Integrate Cloudbeds with inresto POS dashboard: DIY

Integrate Cloudbeds with inresto POS dashboard: DIY

An easy step-by-step guide

To minimize the extra efforts and time of the hotel staff for coordination between different departments like front office, housekeeping, food & beverages, etc. hotels use Property Management Softwares like Cloudbeds to manage all the front-end operations in one dashboard.

Since restaurants are an important part of hotel operations, we have integrated Cloudbeds software with inresto POS to mitigate the billing inaccuracies and mismanagement.

Before diving into the steps, it is important to understand the types of dashboards involved in the process:

1. inresto POS Dashboard

POS dashboard enables a restaurant to manage all the front-end operations like order management, table management, bill management and more. Information related to hotel guests will reflect on the POS dashboard post the integration

2. inresto SCM Dashboard

SCM dashboard enables a restaurant to strategically co-ordinate all the business functions ranging from inventory management, menu management, production, sales estimation, invoices and more. inresto SCM dashboard is used for the back-end integration with POS dashboard.

3. Cloudbeds Dashboard

Cloudbeds is a Property Management Software (PMS) that enables a hotel to minimize the manual day-to-day operations through digital management.

A SELF HELP GUIDE | How to integrate your Cloudbeds account with inresto POS

Step 1

Go to and log-in to your account

Step 2

Select Username>Settings>Access Control

Access control allows the super admin* to share access with anyone in order to integrate the two dashboards. It is advisable for the Admin only to do the same 

*Super Admin: A super admin manages the access and level of responsibility for all the other users on the dashboard

Step 3

Select User Role> Settings Controls> Cloudbeds Information

Click on Save button at the bottom to enable the access control for the new admin 

Step 4

The new admin selects Username > Settings > Miscellaneous Settings > Cloudbeds Information (Cloud POS) to access the SCM dashboard for further integration

Step 5

Select the Outlet Name for which the integration is to be done from the drop down menu and click on Authenticate Torqus with Cloudbeds (Cloud POS) button to go to Cloudbeds login page

Step 6

Log-in to your Cloudbeds page using it’s credentials

Step 7

Select Approve to access the Cloudbeds data on the Application Authorization page

Step 8

A Success message will appear on the SCM dashboard signifying that the integration with Cloudbeds is done

Step 9

Once the integration is complete, the inresto POS dashboard will pick up guest details automatically from the Cloudbeds dashboard

Step 10

Admin can find the details of the hotel guest by typing their name on the inresto POS dashboard

Step 11

Restaurant staff can punch in the order and select Pending as an option in payments to close the table

The bill from the restaurant will reflect under the Folio tab in Cloudbeds dashboard and will be clubbed with the final bill for settlement.

For any kind of assistance, you can reach out to your account manager or write to us at

Android POS Systems v/s  iPad POS Systems: Which one to pick?

Android POS Systems v/s iPad POS Systems: Which one to pick?

Introducing the POS Technologies

Cloud-based POS systems are considered as one of the astonishing path-breaking inventions in the restaurant industry. Several businesses, including restaurants, use the cloud-based POS system to improve mobility, save the overall cost and access the bulk amount of securely stored data regularly. With the evolution of technology, mobile tablets have effectively swept in to increase efficient interactions between the restaurant staff and the diners. The restaurant authorities utilise the Android POS system or the iPad-based POS system exhaustively. This further helps in accelerating their business performances. The precise details of the billing, receipt, employee data, customers’ purchasing behaviour, order tracking and other operational details can be easily monitored. 

Android POS System is considered as a cloud-based system whose merit has proven to be advantageous across industries. The implementation of the POS system thus benefits the entire technical unit of the business operation. POS actively helps in channelling the sources of resourcing and controlling the data of the population of customers. In the case of restaurants, POS helps in creating a customised database with details of the number of items sold, products purchased, stock value, employee management system and staff salaries. iPad-based POS system, on the other hand, is concerned with tracking all the payment related issues. Thus, producing receipts and tracking the full purchasing procedure including the ones done via scanning barcode is easier. With an iPad-based POS system, the sales procedure can be streamlined effortlessly.  

Comparative analysis between Android POS and iOS POS system 

The functional differentiation of the two systems can be jotted as follows.

1. Customizable Features

The Android POS system is a flexible and open operating system. It focuses on usability extending blissful user experience and easing customization of the bill. iPad-based POS systems have limited flexibility. Thus the customisation features of Android POS facilities organisational activities of restaurants massively. 

2. Flexible Factors

Android POS comes with the advantage of being extremely compatible with a variety of hardware. But iPad based POS system is friendly with only a handful of hardware devices. 

The flexibility of adoption of the hardware system of the Android by the restaurants completely depends on their nature of the operation. For quick-service restaurants, the focus is majorly to elevate the profitability. They usually adopt large hardware form in order to fit into a single screen multiple operations. In the case of dine-in restaurants, the concentration is more angled towards customer preference and services. Thus they use a portable device that is installed with an Android system to gain substantial control over the restaurant operations.  

3. Durability

Android POS devices have high durability and resistance quotient. Further, the software system of android technology can be easily installed.  The iPad POS devices, on the other hand, being sleeker demands extra care in extreme temperature conditions.  Therefore in restaurants and other business industries, the preference for Android devices is high. 

4. Affordable Price point

Android offers a huge range of prices that makes their devices affordable in every aspect. The easy user interface of the Android POS system makes it more popular among users of all age groups. On the contrary, iPad POS is much more expensive. Thus the preference of Android for business improvement is pretty high. 

5. Speedy updating of Software 

The process of software installations in android devices is simple in comparison to the same in iPad based technologies. Updating the software regularly is important to be consistent with the newly invented forms. Updating the software in Android device consumes less time and is easier than that on iPad. iPad phones go through an elaborate stage of review and approval, thus consuming more time. The users face no such difficulty in the case of the Android system.

6. Integration

The unique customization process of the Android devices facilitates easy adoption of the programs as per the choices of the users. Additionally, several advantages like the cost-friendly hardware programs and the affordable software prices installed in the Android devices makes it more popular. 

Restaurant representatives companioned by Android POS can access important information easily. Unique combination of the inventory management system, customer’s database integrated with the entire purchase and delivery of the products add to the convenience. 

7. Better User Experience

The portability of the POS system of Android makes it more user friendly. Android facilitates comfortable customer interaction alongside extending complete information to the customers. Thus there remains no doubt regarding outstanding user experience. Moreover compared to the iPad-based POS system, the Android devices successfully pull greater audiences for the users. 

To improve the business functions there is an ever-rising need of adopting advanced technology. It not only helps the procedures to fetch profitable growth but also assists in the retention of the business for the long term. The restaurant and other business domains try to undertake the best application with the help of effective technical assistance that is sure to aid better functionality of the business procedures. Comparing both the advanced POS technical system it can be stated that the Android POS system is the best option available.

How to win your customers’ hearts this Valentines Day

Did you know restaurants rank Valentine’s Day as the second busiest day of the year? 

According to the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association, consumers spend about $13.19 billion on Valentine’s Day, enough to afford all the travel plans every person made after watching ‘Yeh Jawani hai Deewani’.

A restaurant is a place where love stories begin and moments of love brew. The place where he first proposed, their first date after their wedding, her first blind date, or be it funny date arranged by parents, a restaurant always plays an essential part in creating beautiful love memories. It is a part of every proposal story they will tell their friends.

Everyone knows one cannot choose their family, but they can choose their partner. As much as love can make you go WTF, there’s no denying we’d all be a little less rich without love in life!

Here’s how you can make their merry moments merrier:

1. Valentine’s day demands ‘The Food of Love.’ 


There is nothing like too much red on Valentine’s day, so spice up your food menu with Red velvet pastries, heart-shaped cookies, and cute love themed cupcakes.

Create unique combos and Platters, like a beer combo with some chicken finger food, a bottle of champagne with a bouquet of flowers, and heart-shaped chocolates.

Let’s give the couples more time engaging in intimate moments and less time picking various items from the menu.

Your diners must be aware beforehand that a Valentine’s Day special food menu awaits them so that they can pick the right venue for the day. So spread the word by sending them an email and SMS campaigns.

2. Run Hatke Offers

  • Send personalised cards at your diners’ tables, which might go something like, “You both look adorable together! Have a nice evening.” The card or a scroll(if you want to do it the cupid’s way) can be designed in love-themed templates like this cupid one or even the classic heart-shaped ones.

  • Collaborate with a photographer and capture their special moments, which they can cherish for life. You must post these pictures on your social channels and get all the people talking about your restaurant. 

Along with that, the efforts put in the decor, the food, and the setting must be captured and put across the web- on dineout stories and Instagram stories so that new customers searching for a restaurant on the web so that new customers can also get aware of the ongoing events at your restaurant.

You can create the most desirable romantic date fantasies for people watching your restaurant’s stories and pictures on the web. 

Send personalised messages to your customers so that they remember you while deciding a place for their special evening. Here’s how

3. Organize fun activities


  • Collaborate with a band or an artist for live music to set the mood at your restaurant. Music can make or break the mood. Romantic music such that your diners are drooling in love, and there is euphoria! 

Artists like Prateek Kuhad, Hari & Sukhmani, and bands like Agni are just some of the top picks when it comes to setting a romantic mood with some music.

  • Salsa night: There is no bond like the one you make with a partner on the dance floor. You can call professional salsa dancers and get all the people grooving on the dance floor. Singles also get a chance to mingle with new people and dance their hearts out!

4. Plan a Singles’ day out


If you thought just calling out couples on Valentine’s day is a hit plan for your restaurant, you are wrong! Shout out to all the singles out there and organize a party.

  • The golden rule of the party: Couple entries strictly not allowed!
  • Decorate your restaurants with funny quotes or memes for single people. When love life’s DOA, memes are your best friends.
  • Let the ‘We hate couples’ club and ‘I can’t ever get out of the friend zone’ be your guest for the day. 
  • Organize a comedy stand up or screen shows like ‘Haq Se Single’ by Zakir khan at your restaurant to hype the mood.

With social media, SMS, and email campaigns, you can create a very quirky campaign with memes and quotes that will catch your target audience’s eye. 

5. Dress code Party

  • There can be a simple dress code party planned where you invite your diners, saying they must wear red and black.
  • Or you can add a funky touch and make it interesting by asking your diners to come dress as a famous couple. It can be a classic Raj & Simran couple, Anjali and Rahul from Kuch Kuch Hota hai, or the very sensual Ram Leela.
  • A vampire couple or greek mythology inspired couple, basically tell them to be as weird and quirky as they can. And you can reward the best dressed with a free meal! 


It’s always exciting for couples to play dress up, and you can add spice to their lives with different themes like this. Make it engaging for them by making them act like the couple they have come dressed as or make them dance on Bollywood songs, and they will remember you as their best host! 

So get started on those Valentine’s day preps, and select ideas that you think will be a hit for your restaurant. Aren’t you already excited for D day?

You can get creative and wild with your ideas and put up a great show, but it is not good enough unless your customers know about it. Running Campaigns is, therefore, your key to create a buzz amongst your audience and make your show a hit! 

Let us help you do that. You can get in touch – Contact us:

The Restaurant Affair- Hyderabad Chapter


The Restaurant Affair is an interactive summit that talks about the business of tomorrow. It is a unique offline forum to educate, engage, and promote the adoption of technology within the F&B industry. Whether it’s a small restaurant chain or an established eatery, every restaurant is upping its game to strive in the competition, and ‘The Restaurant Affair’ helps every restaurateur to achieve that and network with fellow folks of the industry.


The Hyderabad Chapter was held at Novotel HICC on 21st January. Food industry experts and leaders shared their radical views on the ongoing technology trends that are helping the industry boom and making it more than merely about food and cooking.


Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Ankit Mehrotra, CEO & Co-founder, Dineout said, 

“The restaurant industry is very fragmented and largely unorganized, for which the adoption of technology is a necessity in this digital era. With ‘The Restaurant Affair,’ we want to change the way restaurants function in India and help showcase the technological prowess of our products. We’re loving the response and the increasing participation of restaurants who believe in our mission and stand together with us.” 

Panel Discussion

The panel was graced by Hyderabad’s restaurant industry stalwarts- Chef Chalapati Rao- Simply South, Mr. Manish Dayya- Novotel HICC, Mr. Prosenjit Roy Choudhury- Absolute barbecues, Mr. Viren Shah- CreamStone ice creams.

Our Co-founder Ankit Mehrotra, led the panel discussion and asked the esteemed panelists intriguing questions. The discussion was mind-boggling and educated our audience on how they can manage a restaurant successfully. Experience teaches you more than any book written ever, and hence we tried to gather all the Gyan that our panelists had to offer, who have been in this game for quite some time now. 

Dineout’s Journey

Mr. Vivek Kapoor, our Cofounder, took the audience through an inspiring journey. From being just a discovery and reservations platform to being a restaurant enabler, how dineout has come a long way. 

He took us through the Dineout product suite, which helps empower restaurants & enable growth.

Game Changer 2020

Our Co-founder, Vijayan Parthasarathy, took the stage to shed light on the technology solution that is the game-changer for the restaurant industry in 2020 – Valetresolves all the parking woes at your restaurant!  

Technology Workshops

There was a guided tour of various technology solutions for our audience. The live demos helped restaurateurs understand how they can streamline and manage their restaurant’s operations effortlessly. They had the first-hand experience with the latest technology solutions.


If you missed being a part of the event or happened to miss this session, you can experience our entire product suite here


Casual conversations brewed new connections & we bonded over food & wine.

If you are enticed to be a part of a restaurant affair like this, let us know at so that we can meet you while we’re on the road. The next destination of our tour is Kolkata, and we can’t wait to meet the chefs & restaurateurs of the city, which is every foodie’s must-visit destination.


You sure don’t want to miss out on opportunities to network with restaurant peers, sneak peeks at the latest industry technology, and lots of time- and money-saving tips for your restaurant. See you in your city!


The Restaurant Chronicles | GIRF 2020 is live | Kitchens that Fly High and more

How Cloud kitchens are leveraging technology to increase profits and delight customers?

For the past few years, the restaurant industry has been quite experimental in terms of technology and has witnessed favorable growth. New technological innovations are sliding every day and creating a buzz in the market. 


Technology is the backbone for restaurants that accept incoming orders only through online ordering systems. Commonly known as cloud kitchens, they have a base kitchen that delivers food to the customers with no dine-in facility. At any given point, a cloud kitchen uses at least 5 to 6 varied tech products, including Point of sale systems (POS), CRM, Loyalty, Campaigns, and more. All technology platforms give out data but are not interlinked. Managing a variety of technology solutions individually can be a little challenging.


Cloud kitchens operate for the benefit of the customers who just love App-based and easy ordering. They are discovered online through various mediums like Facebook, Web discovery, delivery aggregators, and more. With orders pouring in from multiple online platforms (Thanks to digital being so successful), it becomes virtually impossible to keep up. It requires more labour, more work hours, and eventually results in increased cost and overworked employees.


Now let’s understand a restaurant’s plight – A customer orders regularly; however, the restaurant has no history of billing, order channel, dining pattern, order preferences, etc. because somewhere the system falls short. It is difficult for the restaurant management to track all of the above manually. Restaurants, especially cloud kitchens, require integrated software that can streamline all the operations for them. 


Let’s paint a beautiful picture where all orders land directly into your POS dashboard, you can assign a delivery executive from the POS itself. Turning off all aggregator portals happens with a click without accessing each platform. Further to this, let’s erase the manual & tedious task of house operations, i.e., raw material requirement assessment, routing orders to suppliers, distribution of semi-prepared dishes from central kitchen to outlets, and more. Now let’s bring this picture to life because, with inresto POS, all of the above is possible.

Instead of dealing with multiple software vendors, cloud kitchens can use integrated software like the one inresto has, with all the restaurant management solutions at one place. This allows kitchens to focus on their core business without worrying about a stack of technological solutions. 


All frontend and backend operations such as managing online orders from different aggregators- (Zomato, Swiggy, & more); enabling menu changes, customised pricing, assigning delivery executives, raw material requirement inventory management, data analysis, and more can be controlled from a single dashboard. 


Statistics tell us that Inventory management is one of the biggest challenges that our Cloud kitchen partners have faced in the past. Space being a limitation, cloud kitchens can only store two to three days of stock, which makes it imperative to have optimum inventory to avoid negative impact amongst customers and wastage. With inresto’s SCM and POS integration, past sales can be analysed for trend recognition, which further enables our cloud kitchen partners to make stock and item exchange effortless.


Since the Amazon for Business integration into our SCM module, we have curated a marketplace with items listed at the best possible price. This enables our partner cloud kitchens and restaurants to access quality and affordable raw materials. More perks being- timely deliveries and the option to convert payments into EMIs.


Everything is jargon unless backed by data – Our cloud kitchen partner, and fitness-focused cloud kitchen chain has witnessed a 9% reduction in cost and over 120-man hour decrease. Another leading cloud kitchen in India started by using our Tech at one of their outlets now seamlessly bringing that number to 50+


Over 70% of the restaurants are turning to technology. Make your switch today!


Ways You can Control Noise in Your Restaurant

Most of us have, at some point in our lives, had an unpleasant dine-out experience, just because the restaurant in question was unpleasantly noisy. Statistically, ‘excessive noise levels’ is among the top three most common customer complaints that most of the restaurants face. 

Whether it’s the annoying hum and whirr of kitchen machinery, the clanking of cutlery, loud co-diners, or a particularly whiny kid, or even unpleasantly loud music, these noises can get on your customers’ nerve, disrupt important conversations, kill magical moments of intimacy, and effectively destroy what your diners anticipated to be a pleasant evening out. 

It can lead to customers walking out, never coming back, criticizing your restaurant on public fora, and spreading bad word of mouth, tangibly hurting your business. 

Here are a few steps that you, as a restaurant manager/owner, can adopt to address the issue, effectively: 

1. Interior Design Solutions

  • Keep noisy kitchen machinery and frequently used equipment – blenders, grinders, ice machines, and such far from the dining area. 
  • Use cork-lined sound-proof kitchen doors to prevent the kitchen noises like the clanging of pots & pans and conversations of the chefs from going out in the dining area. 
  • Add carpets, drapes and curtains, cushions and upholstery and other sound-absorbent soft furnishings all over the restaurant, to muffle and minimize discordant outside noises. 
  • Use rubber caps at the bottom of the chairs, table, and sofa legs, to eliminate the sound of furniture scraping against the floor. 
  • Incorporate separate booths and cubicles for couples and groups who are seeking to enjoy a romantic or intimate meal. 
  • Indoor plants like Ferns, Peace Lilies, and Baby’s Tears are good natural sound absorbents that can not only reduce noise by 6-15 decibels but also add to the aesthetics of your restaurant and improve indoor air quality. A healthy environment always feels pleasant.

2. Psychological Solutions 


  • An intimate setting with dim lighting and soft music are the most preferred choices for date nights and intimate gatherings. When the vibe is pleasant, the diners go with the flow and it is less likely that they deviate from it. Also, Reservation apps make it easier for you to give every diner their preferred table or section at the restaurant.
  • A Formally dressed staff that engages with the customers politely, subtly encourages the diners to hold pleasant conversations amongst themselves as well.

3. Infrastructural and Human Resource Solutions

  • Train hostesses and ushers to seat customers accompanied by kids at a designated area within the restaurant – ideally one that is subtly isolated from the rest of the crowd.
  • Some child-friendly eateries have designated kids’ zones with toys, games and trained waiters to keep the little ones occupied & fed while they play. In this way, the parents and other diners can also enjoy their dine out moments without any disturbances. 
  • If your restaurant serves alcoholic beverages, you can train your waiting staff to take subtle measures to turn down repeat orders and firmly discourage or refuse repeat orders to tipsy customers, to prevent them from turning raucous and unruly.


Make Every Customer your Restaurant’s Brand Ambassador

It is always larger than life experience for the customers when you grant them good experiences other than just good food. Hence it is necessary to ensure that every customer has, not just a pleasant but delightful dine-out experience, every time they visit you. You can monitor where your restaurant stands in terms of diner experience through feedback apps.

This keeps your restaurant in the limelight despite the increasingly competitive environment. Your first-time customers would be repeat customers, which will eventually become your regular patrons, and then the active brand advocates who spontaneously recommend your restaurant to every next person they meet.

The Restaurant Affair- Bengaluru Chapter


The Restaurant Affair is a series of events for restaurateurs to get updated on the notable insights and ongoing trends that are shaping the restaurants of today.

The Restaurant Affair- Bengaluru Chapter was the first edition where about 100-150 Restaurateurs and Industry icons of restaurants and chains like Vapour Pub and Brewery, Theobroma, TOIT, Byg Brewski Brewing Company, Conrad, and more of the likes gathered. It was an opportunity for restaurateurs to reconnect with their industry folks and meet new ones.

Here’s what happened:

1. Panel Discussion

When our panelists got to talking, secrets were spilled, and the audience was all ears. The restaurateurs were exposed to insights, and business ideas, no book or classroom lecture will tell you about yet! There were talks about how restaurant technology is changing the face of the industry and how the technology product suites like the one inresto has to offer, helped established restaurants and newbies make a mark.

2. Dineout’s journey

Among various restaurateurs’ stories, there was ours too! Our co-founder Mr. Vivek Kapoor took to the stage, and the audience was thrilled and inspired to hear the journey. From being just a reservation platform to being restaurant enablers, we have come a long way. 

The B2B arm of dineout – inresto aims at enabling restaurants to achieve maximum efficiency through the valet to valet, cost-effective, and plug & play product suite that has helped 10000+ restaurants boost their business, globally.

3. Technology Workshops

After being introduced to technology solutions and dynamic innovations, we took the restaurateurs through the working knowledge of the products. Our audience got to try their hands on the latest technology solutions. 

If you missed being a part of the event or happened to miss this session, you can experience our entire product suite here

We topped it all off with a happy hour of wine, dine, and unlimited conversations!

If you are enticed to be a part of a restaurant affair like this, let us know at so that we can meet you while we’re on the road. We are city hopping, and our next destination is Hyderabad. We can’t wait to hear that city’s restaurant story! 


Imperfecto Restaurant

How inResto Transformed Imperfecto Into A Digital Restaurant?

Owned by Bel Cibo Hospitality Pvt. Ltd., Imperfecto made its grand entry in the Restaurant Industry in 2013 with their first restaurant in Hauz Khas Village shortly followed by the second one in Gurgaon’s Cyberhub. After claiming prominent spots in two of the most popular hubs in Delhi NCR, today Imperfecto has 6 outlets in Delhi NCR.

They have been a vivid user of inResto products. Recently. We got into a conversation with them understanding their mantra to manage one of the busiest gastropubs in Delhi and how technology has helped him simplify these tasks.

Imperfecto @ Dineout

Chaotic Manual Walk-In & Reservation Management
Prior inResto, walk-ins and reservations were managed manually. Since all the outlets are located in the busiest locales of Delhi-NCR, the number of walk-ins were huge. The unorganized way of managing these high number of walk-ins lead to customer attrition and eventually revenue loss. Also, the manual door management was an added manpower cost as well as time. There had been times when the host went inside to check for vacant seats and another guest just walked in the restaurant, leading to more chaos

With the advent of technology in almost every process of running a restaurant, Imperfecto understood felt the need of a system that can help their staff manage walk-ins and reservations more effectively, especially during rush hours.

With inResto Reserve in place, the staff of Imperfecto was able to manage bookings from various sources including direct calls, social media pages and table reservation platforms like Dineout. Also, with table management feature, the host was able to monitor the real-time status of tables, even on the rooftop, making walk-in and table management a cakewalk.

Customer Data is Super Important
Located in the most popular location, Imperfecto has its own pros and cons. While a good location increases the visibility, the same eventually made it difficult for them to sustain the number of new and repeat customers on a daily basis. That’s why Imperfecto organizes events regularly, even on weekdays to attract more and more customers. The challenge here was to inform the correct customers about these daily events. While Facebook & Instagram pages helped them spread the word, they cannot deny the fact that personalized messages targeted to a specific segment of customers proved to be extremely effective to get more customers.

Just like any other restaurant, the host used to collect the details either before the customers walked into the outlet and/or while filling the feedback form. The pen-paper method of collecting this data used to put extra work on the staff to organize the same in a proper manner post their shift. Another challenge was to use this data effectively to run for future leverage. With inResto, the customer data collection became super organized. Also, the proper customer timelines helped their marketing team to understand their customer and run targeted campaigns for better ROI right from inResto’s platform.

Restaurant Management Made Easy With inResto
With inResto, Imperfecto got a robust solution which let them:

  • Easily manage Reservations from various sources and walk-ins on a single dashboard
  • Seamless configuration of the floor and section layout and monitor the real-time status of tables to improve table turnaround time
  • Maintain customer records, preferences, dine-in history on a digital platform to offer personalized service, thus improving the overall dine-in experience
  • Collect & organize feedback digitally. Take immediate action for negative feedback to salvage the situation and enhance the overall customer experience.

“inResto is super easy to set up. We just gave a few details and the setup was entirely done by inResto team.” Karan Kumar, Manager – Informal by Imperfecto – Janpath

Driven more revenue and increase profitability by lowering table turn around time

  • 20% increase in repeat business by offering a personalized experience to guests – by capturing guests preferences, visit history etc.
  • 120 manhours saved every month
  • 30% Increase in operational efficiency
  • 300% increase in the customer database
  • Over 500,000 customers reach via targeted campaigns

inResto along with Dineout has opened new avenues for Imperfecto to not only manage their restaurant more effectively but also reduce the manual effort, thus helping them offer the best dine-in experience for all customers.

Image Source – Dineout | Imperfecto Facebook Page