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Best Ways to Advertise Your Restaurant

  • Published on : 10/11/2020

Creating delicious recipes is not enough to successfully advertise your restaurant. A well-defined approach is crucial for attracting more diners to your doorstep. Effective restaurant advertising can make your recipes go viral overnight! Being in the public’s eyes is of utmost importance whether you have an existing establishment or a new restaurant. Strategic promotion across all social media platforms works like a charm! The best thing about it? It is quite inexpensive as opposed to traditional television advertising which most local brands cannot accommodate in their marketing budget.

Here are the top restaurant promotion strategies to adopt in 2020:

1. Restaurant Advertisement Across Social Media Platforms

Social media is an incredible way of giving a voice and a face to your restaurant. Creating engaging content can drive your sales through the roof. Soaring internet usage across the globe means that users are spending a considerable amount of time on social media rather than television. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram are popular social media channels for restaurant promotion. 

What Kind of Content Should You Create?

Just having different social media accounts of your restaurant will not bolster sales. Content creation should be combined with content marketing to drive audience engagement. Optimize your page and videos for niche keywords and do not forget to include call-to-actions in video descriptions. Of course, the quality of content takes the front seat when it comes to enticing your potential customers. 

Some of the best video ideas for restaurant advertisement include:

  • Behind the scenes videos of popular dishes at your restaurant
  • Ambience on special occasions
  • DIY videos and recipe videos
  • Interview with guests 
  • Live video streaming 

2. Paid Digital Marketing for Restaurant Promotion

The number of internet users has crossed 4 billion! More and more restaurants are choosing paid digital marketing over traditional advertising because of this sheer number. Creating online ads is the most viable option for reaching out to an untapped pool of diners out there. Brand awareness is the first step of any restaurant advertisement campaign. 

Digital marketing allows you to undertake a more targeted approach in your promotional strategy. For instance, Google Ads allow various targeting and customization options that will allow you to reach your potential customers. In addition, networking with influencers and other local businesses is imperative for digital marketing strategy for your restaurant. 

It will give you a competitive edge in the fierce restaurant business. Not only would it help you drive traffic to your website but also convert visitors into diners! 

3. Promote Your Restaurant Using inresto Campaigns

Prominent restaurant owners are combining their promotional strategy with customer relationship management (CRM) software. With the help of CRM, you can automate your restaurant advertisement campaign. The CRM marketing strategy for restaurants is used for personalized email and SMS campaigns, especially on festivals, events, and other special occasions. This strategy has proved to be a remarkable way of drawing visitors to restaurants. 

Getting it Right

Once you have purchased the CRM software, there are few things that you must keep in mind. First of all, ensure that the first 10 words of your campaign and the title are catchy. Failing to do will land your email in the bin. The best time to send automated emails and SMS is at least an hour before lunch and dinner time. Personalization of campaigns according to different categories such as most frequent diners and high order value customers will bring desired results to you. 

4. Start a Food Blog

Blogging may seem intimidating to you but it has enormous benefits for your restaurant marketing strategy. Fresh website content is indexed by search engines like Google. It ranks your page on the basis of backlinks from authority websites and keyword density. Hence, having an optimized website for restaurant marketing is absolutely essential in this day and age. 

Make a separate section on your website for the food blog. It will unlock several potential avenues for your restaurant where you can blog about popular recipes, diner reviews, chef highlights, and cooking tips. Moreover, guest posting for the blogs of other local businesses where you can recommend their services will bode well for your restaurant. Do not forget to include links of all social media accounts on your website to tie them up together!

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