menu helps you customize your menu and pricing for the same on the go. Avoid spending your time and resources on printed/physical menus. The introduction of the digital menu helps eliminate the need for staff to take orders. The cost savings can be used to train and remove other challenges faced during service.

  • Reduce wait time for diners

 The diners get the control and flexibility of placing an order at their own pace when they don’t have to wait for someone to take their order. They can highlight any special request according to their palate. 

 When the customers place the order digitally, not only does it make the ordering process faster but also reduces manual error and avoids miscommunication. This helps you elevate the diner’s experience at your restaurant. 

  • Improved Aesthetics

Food is the most instagrammable article and the most shared item on social media. We can’t help but agree that food looks more visually appealing in digital photos and images can be edited using different tools as well. 

The digital menu gives you the ability to upload and change images as per your needs. It also provides the diners with a sneak peek into how appetizing the food at your restaurant is going to be.

  • Easy access to Customer Data

When the diners scan the QR code and open the menu on their phones, the system records their credentials. Customer data, the most beneficial commodity, helps you understand their behaviour and create personalised offers and dining experience based on their preferences.

  • Provides creative space 

 Digital mediums have the ability to offer more creative freedom. You can play with the content and add interesting insights. It gives you the option to highlight interesting insights on the food that is served. We have a growing market of health-conscious consumers. You can tap into such niche markets and curate a menu that is more appealing to them. You can also intrigue them by sharing the source of the products associated with the dish. 

By designing smart marketing strategies, you can create a digital menu for your restaurant that can help you bring greater business to your restaurant. This new-age technology has been a game-changer for restaurants that have adopted it and is going to be the next hot selling item in the industry. 

Make a smarter choice for your restaurant. Switch to a digital menu today.

Not Just a Millennial Thing: The History of Brunch

Be it a Mother’s Day invite or just an excuse to start drinking at 11 a.m., brunch is surfing the wave of ‘millennial trends’ for five years now. However, believe it or not, brunch has a long-standing history that dates back to the 1890s. 

The word was used for the very first time in 1895 by a writer called Guy Beringer in his article ‘Brunch: A Plea.’ The term, a portmanteau of the two words ‘breakfast’ and ‘lunch,’ was introduced by Beringer in an attempt to start a Sunday meal that was lighter than the typically heavy Sunday supper. Beringer made his case strong, as he implored, “Brunch is cheerful, sociable, and inciting.”

Modernized Brunch Vs. The Original Deal

Nowadays, brunches have become a meal for youngsters and college students to gather and socialize. However, the brunching scene back in the early 1900s was very different. During that time, brunch was generally a meal for the upscale crowd, which could easily get away with day drinking with charm, and could blatantly disregard Prohibition. Brunch, during prohibition, was arranged in homes to gather and gossip over. Cookbooks from the 1930s would recommend a brunch hostess to make alcohol available for her male guests while including mocktail recipes for her female friends.

The scenario has changed a tad bit since then. The modernized brunching became mainstream in 2015. Restaurants today are seen offering brunch specials to their guests, which include different package deals with famous breakfast foods and heavily discounted alcohol/cocktails. While brunching was reserved for the upper class previously, the middle class has now become comfortable with the entire concept. 

It’s great to host a brunch. The difficulty is marketing it. inresto’s campaigns module can do the job for you effortlessly.

Steal the Deal

Brunching has become a ragingly common norm among industrialists to gather and socialize over. This cultural trend is especially visible among people from the restaurant and the hospitality industry. A lucrative add-on to this? Sunday brunches have now become THE meal to socialize over. Modern brunching has continued to rise in popularity and is a trend that is likely to stay. 

It is safe to say that brunch is the new IT girls in meal-town. Many restaurant owners are cashing in on this opportunity by not only including a brunch menu, but providing group discounts, crazy alcohol and cocktail discounts, and a cherry on the cake- introducing Sunday brunch specials. 

You diners must be aware of the crazy discounts and Special menu additions for brunch. Send them personalised SMS & emails and make them aware.

Let’s Talk Money

While brunching may be all hyped up, could it truly be money-making for restaurant-owners? Uh, yeah! Brunching has provided a gateway for many restaurant owners to make room for a little extra money-making, and allowing them to create a unique identity. If you’re looking to beat that competitor down the street who is rocking it at dining, you could very well build a brunching empire. With more than 12% rise in visitors and about 25% rise in revenue generation, brunching should definitely top your priority list, as a consumer as well as a restaurant owner.

Are you ready to Brunch it? 

How to win your customers’ hearts this Valentines Day

Did you know restaurants rank Valentine’s Day as the second busiest day of the year? 

According to the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association, consumers spend about $13.19 billion on Valentine’s Day, enough to afford all the travel plans every person made after watching ‘Yeh Jawani hai Deewani’.

A restaurant is a place where love stories begin and moments of love brew. The place where he first proposed, their first date after their wedding, her first blind date, or be it funny date arranged by parents, a restaurant always plays an essential part in creating beautiful love memories. It is a part of every proposal story they will tell their friends.

Everyone knows one cannot choose their family, but they can choose their partner. As much as love can make you go WTF, there’s no denying we’d all be a little less rich without love in life!

Here’s how you can make their merry moments merrier:

1. Valentine’s day demands ‘The Food of Love.’ 


There is nothing like too much red on Valentine’s day, so spice up your food menu with Red velvet pastries, heart-shaped cookies, and cute love themed cupcakes.

Create unique combos and Platters, like a beer combo with some chicken finger food, a bottle of champagne with a bouquet of flowers, and heart-shaped chocolates.

Let’s give the couples more time engaging in intimate moments and less time picking various items from the menu.

Your diners must be aware beforehand that a Valentine’s Day special food menu awaits them so that they can pick the right venue for the day. So spread the word by sending them an email and SMS campaigns.

2. Run Hatke Offers

  • Send personalised cards at your diners’ tables, which might go something like, “You both look adorable together! Have a nice evening.” The card or a scroll(if you want to do it the cupid’s way) can be designed in love-themed templates like this cupid one or even the classic heart-shaped ones.

  • Collaborate with a photographer and capture their special moments, which they can cherish for life. You must post these pictures on your social channels and get all the people talking about your restaurant. 

Along with that, the efforts put in the decor, the food, and the setting must be captured and put across the web- on dineout stories and Instagram stories so that new customers searching for a restaurant on the web so that new customers can also get aware of the ongoing events at your restaurant.

You can create the most desirable romantic date fantasies for people watching your restaurant’s stories and pictures on the web. 

Send personalised messages to your customers so that they remember you while deciding a place for their special evening. Here’s how

3. Organize fun activities


  • Collaborate with a band or an artist for live music to set the mood at your restaurant. Music can make or break the mood. Romantic music such that your diners are drooling in love, and there is euphoria! 

Artists like Prateek Kuhad, Hari & Sukhmani, and bands like Agni are just some of the top picks when it comes to setting a romantic mood with some music.

  • Salsa night: There is no bond like the one you make with a partner on the dance floor. You can call professional salsa dancers and get all the people grooving on the dance floor. Singles also get a chance to mingle with new people and dance their hearts out!

4. Plan a Singles’ day out


If you thought just calling out couples on Valentine’s day is a hit plan for your restaurant, you are wrong! Shout out to all the singles out there and organize a party.

  • The golden rule of the party: Couple entries strictly not allowed!
  • Decorate your restaurants with funny quotes or memes for single people. When love life’s DOA, memes are your best friends.
  • Let the ‘We hate couples’ club and ‘I can’t ever get out of the friend zone’ be your guest for the day. 
  • Organize a comedy stand up or screen shows like ‘Haq Se Single’ by Zakir khan at your restaurant to hype the mood.

With social media, SMS, and email campaigns, you can create a very quirky campaign with memes and quotes that will catch your target audience’s eye. 

5. Dress code Party

  • There can be a simple dress code party planned where you invite your diners, saying they must wear red and black.
  • Or you can add a funky touch and make it interesting by asking your diners to come dress as a famous couple. It can be a classic Raj & Simran couple, Anjali and Rahul from Kuch Kuch Hota hai, or the very sensual Ram Leela.
  • A vampire couple or greek mythology inspired couple, basically tell them to be as weird and quirky as they can. And you can reward the best dressed with a free meal! 


It’s always exciting for couples to play dress up, and you can add spice to their lives with different themes like this. Make it engaging for them by making them act like the couple they have come dressed as or make them dance on Bollywood songs, and they will remember you as their best host! 

So get started on those Valentine’s day preps, and select ideas that you think will be a hit for your restaurant. Aren’t you already excited for D day?

You can get creative and wild with your ideas and put up a great show, but it is not good enough unless your customers know about it. Running Campaigns is, therefore, your key to create a buzz amongst your audience and make your show a hit! 

Let us help you do that. You can get in touch – Contact us:

The Restaurant Chronicles | GIRF 2020 is live | Kitchens that Fly High and more

The Restaurant Affair- Bengaluru Chapter


The Restaurant Affair is a series of events for restaurateurs to get updated on the notable insights and ongoing trends that are shaping the restaurants of today.

The Restaurant Affair- Bengaluru Chapter was the first edition where about 100-150 Restaurateurs and Industry icons of restaurants and chains like Vapour Pub and Brewery, Theobroma, TOIT, Byg Brewski Brewing Company, Conrad, and more of the likes gathered. It was an opportunity for restaurateurs to reconnect with their industry folks and meet new ones.

Here’s what happened:

1. Panel Discussion

When our panelists got to talking, secrets were spilled, and the audience was all ears. The restaurateurs were exposed to insights, and business ideas, no book or classroom lecture will tell you about yet! There were talks about how restaurant technology is changing the face of the industry and how the technology product suites like the one inresto has to offer, helped established restaurants and newbies make a mark.

2. Dineout’s journey

Among various restaurateurs’ stories, there was ours too! Our co-founder Mr. Vivek Kapoor took to the stage, and the audience was thrilled and inspired to hear the journey. From being just a reservation platform to being restaurant enablers, we have come a long way. 

The B2B arm of dineout – inresto aims at enabling restaurants to achieve maximum efficiency through the valet to valet, cost-effective, and plug & play product suite that has helped 10000+ restaurants boost their business, globally.

3. Technology Workshops

After being introduced to technology solutions and dynamic innovations, we took the restaurateurs through the working knowledge of the products. Our audience got to try their hands on the latest technology solutions. 

If you missed being a part of the event or happened to miss this session, you can experience our entire product suite here

We topped it all off with a happy hour of wine, dine, and unlimited conversations!

If you are enticed to be a part of a restaurant affair like this, let us know at so that we can meet you while we’re on the road. We are city hopping, and our next destination is Hyderabad. We can’t wait to hear that city’s restaurant story! 


Restaurant Industry Trends that Shaped the Past Decade

This decade saw an array of new trends, from theme-based restaurants and cafes to rise of restaurant tech, third party dining out and food delivery aggregators. Further, emerged many unheard concepts like buffets and cloud kitchens which uplifted the industry and spoiled the consumers for choices, especially in metro cities. 

Trends that dominated the industry in the past decade: 

Online Ordering & the Rise of Food Delivery Aggregators 


Keeping up with the smartphone generation, emerged online ordering which offers varied menus & live-tracking. While direct delivery from restaurants is popular, the online food delivery aggregator app space has interesting deals and offers to attract new diners to their platforms. 

Another set of aggregators is the dine-in food aggregators who promote restaurants, cafes and more. These aggregators allow customers to rate and post reviews for a particular restaurant, helping other customers to choose where they want to dine out. Fortunately, food aggregators also allow restaurants to launch offers and discounts online to attract more customers.

Traditionally, dining out was an occasional affair and a luxury for many. Now, it is a trend and at-your-disposal service. This has sprouted the rise of food aggregators and the services they offer. 

Growth of Restaurant Technology


With customer centricity being the disruptor, restaurants aim to provide a delightful experience to diners and restaurant tech companies do the same for restaurants. 360-degree restaurant management solutions have emerged as a valuable tool for restaurant owners and managers as they help elevate the customer experience and restaurant sales. Here’s how: 

  • POS software can help  manage billing, order queues, online orders and more
  • Supply Chain Module can help manage inventory, vendors, and minimize wastage
  • Reservation Applications allow customers to book a table from anywhere and arrive later to avoid waiting time
  • Feedback Applications aid in collection of customer feedback and instant grievance redressal 
  • Automated marketing campaigns enable engaging customers online, based on their demographics and other preferences.

Digital Menu Solutions help customers place orders at restaurants directly from their phone and simplify menu alterations, cross-sell and up-sell  for restaurants

Having all this and more in a single connected ecosystem gives the restaurant insights on customer preferences and behaviour to take their experience to the next level.

Casual Dining became the Preferred Dining Choice


In the last decade, dining out has become more than an occasional affair. The decade caught glimpses of friends partying and families catching up on gossip at casual dines the most.

Casual dining has emerged as an informal way of eating food and creating memories. Mostly preferred for after-work outings or by college students, these restaurants not only provide scrumptious food but are also easy on the pocket.  People can go out anytime, eat all-day food, and they don’t have to follow a dress code. 

Wellness Warriors Enter the Industry

The restaurant industry has seen a rise in health-conscious consumers following which a trend of wholesome and clean menu choices have emerged with dedicated health-based restaurants. Restaurants can easily take advantage of this trend by modifying recipes and offering options to their customers. And the best part is the food is still tasty!

With so many healthy eating restaurants opening up, dining out is no more equal to counting calories later, but only counting memories! Catching up with the healthy eating trend has never been this easy.

Staying on top of restaurant and food trends will give you an edge over the competition. Whether it’s focusing on healthy ingredients or implementing technology in your restaurant, the bottom line is all about giving consumers what they want. While the growth of the restaurant industry in the past decade may have been unanticipated, it has shaped the way we dine out. Now, it is easier to order in or go out for a meal.