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Tips for Restaurants to Fight COVID19

With the fear of the COVID-19 pandemic still looming large, the heavily impacted restaurant industry continues to look for innovative means to fight COVID 19. Organizations like the WHO and various government health departments continue to share tips for public places/businesses to fight COVID 19. Some COVID 19 regulations for restaurants that must be followed […]

How Instagram can Bolster your Restaurant Business

Social media marketing has taken over all the conventional ways that brands used to advertise their services decades ago. Instagram has seen a revolutionary surge in the last few years and we’re definitely not surprised. Young adults are absolutely in love with the app and for good reason; it’s the perfect place to put your […]

inresto’s Contactless Dining | Paving the Future of the Middle Eastern Restaurant Industry

The impact of the coronavirus outbreak has been swift & brutal across the world. In the middle east region, the government has taken the necessary precautionary measures to protect the lives of citizens and residents and to prevent the spread of the pandemic. This has led to the suspension or reduction of many local economic […]

Dineout’s Instagram Live With Gauri Devidayal: Celebrating The Mother Restaurateurs |The Double CEOs

This Mother’s Day, Dineout conducted a ‘MOMs for CEO’ campaign to celebrate mothers’ journeys of motherhood and work and their contributions to all our lives.  Gauri Devdayal spoke to Dineout’s Sanjula Miglani about her journey as a mother and a restaurateur, future plans, and strategies post lockdown. In addition to being a mother to a doting […]

We Miss You | A Letter to all the Restaurants

While the world is dealing with the COVID pandemic, many businesses like restaurants have shut their services as a safety measure. And as we sit inside our homes binge-watching movies, all we can think of is the delicious food from our favourite restaurants; we will be having once the lockdown is lifted. Our ears long […]