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Employee theft in Restaurants | Restaurant theft prevention

  • Published on : 02/01/2017

One of the biggest problems that haunts restaurant businesses is that of employee theft. Restaurants lose lacs of rupees when the staff steals valuables – money, food, alcohol, supplies, equipment and retail items. It is estimated that 95% of restaurant businesses run a risk of theft by staff, especially during busy hours. Although completely eradicating theft is close to impossible, restaurants must prioritise the identification and prevention of theft as part of their business plan.

One of the most crucial steps that can be easily implemented to prevent stealing by employees is limiting access to the POS system with unique Access Control features. With most of the details of the business on one system, it can be vulnerable to messing with numbers or data leaks. A software that restricts use to only those accountable while having absolute values of items can work wonders in taming the situation. Keeping a close eye on the POS reports can also be extremely helpful.

Regular audits, daily inspection of numbers, tallying orders, etc. have proven to be effective measures. Make cash handling procedures stringent and train the staff well who accept cash, take down orders, make payments to suppliers, deposit or withdraw money, etc. and warn the employees about the consequences when caught stealing. Management must also keep a tab on inventory and be able to spot the slightest of abnormal spikes. Installation of security cameras make the staff conscious and less likely to steal.

Most importantly, businesses should maintain and enforce a positive work environment at restaurants in order to deter employee fraud and theft. Transparency in approach, appreciation, constructive feedback, decent wages, and rewards for reporting theft strengthen the relationship between employees and management. To ensure longevity of your restaurant business, such steps must be undertaken proactively to prevent internal theft and threat, while at the same time ensuring you don’t have trust issues with your staff, since happy staff means happy customers, and happy customers means lucrative business.

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