Smart New Age Cloud Telephony Number
For Your Outlet

Be reachable to your diners | Collect digital data of all calls made to you | Analyse your data | Take action | Amplify your business

Product Features


Get a virtual phone number powered by exotel which is your businesses one point contact to your diners and leads


Have a personalised IVR prompt that greets your diners and route their calls to the relevant teams


Never miss out on a potential lead. Get alerts and notifications whenever you miss a call or receive a call

Call Recording

Get a recording of all the calls you make or receive on your dashboard so that you can go back and listen to them anytime you want


Get detailed daily reports of what happened with your virtual number. Number of calls made, calls missed, calls received etc.


Personalise your IVR, your call flows, you reporting, payments etc right from your exotel dashboard

How does cloud telephony work?

Our cloud telephony solution powered by exotel helps you get a virtual phone number which acts as the single point for you to interact with all your diners. The advantage of cloud telephony over regular telephony is that you have access to all the data that is collected from the calls at one place plus you can easily personalise your IVRs and call flows to match your businesses requirement

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