Smart Customer Feedback Management Tool
For Your Restaurant

Recognise customers | Take their feedbacks | Analyse the feedbacks | Take action | Amplify your business

Product Features

Engagement tools

Engagement tools that help you engage with customers who have given certain type of feedback.

Customisable Feedback

Make your feedback forms as per your needs. Not every business wants to ask the same set of questions


Get immediate alerts over mails and SMSes whenever you receive a positive or negative feedback.

Customer communication

Seamless customer communication for each feedback they fill at your restaurant, make them feel special


Detailed reports of how your restaurant is performing in the eyes of your customers. Take actions based on the insights gathered from here

Easy to fill

Our feedback application captures some of the most important data points about your customers which can be really useful for your business in the future

How does your Feedback Management work?

Our feedback management app lets you customise your forms to include the questions you want to ask your customers. You can collect the valuable feedback of your customers along with important data points like birthday, anniversary etc, get alerts of any positive or negative reviews you get and analyse how your restaurant is performing in the eyes of your customers by looking at the daily reports.

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