Enabling #SafeToEatOut with inresto

Enabling #SafeToEatOut with inresto

All geared up to serve your customers with Unlock 1.0 but confused on how to go about it? We understand the chaos the industry is facing right now. There is a dilemma on how to gain the diners’ trust and create a safe environment for them to dine out. However much one orders in, the personalised experience of dining out can’t be replicated. 

When times are tough, all we need is that one guiding hand to point us in the right direction. And thus, inresto is helping the restaurants become a #SafeToEatOut place. This can be achieved through a series of technology products under the umbrella of Contactless Dining. Also, to ensure a safe and hygienic environment at the restaurant, inresto is providing safety measures and PPE kits

‘When going gets tough, the tough get going’

Contactless Dining: The future of the F&B industry

From discovery to reservation, digital menu to digital feedback our Contactless suite of products has everything a restaurant needs to operate in the new normal.

  • Pre-booking & ordering– No one likes waiting. Period. Using inresto’s Whitelabel solution, restaurants can enable their Pre-booking and Pre-Ordering widgets on their website and social media handles
  • Digital Valet– Digital Valet will cut short the time spent by diners waiting for their cars and will also help in maintaining the social distancing
  • Guest and Reserveinresto’s Guest and Reserve technology will ensure that restaurants are not reserving more than what the social distancing norms dictate. They will also be able to effectively manage the seating capacity
  • Contactless Menu– To avoid high touch elements like a physical menu, diners can now order directly from their phone by scanning a QR code. With inresto’s Digital Menu, diners can place their orders seamlessly. The technology also enables the use of Data Analytics and AI to offer dynamic pricing and customised offers
  • Contactless Payments– The Digital Payment option enables the diners to opt for cashless payment. This minimises contact between diners and the restaurant staff and creates a safe environment
  • Contactless Feedback– inresto’s digital feedback helps with instant grievance redressal and expectation management, in turn increasing the Net Promoter’s score for the restaurant. Digital feedback will also eliminate unnecessary touchpoints like pen and paper

‘Trust is earned when actions meet words’

Diners are longing to come back to their favourite restaurants, but they fear for their safety owing to lack of visibility of the restaurant’s hygiene and safety standards. inresto is enabling restaurants with safety measures and PPE kits which will help rebuild diner confidence.

  • Equinox Labs Accreditation for Hygiene Ratings and Audits- Gain the diner’s trust with Equinox Labs Accreditation (A FSSAI notified laboratory). Restaurants can now proudly display a “Safe To Eat Out” tag on the restaurant detail page
  • Sterifume Disinfection Services- Maintain kitchen and dining area hygiene standards through best-in-class service providers like Rentokill & Zoono
  • Restaurant Safety and PPE kits- Open your doors with confidence using PPE kits including sanitisers, thermometers, visor, gloves, face masks and headgear
  • Monitoring Employee’s Health- Employee health and safety is paramount. Ensure routine health check-ups through healthcare service aggregators like QubeHealth
  • Monitoring Safety and Hygiene checks- Through AI-powered CCTV/Video analytics services, restaurants can now monitor the compliance of safety and hygiene measures

With our contactless suite, we are constantly preparing for the future to enable the F&B industry to evolve and grow. Technological innovations have helped the world sail through the biggest storms and with the right product and safety measures, restaurants can easily adapt to the ‘New Normal’ and serve the diners in a safe environment. 

Get in touch with us at inrestosolutions@dineout.co.in to make your restaurant a #SafeToEatOut place.

Contactless Dining: Enabling Safe To Eat Out

Contactless Dining: Enabling Safe To Eat Out

The COVID19 pandemic has got us all thinking of new ways of moulding our lifestyle.Businesses across the world have been impacted by it and are constantly working towards reevaluating and revamping their business strategies. While things are gradually falling into place and adjusting to the new normal, people in certain parts of the world have started eating out, shopping and travelling, and as things ease and people will get back to their usual routines, while fighting the pandemic. Countries like China, Germany and Vietnam have started their usual routine of going out as the lockdown has lifted. Normal life activities continue but with the utmost precaution.Restaurants have adopted contactless dining to eliminate high touch elements and take care of the safety of everyone.  

Back home we are contemplating and fighting against the irresistible urge of travelling, dining out with our friends,and shopping for the latest collection and the dreadful thought of catching the virus and getting sick. People are looking for a safe way to experience outdoors and socialise. COVID19 certainly has brought a lot of change in diner preferences and thereby, in the way a restaurant business operates. And this can be made possible by adopting a contactless way of dining out that reduces touchpoints for both diners and staff and enables the restaurant business to flourish again.

Speaking of going contactless at your restaurant, here is how you can do that- 

1. Pre-Booking And Contactless Seating

We are very well acquainted with the concept of reserving tables at restaurants beforehand via calling or reservation apps. People used to do that to get their favourite table at their favourite restaurant even during the busy hours and weekends. In the post COVID19 world, the significance of it goes even further. Restaurants  will accept limited bookings to maintain physical distance, and diners also want to visit less crowded restaurants. Pre-booking via apps like dineout, makes it easier for both the parties to uphold the new norms. Diners who walk in can self-check-in by scanning a QR code, entering their details. This removes the need for a manager to personally take their details by exchanging a paper and pen thereby eliminating unnecessary contact. During this process, you as a responsible restaurateur can ask necessary arogya setu questions to make sure that people entering your restaurant are not a threat to other diners and your staff.  

2. Contactless Valet

Here diners hand over their cars to the valet at your restaurant with the utmost trust and security. In order to service this part of the diner journey better we need to understand a diners need. While handing over the keys, and the car, their major concern is of hygiene and safety. The valet comes in contact with hundreds of people in a day, and non of them want to be in close contact. In this case a valet must follow all the necessary safety guidelines. He must be wearing gloves and a mask. Additionally waiting for the car to arrive in a packed lobby is something diners are averse to now. This can be avoided simply with the adoption of technology. Here valet can accept a parking request and diners can initiate a recall vehicle request from their own devices. Using this service a valet can manage the vehicles using a handheld device, this includes both incoming and outgoing cars, thereby reducing the waiting time and overcrowding at the lobby.

3. Contactless Ordering 

In what was known to be normal, diners arrived, were led to their table, and handed over a menu card. This menu card went through multiple hand exchanges.Which is unacceptable now. Like many other high touch elements, a menu card is a carrier of germs from one person to another, and the diners want to avoid coming in touch with such elements. But a restaurant is not a restaurant without a menu. So what do you do here?

Digital menus are the answer here. There would be no passing on of paper menus, or going to the counters for placing orders. The diners can just scan a QR code placed on the table and the menu will pop open on their phones, and they can directly place their orders. It is that simple 🙂 A restaurant also had the added advantage of changing it as per their convenience, cross-sell and upsell items to increase their revenue.

4. Contactless Payments 

currency is an element that comes from many strangers, a vegetable vendor, hospitals or places you can never guess. Transmission of germs through cash has a higher probability than anything else at your restaurant. And you don’t want that. And just how many times has anyone made a run to the ATM in the past few months? As per trends, digital payments have hit the ceiling. So why shy away? Paying bills digitally involves no touch and does the job seamlessly. Diners can use dineout Pay or just scan a QR code, and the bill is cleared. 

5. Contactless Feedback 

For every consumer-centric business, feedback from their diners is really important. Feedback is even more important now, cause everyday is a make and break situation. Diners do not touch anything that a lot of people have touched before them or use a pen that someone else might have used to fill those forms and you would not want to miss out on the feedback. 

And we already have a solution for that, digital feedback forms. This way the diners can share their feedback digitally using a link directly from their phones. A restaurant can track these in real-time and correct any untoward incidents that might escalate into a terrible experience for a diner. This will help build confidence amongst diner, ultimately restoring faith in the restaurant’s service.

By adopting these services at your restaurant, you can go contactless and make it a safe place for your diners and staff. By reducing unnecessary touchpoints and replacing it with technology, you can maintain proper hygiene and build a #SafeToEatOut environment for your staff and a trustworthy relationship with your diners. 

Stay responsible, stay safe 🙂 

Proper Steps to Take to Maintain your Restaurant Hygiene

Proper Steps to Take to Maintain your Restaurant Hygiene

The fate of a restaurant depends on several crucial factors. One among them is the hygiene standards followed by a restaurant. These standards ensure the safety and well being of the customers and staff of the restaurant.

 The sensitive situation from the ongoing pandemic COVID-19 has emphasized the need of utmost and standardized hygiene in a restaurant.

A few vital tips for restaurants to fight covid 19 are listed below.

1. Routine Examination of Dining Areas, Kitchen, and Restrooms

Routine checks and examinations must be done to ensure regular and frequent cleaning in the dining area, kitchen area, and restrooms. It is essential to maintain the restaurant cleanliness as per the hygiene standards mentioned in the COVID 19 regulations for restaurants.

  • Fresh, unused towels must be used to clean the surfaces that come in contact with any food item.
  • Smoking, drinking, or eating must be strictly banned in the kitchen area.
  • Daily sterilizing of kitchen items such as blenders, cutting boards, and grills must be done.
  • Sanitisation of chairs, tabletops, bar tops or any other restaurant furniture at least twice a day.
  • Toilet seat, toilet bowl, and restroom floor to be cleaned every few hours.

2. Staff Training in Personal Hygiene Measures

Ensuring the personal hygiene of staff is a primary step mentioned in the tips for restaurants to fight covid 19. Basic personal hygiene gear such as gloves, clean clothes, hairnets, and other necessary tools must be made available to the staff. Some noteworthy points mentioned in the COVID 19 regulations for restaurants must be shared with the staff.

  • Wash hands thoroughly and dry them before beginning work, beginning to cook, or between tasks.
  • Maintain well-groomed nails without any trace of nail polish.
  • Wear a clean uniform in every shift and change it before the next shift.
  • Sanitize hands frequently (a minimum every 3 hours) and change gloves once they tear or get soiled.
  • Wearing rubber gloves must be mandatory while operating the dishwasher.
  • Any cut, injury, open sore, or wound anywhere on the arm or hands must be covered with a waterproof dressing.
  • Hairnets, scarves, or hats must be worn when working in the kitchen.
  • Jewelry must be minimal. 

3. Appropriate Sanitizing of the Kitchen Equipment

The COVID 19 government restrictions mandate certain specific hygienic measures for the safety of staff of a restaurant.

  • Stove, Oven, baking plate, Grill must be cleaned three times a week.
  • The sanitizing liquid must be changed frequently.
  • Cleaning of the garbage bins must be done repeatedly.
  • Follow a deep cleaning routine of the equipment after every use.

4. Ensure Appropriate Ventilation in the Restaurant

Proper ventilation is of utmost importance for the safe storage and preparation of food. The presence of high heat and smoke lowers the performance level of the staff. The tips for Restaurants to Fight COVID 19 include the adoption of DCV (Demand Controlled Ventilation) or Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) technology for efficient ventilation in the restaurants.

5. Follow a Checklist for Restaurant Hygiene

A specific checklist with the list of cleaning duties, counter checks, and staff assigned must be prepared and scrutinized by the manager to be used in sync with the COVID 19 government restrictions.

Maintaining restaurant hygiene, especially during this pandemic has a direct impact on sales and long-term brand value. Hence, restaurants must take these steps seriously and provide safe services to their diners.

Ways to Use a Digital Menu and Increase Your Restaurant’s Sales

Ways to Use a Digital Menu and Increase Your Restaurant’s Sales

These are some turbulent and dreadful times as the novel coronavirus is wreaking havoc on the global economy. Online orders have seen a steep spike in recent days as people are quarantined and forbidden from leaving their houses. In a war against the virus, normal lifestyle rules seem to be obsolete. Pandemic or not, people need to eat in order to survive and for the restaurant owner, this is the beacon of hope. To step up, adapt, and meet the challenges of changing times head-on is the only option for restaurants.

With people leveraging the use of online channels, restaurateurs have a viable option to increase food sales with the digital menu during the Covid19 pandemic. 

To gain traction in terms of food sales during Covid19, the restaurant industry needs to revamp the digital menu and employ the following tips to garner more sale:

1. Make a Clean & Brief Menu Design

To increase food sales with the digital menu during Covid19, you need to ensure that you are putting high-margin and best-selling items first. Generally, people prefer to go forward with items they have already tried or ones that sell the most. Hence, keeping it crisp and concise is the best approach for your digital menu.

2. Highlight a Special Item with Photos

Your digital menu must include a special item with a photo that looks appetizing, encouraging guests to try it. Your visuals may include aesthetically pleasing to capture the attention of your audience. Get creative with your photos, videos, GIFS, etc. to guide the customer’s decision-making.

3. Do Personalized Menus

Even though there is a pandemic going on, forcing people to stay in their homes, some of your diners may still need to follow a strict diet regimen. Designing and providing personalized menus will allow you to form new loyal diners during this time of difficulty. For instance, veg menus, vegan menus, and menus to support healthy food eating habits are bound to be a huge hit for your restaurant. 

4. Do a Cost Analysis

A cost analysis is necessary in order to devise a new business strategy that enables you to provide better service to your diners, at lower costs, while maintaining profits or minimizing the impact on the same. The cost analysis will enable you to better focus your resources on gaining more sales through your digital menu.

5. Ensure Category-wise Selection

Different times of day calls for different meals. Jamming every item in a single category is a perfect recipe for disaster. A proper category section such as breakfast, lunch, evening snack, and dinner menu will help streamline the process and enhance your customer’s experience.

6. Make Seasonal and Occasion-specific Menus

People are influenced by occasions and seasons. The seasonal and occasion-specific menus will attract new customers and help you to stay relevant. Further, conjuring a limited-edition menu by utilizing seasonal materials and occasion/festival themes will surely lead to a surge in targeted sales.   Many diners are still celebrating festivals like Ramzan and special days like Mother’s Day from the safety of their homes. Hop onto this bandwagon and curate special menus for special days with limited deliveries. 

The world has changed dramatically in recent months and yet, your restaurant has the potential to attract customers and fulfil their needs in these stressful times. By employing these tips, you can increase food sales with the digital menu during the Covid19 pandemic.

inresto’s Contactless Dining | Paving the Future of the Middle Eastern Restaurant Industry

inresto’s Contactless Dining | Paving the Future of the Middle Eastern Restaurant Industry

The impact of the coronavirus outbreak has been swift & brutal across the world.

In the middle east region, the government has taken the necessary precautionary measures to protect the lives of citizens and residents and to prevent the spread of the pandemic. This has led to the suspension or reduction of many local economic activities, which had a negative impact on non-oil revenue and economic growth.

With its rapid escalation, it has begun to decimate the restaurant industry as an increasing number of states and regions enforce population lockdowns and close eateries, gyms and other “nonessential” businesses.

While the markets have been allowed to open partially, there are new government regulations imposed by the UAE Government to operate in the post-lockdown era. 

New Government Regulations (UAE)

The government laid regulations insist on the opening of restaurants in a phased manner, with the following practices:

  • Restaurants should register in the food watch portal to ensure compliance with the newly laid regulations.
  • Restaurants to utilise the dining space with a maximum of 30% capacity.
  • Continuous sanitisation and consistent cleaning of premises are mandatory.
  • Restrictions discouraging children under the age of 12 and old people from dining out should be in place.
  • Usage of disposable cutleries and crockery for diners, and masks and gloves for staff.

Contactless Dining | The Way Ahead for the Restaurant Industry

As COVID-19 impacts all sections of life and people have been introduced to the new social distancing practice. Dineout, India’s largest restaurant tech platform recently introduced the country’s first end-to-end ‘contactless dining suite’ for its partner restaurants to put in place the right seamless plug-and-play technology and sanitation requirements to support limited-contact dining for the foreseeable future.

The brand’s inresto Contactless Dining suite covers the entire dining experience from

• Pre-ordering – To cut the wait times at the restaurants, diners will now opt for pre-ordering to ensure that the food is ready by the time they reach.

• Contactless Valet – To cut the wait time down at the restaurant lobby. Diners will have their vehicles to be brought in just as they complete payments. Digital valet will cut short the time spent at community areas to curb the spread of infections.

• Contactless Seating – To make reservations online and facilitate digital table allotment. Reservations and waitlist management software will ensure that restaurants aren’t reserving more than what the social distancing norms will dictate. For example: Having a 2m distance between tables.

• Contactless Menu – inresto`s ‘Dine-In’ digital menu solution will use Data Analytics and AI to offer dynamic pricing and customized offers at partner restaurants besides offering diners the options to place an order without handling physical menu cards

• Contactless payments – To ease the payment process for both the consumer and the restaurant. Digital payments via e-wallets will avoid the exchange of cash and cards, thereby forcing social distancing.

• Feedback – Online feedback systems will collect real-time feedback on the dining experience

The goal behind this movement is to enable restaurants to reopen their businesses soon while making restaurants a safe harbour for diners. The role of tech in this post-COVID-19 era is to establish trust and build confidence in the minds of consumers.  The new inresto Contactless Dining Suite would help the F&B industry adjust to the new normal in a conducive environment. 

It’s time to grab the opportunity and let your diners experience exceptional dining and create new memories with a side of confidence and trust.

Contact us to make your restaurant a safe harbour for diners.

How to Reinvent Things at Your Restaurant After the Lockdown?

How to Reinvent Things at Your Restaurant After the Lockdown?

COVID-19 has brought the entire world to a standstill. Our eyes long for the lights of the city and our heart awaits the joy of dining out. While there is a lockdown in the country, the restaurant business has been impacted severely. Many of the restaurants are at the risk of permanently shut down in the near future. But let’s not forget that many of us live to eat and not eat to live. Food is our religion. It’s true that people would not stop dining out. There would be girls night, family dinners, date nights and after office beer sessions with colleagues. It will all resume. 

Now let’s balance hope with reality.

When the lockdown is lifted, people would be a lot more careful, and so should you. Once restaurants reopen, you will need to be more proactive and creative in managing your dine-in business. 

Towards that end, some operators are trying to stem the economic slide as much as possible with a little creativity. Admittedly, these ideas can’t stop the financial losses the whole industry is no doubt suffering as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. But they do offer insight—and perhaps, inspiration—into adapting to the new normal.

Prepare to adopt the following things at your restaurant to stay safe and ensure the safety of the diners as well as your staff. And these adopting measures won’t burn a hole in your pocket. 

Read how-

1. Practice Social Distancing Even After the Lockdown

Do not overbook

Take limited reservations and lower the rate of bookings. How much ever satisfying it is to see a crowd at your restaurant’s doorstep, you cannot afford to overcrowd

Rearrange all the tables

Each table should be at least 5 feet apart from each other in order to maintain proper social distance. Eliminate a few tables if you have to. 

Private cubicles for diners

If you can create private seating areas by rearranging the tables, your diners would be relieved and ecstatic Restaurants with private cubicles like Social, or most of the fine dining restaurants, must take advantage of this concept. Families and small groups of friends would seek such spaces for outings.

2. Reevaluate Serving Size of Dishes

There will be some fear associated with sharing food. It will be favourable for a restaurant to reevaluate serving size and come up with multiple options. Serve dishes with small portions that are enough for one person. Or a large portion of the dish must be nicely served, cut in different portions.  

Now that your restaurant is temporarily shut down, you have the time to plan and execute these essential changes with the least cost involved. 

3. Stringent Sanitation and Temp check 

  • Sanitise the kitchen, dining areas and surfaces that the customers and staff come in contact with (basically the entire space). You can schedule professional cleaning sessions once a week. 
  • Make sure your kitchen staff and servers wear gloves. The customers would feel safe dining at your restaurant, with a visible reassurance of safety being your priority. This will help build a trusting relationship with them. 
  • Check the temperature of the staff as well as the diner when they enter the restaurant. 

4. Inform your Diners

No cash Only card signboards at the counter: 

We are practising least physical contact between people so a no cash exchange method of transaction would be ideal. Urge your diners to pay via card or online payment wallets by putting signboards at the counter. 

Personalised messages to your customers:

Send your diners SMS & email campaigns, to make them aware of all the precautions you are taking. They will seek a place that has a balance between social distancing and social gathering. Tell them that your restaurant is their place of refuge. 

Broadcast on social media:

80% of customers search for a restaurant on the internet before visiting it. At the time when the most trending thing on social media would be stepping out after the lockdown during COVID-19, you must post what they are looking for. Let them know that their safety is your priority. 

Let’s work towards coming back together, and open the restaurant’s doors to celebrate, wine & dine and make unforgettable memories again.