Effective Ways to do Social Media Marketing for Restaurants

Effective Ways to do Social Media Marketing for Restaurants

Social media, the single biggest tech innovation of the last decade, has changed the way restaurants are marketed. In the world of reviews and food delivery being a click away, the modicum of marketing has to take on a completely new persona.

The first step towards creating a social media brand presence is developing a plan. You can’t simply just sign up and start posting content. This will mess up your reach and ruin your marketing efforts.

Here are some quick social media strategy tips:

  • Firstly, choose the right platforms. There are various platforms out there with different groups of people. Choose the ones that hold your target market.
  • Don’t just post about yourself. Create a social media schedule around topics on which you can post in order to market your restaurant brand.
  • Use paid marketing. Using it on the right platforms can really pay-off and get a restaurant huge amounts of traffic.
  • Hashtags and location pins are important. Find the hashtags that cater to your industry and you will be reaching a whole new range of potential customers. Additionally, location pins help the restaurant be discovered by diners who are exploring those particular locations.
  • Run promotions. Be it an introductory offer or an end of the year discount, the current generation is heavily decisive in their consumerist choices based on promotions.

Platform-based strategies

While the above-mentioned tips work for all social media platforms, there are certain methodologies to be followed when it comes to individual platforms.


A huge amount of the urban population decides where to eat from via Facebook. So if you use it right, your business will surely face a massive boom. Studies show that video content has the best possible reach on FB.


The holy grail for millennials. If your restaurant serves fancy and well-styled dishes then you should heavily concentrate on this platform. Food images are some of the most shared posts on this platform, so it is the perfect ground to market your restaurant. Instagram stories also have a huge amount of organic reach. Going live from your kitchen, sharing behind the scenes will also help garner a lot of attention.


This is where the idea of the hashtag was originally generated, so by using hashtags related to the restaurant industry you will be able to quickly generate a massive number of followers. It is an amazing platform to engage with diners as well as other brands, and showcase a witty side of a restaurant.

But what has really changed?

These tips above can change the presence of your online persona, but how does it reflect on your real-life business? Oftentimes the online world can be flashier than it actually is. And this is where a lot of restaurants lose out on their customer base.

Don’t use that extravagant filter or add custom animation to make your food look better than what it is. Good food will always win over people and if you serve it with love and care customers will always return to you.

But at the same time, you will need to match the demands of the current generation when it comes to marketing. Run offers, give discounts and provide other benefits and you will surely face success through your social media marketing. 

Rebuilding diner’s trust with Contactless Dining

Rebuilding Diners’ Trust with Contactless Dining

Survival of the fittest never had more relevance than it has now. It’s no secret that restaurants are dependent on footfall which has taken a huge hit due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As the industry is on a path to recovery, many are still wondering how to increase the footfall and regain the diners’ trust. 

The answer is -Technology. History speaks for itself that those who adapt first, survive the longest, and evolution is a prime example. inresto by dineout is helping restaurants get a glimpse into the future of eating out through their product suite. The customer needs have evolved over the last couple of months, and as more and more restaurants open their doors across the world, they are experiencing diners demand with a hassle-free, limited contact dining environment in a safe and hygiene compliant establishment.

Even in the pre-COVID era, inresto observed the pivotal problems faced by the restaurateurs like 

  • Repeat user
  • Poor table management 
  • Mis-managed customer data 
  • Low diner repeat rate
  • No centralised diner feedback management
  • Extravagant promotional costs
  • Mis-managed inventory
  • Unorganised valet service 

By adopting technology-led solutions by inresto, restaurateurs have been able to curb these age-old practices and reduce human intervention wherever possible, which is the need of the hour. Technology solutions by inresto like Contactless Booking, Loyalty, Order, Feedback, Whitelabel and DineIn have come to the restaurateurs’ rescue, by giving them more control over everyday operations. These solutions will help instil trust amongst diners and subsequently increase footfall and ultimately help a restaurant to manage their business more efficiently.

The need for technological solutions by restaurants has become more prominent. The idea is not to survive today but to invest in a fruitful future. Diners today may need contactless dining for the safety and hygiene concerns, but it will become a part of the new normal. Therefore, to accelerate the footfall, restaurants must invest in their present and secure their future. 

This is an important time to take charge of what lies ahead and bounce back stronger. With inresto product suite, restaurants can empower the diners to view the menu on their phones, place the order, make payment and even avail valet service without any physical contact. In addition to this, health and hygiene of restaurant staff members is a must and is facilitated by inresto by providing them with PPE kits and safety solutions. 

With a new and revamped business strategy, restaurants can provide their diners with a safe environment hence, increasing the footfall.

What we do today will determine our tomorrow. Reach out to us at for a tomorrow which is enriching, rewarding and revolutionary.  

Instant Grievance Redressal: Ways to convert that bad feedback into a good one!

In the fast-paced restaurant world, there are times when you receive bad feedback or just an average one. Of course, you can reflect upon them and never repeat the same mistakes next time. But, do your customers have the patience for the next time when they have a hundred more options?

Did you know that 54% of customers share bad experiences with more than five people, while only 33% share good customer experiences, according to Zendesk.

What if we tell you that you can instantly gratify your customers while they are still at your restaurant and have them leave at a happy note? With feedback apps that notify the top management or the owner while the diners are still at your restaurant, you can take action instantly and save yourself from bad word of mouth later on social media or otherwise.


It’s the perfect marketing opportunity to engage with your customers and convert them into long-term ones, and you can do that in the most heartfelt ways so that your diners are all praise for you and nothing else! 

A free beer works like a charm

A Beer is the perfect solution to any problem, and if it’s free, nothing like it. 

You can send a free beer at your customer’s table with a personalised note which goes something like-

“We heard you didn’t like your cocktail, so here’s a beer on the house because everyone deserves their favourite drink on a Friday!”

Customers are always on the lookout for discounts

The only two things that a person loves to hear at a restaurant- 

  1. More Food 
  2. That’s on a discount

It bothers a customer when he has to pay the full amount despite not liking the experience. Psychologically, he is relieved when he is offered a discount, and you can neutralise his not-so-good experience.

You can either offer them a discount on the entire bill, say 20% off, or not charge them for a particular dish they didn’t like. 

 A mechanism to keep them coming back: Loyalty Program

Give them a reason to visit you again by offering them your loyalty program that gives them a series of discounts on a trail of visits or on the amount spent. 

Despite having an average experience, they will definitely think about you the next time they want to dine out and on a positive note, too.

A manager’s visit to the customer’s table

When the manager himself inquires about the problem, the customers feel that their preferences are important and the restaurant is willing to work on it. 

In the process, you can build a relationship with the customer, have an engaging conversation, be witty, and make him a loyal customer.

He is going home with some good memories now, instead of a bad experience.


Giving out discounts on every bad or average feedback could mean losses but remember-

  • You don’t have to follow this with every customer:

Filter out the important ones- like the high spenders and set the tone accordingly.

  • Bad reviews are being converted into marketing opportunities:

You are saving potential customers who might not have come to your restaurant looking at a bad social media review or word of mouth.

With this you are going to win some hearts this season, so wear your happy socks and slide on to those 5 stars in no time. 

See you at the top of the charts!

Why Your Loyalty Program is Not Creating Loyal Customers?

As consumers, haven’t we all gone crazy over black Friday sales and discount coupons on our favorite brands? That’s exactly what your customers are seeking when they visit your restaurant for their favorite food! Hit their right spot, and they become loyal to your brand forever. And choosing the right loyalty program is your way to go!

In 2016, the restaurant market was worth more than 3.09 lakh crores, and the food-service industry is expected to grow to a whopping 5 lakh crores in 2021, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 10%.

In a booming market, losing customers is a cold pie nobody wants to eat. Given that, retaining customers can  actually boost profits by 25%, which makes it doubly crucial to retain existing customers. This is where the loyalty programs sweep in.

Steps to create an engaging loyalty program:

Loyalty programs have proved to be a good way to make customers visit your restaurant over and over again. They have to appeal to the customers on a personal level.
The tech-savvy generation might not be quite thrilled with the coupon loyalty programs as much. So how does one build an upgraded loyalty program that appeals to the customers and drives sales?
As per the statistics of Aron Allen and Associates, coffee giant Starbuck’s ‘My Starbucks Rewards Loyalty Program’ was launched in 2010. It later added a digital component and went on to garner $1.2 billion in customer funds as of the first quarter of 2016. In 2017 the second quarter rewards accounted for 36 % of US Starbucks sales.

Identify the Right Program

Loyalty programs impact profits and need to be structured in a way that suits your business model. Be it visit based, spend based, or a combination of the two.

The QSR Magazine reports say that Panera introduced a tech-driven ‘integrated guest experience’ at an outlay of $42 million in 2012. The tech boosted sales, reduced the food receiving time to less than five 5 minutes from 6-9 minutes, and saved 1 – 4 minutes per order.

Make the Best Use of Data

There is nothing like the effective use of customer data to make a good loyalty program work great for your business.
Guest and Reserve apps, available in the market, enable you to deep-dive into the customers’ past visits and orders, their preferences in terms of dish preparation, seating arrangements, and so on.
You can also tag your customers in your system so that the arrival of a priority customer does not catch you on the wrong foot. Customers who visit your restaurant also receive promotional offers and feedback communications.
These apps have the analytics feature to generate insights on average waiting time, optimal table layouts, and more to help your brand get a competitive edge.

As per the statistics provided by the National Restaurant Association, tech is the rage for millennials with 32% factoring it in their choice of QSRs and 28% factoring in for their choice of full-service restaurants.

Keep It Easy with Feedback Apps

Feedback Apps cut out paper hassles and let you focus on the feedback that is valuable for your business. With these apps, you can get better insights on customer preferences. A bad experience can easily be neutralized on the spot with a great feedback app.
A contemporary, seamless feedback app integrated with your loyalty program will be simple, highly customizable, and give you insights on customer behavior for smarter marketing. Further, it will enable you to enhance the customer experience in different ways to win positive online and social media reviews.

36% of diners factor in information from review sites like Trip Advisor and Yelp, while 34% use social media information in their decisions.

Keep Your Staff in the loop

Well executed loyalty programs have one thing in common – a well-informed staff. Even if your loyalty program uses all the bells and whistles that go with the app, you just cannot afford to miss out on the human element.

So, before you roll out your loyalty program, take your staff into confidence, and seek their inputs. Your staff may be able to give you amazing insights into various aspects of customer behavior, preferences, etc., and their suggestions might prove to be extremely valuable for the success of your loyalty program.

Reward Programs are profitable for every business

Reward programs offered by restaurants drive traffic, track customer spending habits, help delight existing customers, and convert them to long-term customers. Be it a massive multi-outlet business or a small stand-alone one, every restaurant should offer a loyalty program to accelerate their business through repeat customers.

A well-planned loyalty program will let your customers relax, knowing that they’ll always earn more rewards – without taking a hit to their wallet. And for you, you can rest assured that your existing customers will be your everlasting ones.



8 Hacks to Stay in Touch with your Customers Without Spamming Them

We all get myriad notifications and emails from every corner. Each message is vying for our attention while trying to avoid getting automatically thrown into the spam folder.

With the evolution of technology, there are countless ways by which you can get in touch with your customers, but we mustn’t get overzealous. Today, we’ll share 8 hacks that can help your messages get through and capture your audience’s attention without spamming them.

  • Send the right message at the right time

While it may seem that sending bulk SMS and daily emails gives your customer regular reminders.The only thing you’re probably not doing to repel your customers even more is making 100 calls to them in a day. By doing this, you’ll only get added to their block list. With the right messaging at the right time, you can get into their heads instead of their junk folder. For example, know when your customers are expected to go out on weekends and vacations, and shoot them a dine-in offer at your restaurant. You may also provide special month-end offers when a major section diners’ wallets are close to empty.

  • Find out your customers heard about you

Figuring out the platforms that led your customers to your door is essential. Was it facebook? A newspaper? Your website? A restaurant discovery app like Dineout? One way to get the answers to questions like this is through the inResto Feedback app, which has a section on the feedback form asking your diners where they found out about your restaurant. When you find the answer, invest in that platform.

  • Get smart on social media

If your diners heard about you on social media, then it’s best to get more active on the most popular platform. Of course, posting too frequently can spam your followers’ feeds and give them a reason to unfollow you. Instead, focus on creating relevant and interesting conversations. Quality over quantity, always! Ideally, put up one post daily on the relevant network(s). Make sure the strategy used for each platform is different. For instance, keep Instagram photo-centric instead of posting a lot of text  –  which works better on Facebook. Twitter is a great place to get feedback and have conversations. Investing in promotional ads on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can also yield great results. Find out more about nailing the social media for your restaurant here.

  • Get on the web

A dedicated website is essential nowadays if you want to have a distinct presence outside restaurant discovery platforms. Whenever a prospective customer hears about you and searches for your business online, having your own site will certainly be an advantage. Plus, you will be able to send them browser notifications without making them download an app. If it’s done right, with solid SEO and SEM, you could get a great response.

  • Consider making an app for your restaurant

Speaking of apps, they could be a great tool to stay in touch with and engage your regular customers. People usually think twice before downloading apps to take up their precious memory. However, if you have made a good impression in the restaurant, you can encourage them to download an app and then communicate offers, celebrations and events through push notifications. As always, inResto WLA can help you create your own apps and websites.

  • Reach out to those at home

If your customer isn’t coming to your door, go to theirs. Popular restaurants like Chili’s and Barbecue Nation prefer to push home delivery offers instead of dine-in discounts. They have upscaled their business by reaching out to a larger segment of customers who prefer home delivery over dining at the restaurant. We think it’s a great strategy and a worthy investment.

  • Create relevant and engaging communication

It’s good to think out of the box but irrelevant content can backfire. Your messages should let the personality of your brand shine through and be in context of the event or promotion you’re talking about. Make them relevant and fun to read. One well thought out message is worth more than 10 random insignificant messages that just talk about discounts.

  • Encourage Crosswalking

Encourage your diners to try your brand’s other outlets by giving them outlet-specific offers. This will help you create buzz about your other branches  –  which may well be closer to some of your regular customers  –  resulting in increased awareness. We are sure this is something you will definitely be happy about.


It is essential to make your diners feel invited and special by starting a conversation with them. However, there is a thin line between conversing and spamming, so make use of the tools you have to understand your customer better. Insights from inResto Feedback can help gauge what works and what doesn’t. Use that in figuring out what you say and where you say it.

Do your customers love the music you play? Talk more about your events and live performances. Did they find you on twitter? Increase your presence and invest in promotions there. Use inResto Campaigns to re-engage with diners who haven’t come over in a while and reward regular customers with a loyalty programme that doesn’t just offer discounts, but also privileges and freebies.

These are all tools you can use. But the tools are only as effective as you make them. Be sharp, be empathetic, think out of the box and, more than anything else, make the customer feel special to get those high conversion rates you desire.

happy customer

6 Tips to Create the Ultimate Dining Experience That Will Help You Retain Diners!

Sometimes you’re doing all the right things but your diner count’s graph is still a downward curve. If you’ve been wondering how to make a lasting impression to retain diners, we’re here with some hacks to ensure they get hooked to your restaurant.

First Impression Is The Last Impression

The first and most imperative lesson is impeccable service! It’s important to pay attention to your diner as soon as they walk in. From a server greeting them to the manager visiting their table to ask about the meal, taking good care of your customers is crucial. Make sure that your diner’s experience is as good as the food and ambiance.

Reservations For A Seamless Experience

Providing the option of table reservation is taking a step towards a fine-dine experience. It also makes diners feel special when they have a table waiting during peak hours.

Never Make Customers Ask You For Their Order Again

If you keep your diner waiting for their meal for too long, it would definitely work against you. If something takes a little longer to prepare, it’s best to let them know beforehand rather than facing a hungry and annoyed diner later. It’s also a great practice to give them a complimentary bread basket or something else to munch on while they wait for their food.

Know Your Menu Well

Your servers and manager should be very thorough with the menu and must be able to explain all dishes properly. When diners ask for preferences and the servers aren’t well acquainted with what’s on the menu, it shows your restaurant in a bad light. They should also be able to make recommendations as per the diner’s taste.

Feedback Matters the Most

You might realize some pitfalls of your restaurant, but it’s best to know where you stand with your customers. Letting them know that you care about their overall experience along with improving your service and food also works in your favor. It also helps you assess what customers love about your restaurant, and what they’re not so fond of.

Tackle Problems in a Courtly Manner

Handling problems politely is another important aspect to create a seamless experience. So, if there are any road bumps along the way, it’s best to handle the situation with grace and polite respect. If there’s a mixup, one must own up to their mistake and apologize immediately. It’s also a good practice to appease your diners by offering them something on the house or making up for it with a discounted bill.

There must be a perfect balance of delicious food, inviting interiors and impeccable service to offer the ultimate dining experience. A happy diner with great memories will always have good things to say about your restaurant.