Instances of Stunning Restaurant Social Media Marketing

Instances of Stunning Restaurant Social Media Marketing

It has become a trend nowadays to post what you dined and wined on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Anyone and everyone from individuals, business owners to large brands are on social media showcasing their presence. This means that even if you are not actively maintaining a profile for your restaurant on social media, it is still being talked about. When you are engaging one-to-one with your prospective diners, you are actually creating a diner-centric brand image that is sure to drive good business in the long run.

As social media sites become the go to platform for sharing every aspect of life, marketing on the same has gained momentum. Restaurateurs are now investing substantial amounts of time, money and effort in social media marketing. In fact, many take it upon themselves to manage the social media profile of their restaurant. The big players are taking it a step further and hiring marketing professionals to look after the marketing strategy of their restaurant, including social media. Having a social media platform for your restaurant is like inviting users to visit your restaurant, take a look around and chat with your people, but virtually.

As you read on, you will be amazed by the simple yet clever ideas that you can adopt to create a compelling narrative for the marketing of your restaurant. Each case is supported by an apt example, what they are doing, why it is awesome, and in some instances where it is required, how to pull it off. 

10 Social Media Marketing Ideas for Restaurants

1. Build up the hype with a BTS reel

Source: wavemountdora

Wave Asian Bistro & Sushi in Mount Dora, FL

What are they doing? It is usual for restaurants to showcase on social media what they have prepared. But Wave has taken it a step further by showing what happens one step back – they often post behind-the-scenes photos and videos of the kitchen activities.

Why it’s become awesome?

Food shows and YouTube series showcasing the procedure of food preparation in a restaurant are always trending. The shows hosted by celebrity chefs like Ranveer Brar and Vikas Khanna have millions of viewers. So by putting up BTS posts, you are cashing in on an already popular show format. Such posts intrigue guests. Thus, drawing them to your restaurant becomes an easy affair as they are already virtually familiar with the experience. In fact, you do not even have to put any extra effort as these scenes are anyway set up every day in the kitchen. All you have to do is film it aesthetically and you are good to go.

How to make it a success?

When we said aesthetic, we also meant that the kitchen must look professional, clean and organized. Choose to show your signature and most popular dishes. You either post a long clip of the entire process on suitable platforms, or you can do shorter clips, like a time-lapse video or a series of prep leading up to the finished dish. Your goal should be to highlight the credibility of your kitchen staff and their skills.

2. Tie up with a theme

Source: sweetgreen

Who are they? Sweetgreen (America), national chain 

What are they doing? Sweetgreen is a brand that sells fresh, sustainable food, and its theme aptly represents the idea. The aesthetic presentation of the food is truly portrayed in their stores, smartphone apps and even their social media posts. Their use of rich and bright presentation themes creates a recognizable vibe. All their quirky posts are enough to highlight their presence even without their logo.

Why it’s become awesome? Sweetgreen obviously took the help of a digital marketing agency to come up with such a well-thought-out social media strategy. But even if you do not hire a marketing manager, you can use this tactic for your restaurant. Just ask yourself what the true essence of your restaurant is and use that to extend your brand identity beyond its location.

3. Set up a Strong Communication 

Source: originalchopshop

Who are they? Chop Shop, three locations in Colorado

What are they doing

The Chop Shop people use the power of two-way communication technology to personally engage with the diners. They create a diner-friendly image by responding to each and every review on their Yelp business page. Virtually, all the reviews, good or bad, are answered with a personal reply addressing the matter of discussion.

Why it’s become awesome?

 Replying to reviews assures the diners that you are listening to them. Chop Shop comes off as earnestly trying to improve themselves by publicly attending to the negative comments. At the same time, by showing gratitude for the positive ones, they display utmost care for diner satisfaction. This way, they turn both the satisfied and dissatisfied diners into patrons and brand ambassadors. You can also follow their example, and at least address the aggrieved diners to bring them back.

4. Encourage signups via email 

Source: steaknshake

Who are they?  Steak ‘n Shake (America), national chain

What are they doing?

 Steak ‘n Shake uses the lure of a free “Double ‘n Cheese ‘n Fries” to all those that sign up for their eClub. The link to their email signup is added in their bio on social media platforms so that visitors can access it while they are still in the rapture of the offer.  

Why it’s become awesome?

 Email newsletters are the most personal access you will ever get to your diners. You can drive targeted promotions using email marketing. You can share birthday discounts, coupons, special events or any other offer this way to cater personally to their demands and urge them to return.

5. Utilize User-Generated Content

Source: wingstop

Who are they? Wingstop, national chain  

What are they doing? 

User-generated content is a veritable weapon of any brand, especially restaurants. UGC can include anything from photo and text posts to any social media content made by diners to show off your brand. As a restaurant-owner, reposting UGC posts with credit lets others know how favored your brand is. Wingstop does just that, using clever graphics and memes or food images with an inset of the post.

Why it’s become awesome?

 UGC is a win-win situation. Your fans are performing the actual marketing work for you, and you are earning the adulation of both these loyalists as well as perspectives. When you repost UGC, you not only convince prospective diners better, since the post came from one of them, but you also maintain a relationship with the existing community in which both sides are hyping each other up.

How to make it a success?

 When you re-share posts, make sure they are relevant to the theme you have already established on your social media profile, to maintain consistency. Never forget to give full credit, as this is not only in accordance with data property rules but also the whole point of UGC marketing.

6. Let your employees take the centre frame

Source: sandwich_hag

Who are they : Sandwich Hag

What are they doing?

 Putting the spotlight on your employees has two important advantages. First, it assures your guests that you do take care about them deeply enough to celebrate them, and nothing unethical goes on behind the doors. Second, it creates a personal connection between you, your staff and your guests, which everyone wants. Sandwich Hag- employs a team of staff members with different abilities, including brother Sang, who has Down syndrome. Her Instagram posts are often about them and their strengths.

Why it’s become awesome?

 When you show off your employees as normal people with very real lives, it humanizes them to your diners. It sends a strong message that you look after them like your family. Not only that, but it also makes diner service a better experience for your staff, because guests will think twice before being harsh to them. Reyna taps into that side of her diners wonderfully when she makes a significant announcement for her restaurant. She puts forward a heart-warming reason for her decision, knowing her diners will relate to it instead of being upset.

7. Engage followers with interactive questions

Source: meimeiboston

Who are they? Mei Mei 

What are they doing? 

Interactive, no-obligation social media engagement has many advantages. For one, it is better at bringing prospective diners on board and intriguing them enough to warrant a visit. For two, interaction is a great way to introduce or revive something, as guests are far more certain to recall and ask for it if they had something to do with it. That is exactly what Mei Mei does right here.

Why it’s become awesome?

 Questions on social media have great potential that brands can tap into. You can use questions to introduce something using pre-release hype, you can ask for the opinion of your followers and you can exponentially increase the engagement time of social media users with your posts. Using questions essentially shows diners that you value their judgement, and putting them at the centre is one of the best ways to augment brand value in their minds.

8. Hop on to the trend wagon

Source: uppercrust_la

Who are they? Upper Crust Pizzeria

What are they doing?

 Using trending hashtags has been one of the most infallible methods to improve visibility on social media, and Upper Crust Pizzeria does it in style. During the rampage of the Nor’wester Stella in Boston, the Upper Crust crew newsjacked the local weatherman with the hashtag #openinBOS that was trending at that time.

Why it’s become awesome?

 Newsjacking is a popular trick for most digital marketers. Since a huge population is already following the tag, restaurants have a great opportunity to ride on it, especially if they have a unique way to associate it with their brand. Upper Crust Pizza did just that. In fact, they hit two birds with one stone as they also highlighted their staff here, which we talked about in the sixth example.

9. Contests aka the endorphin of diners

Source: Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop

Who are theyCapriotti’s Sandwich Shop in Las Vegas, NV

What are they doing? 

Who doesn’t like complimentary free stuff? Capriotti’s knew what they were doing when they partnered to run a contest for their catering trays. Participants just had to order online to enter the contest!

Why it’s become awesome?

 There is no end to the clever ways you can host a contest. Some common ideas are riddles, fun trivia questions, photo contests, fill-in-the-blanks, caption contests and tagging friends. This method is a fast one to generate buzz and expand your online as well as your offline community. 

10. Highlight your Vendors


Who are they? Donna’s Toronto in Toronto, Canada

What are they doing?

 Just as showing off your staff created a personal connection with your guests, putting the spotlight on your vendors does the same. It assures them that you are using the best quality products to cook your meals. It also promotes the two brands together and helps send patrons of one to the other.  Donna’s post is a great example, in which they mention Harbord St Bakery, a local bakery, as the source of the bread for their Reuben sandwich. Returning the favor, Harbord St Bakery also posted about their association with Donna’s for their special. 

Why it’s become awesome?

 This method is the epitome of symbiosis. Both companies rub each others’ back by letting their diners know of their support of each other. This way, diners that trust one brand will also try out the other, and partners of one may be interested to work with the other. Additionally, there is a trend nowadays where diners want to know exactly what goes into what they eat, and this is a great way to let them know. 

The restaurant business is highly centred around diners. In a day and age where people are giving maximum support to brands that personally engage their clients, restaurants have an even greater responsibility to propagate their diner-friendly image. Social media sites are the optimum platforms for this. These innovative ideas of some restaurants for managing their social media profiles will surely inspire you in your quest for a unique social media marketing strategy for your restaurant. 

8 Promotional Ideas that could work wonders for Bar

8 Promotional Ideas that Could Work Wonders for Bars

It’s a challenge to open a bar and sustain it. You need to come up with innovative marketing and promotion ideas that will augment diners and maintain a steady influx. A brilliant ambiance and awesome food are just the fundamentals. In order to keep your diners coming back to your bar, you must have something special. 

The altering taste of millennials has caused a major deviation in sales figures. This has subsequently resulted in elevating the preference for innovative and experiential drinking. In a consumerist culture, you need to have some eye-catching marketing strategies to keep them hooked to your den. 

A great example is Dineout’s Gourmet Passport programme that provides complimentary offers on not only buffet food but also on drinks. The best thing about this exclusive membership programme is that a member can order both food and drinks and enjoy complimentary services. And furthermore, no annual subscription fee is needed either. This kind of marketing idea will make the diners come back to your bar.

Here are some bar marketing and promotional ideas to increase the diner base and sustain the same. 

1. Social Media Advertising

Social media is the most important tool in the digital age when it comes to marketing your brand. By hyper-targeting your audience, you can reap great benefits from various social media sites. Popular sites like Facebook and Instagram can reach your targeted audience through sponsored advertisements. 

It’s important to select the potential diner base. For e.g. if you find men between the ages of 25 – 35 liking pages or posts related to vodka, then you can hyper-target them setting a location radius of your preferred choice.

Advertisements need to be attractive and witty. They could also be need-based. If footfalls on particular days are low, then you must provide some added benefits like exciting discounts and offers that will entice diners to your bar.

Affiliations to restaurant aggregators and dining out platforms also help your restaurants garner more popularity and recognition among diners. Dineout, India’s largest dining out platform provides exciting offers and promotes their partner restaurants and bars through emphatic promotions and campaigns. Thus, it is no surprise that Dineout can reach to a larger mass of audience through their social media platforms. 

2. Accessible Online Menu

Literally speaking, everything happens online these days. Well, almost everything! But one thing is for certain that diners scavenge the internet when they look for restaurants or bars. Usually, the search is based on location. For e.g. people generally search for something akin to “bars near me”. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that your bar’s website pops up when people forage the search engines. This method of adding your website to the endless lists of search results is known as indexing.

Thus, the online menu must be easily accessible and should always be kept updated especially on aggregators like Dineout. This will be beneficial for your diners to have a quick look at the menu items. At the same time, your website must be appealing to the youth brigade. Engaging blog posts and social media campaigns are a good way to increase footfall at the restaurant.

3. Easy Location Search via Google Maps

As mentioned above, everyone is searching online. Just like looking for websites on search engines, people use Google Maps very often to find the direction to their preferred destination. 

Google has its own analytics tools to find the location of businesses. To have your business location on the map, you must open a Google My Business account that is free to create. This account lets you handle the basic data that diners look for online like restaurant address, contact information, timings, etc. 

4. Diner engagement through Games and Fun Campaigns

You cannot rest on your laurels, now that you have diners coming to your bar. The difficult job lies in making them come back for more. Your guests must be kept engaged and entertained. That way, word of mouth publicity will ensure more diners in the future. 

Games and related campaigns are a fun way of engaging your diners. The principal reason is that games entail the participation of more than 1 person. Guests are more likely to come in bigger groups and immerse themselves in addictive games like darts, pinball, foosball, pool, etc. At times, you can opt to charge for some games also, especially if diners are madly addicted to them. Many bars levy charges for a game of pool. Another way of gaining popularity is to host events on special days or maybe once a week (especially on slow nights). You could give diners a complementary game for free on such occasions. “Free to play trivia nights” are also popular among the diners. But the rewards must also be exciting enough to keep the guest interested. 

More the diners, better the sales for that day. Keeping a diner longer ensures a fat bill.

5. Host Live Music

This has become almost mandatory for any bar in the world. The choice of music is key. You can mix the current chartbusters with some classic rock ‘n’ roll at times to keep a balance between different genres. To play live music, you must meet the licensing compliances. To get the best bands in your city, you can approach the right event coordinator. There are talented solo artists that can be as effective as a band. Local artists can evoke a community feeling that sits well with diners who, in turn, will stay loyal to your bar.  

It’s important to highlight such events on  your website and social media pages. Even advertise and update on the aggregator websites like Dineout and bookmyshow to draw more footfall. Artists or bands who already have a huge fan following will ensure brilliant promotion for your bar. 

6. Partnership with Local Businesses including collaboration with artists

A joint venture is always welcoming. Temporary events such as special cuisine night or musical night help businesses flourish. It not only depends on what type of business you’re forming a partnership with but also on the desire and will of the business owner to join hands together for mutual benefits. So, you must be ambitious and careful at the same time. 

Collaborating with the popular and upcoming artists is a good idea too. You could just give out space for workshops during the non peak hours. This will not only give them a platform but also add a taste of diversity to your diners.

7. Bar Blog 

Blogging is a tested way of reaching out to people. Brand building has always relied on effective blogging in the past. Moreover, blogs can be linked back to a reservation page or social media pages by a simple effort. You need a set team that will regularly post on social media pages. Interesting topics will keep your diners hooked. Witty posts including a famous cocktail recipe and trivia about cuisine and liquor is sure to allure the audience. Such posts can also become viral on the internet. Additionally, subscription to newsletter helps generate substantial potential diner databases. Thus, you can notably boost your business up.

8. SMS and email marketing

Restaurants can conveniently create their own database using the tool of SMS and email campaigning. Thus, a massive pool of clients could be targeted at a go. Subsequently pitching to the interested ones could result in qualitative business. This smart marketing tool is sure to be effective.

Thus, following the above-mentioned marketing tools can be instrumental in building and further hooking a trustable diner base. The idea is to reach out to diners in a comfortable manner. Further catering them their taste complementary items could make the process much simplified.          

How are Loyalty Programs and Campaigns driving Sales for Restaurants

Technology is making our lives simpler and more convenient in every way. Businesses across sectors, whether online or brick & mortar, are increasingly turning to digital technology to become more efficient. The Restaurant industry is no different. 

Among various technology solutions available, personalised loyalty programs and targeted marketing campaigns are the most effective tools to gather a huge paying customer base, which is also loyal to your brand.

According to a study on the ‘Global Food and Beverage Market’ by Cushman and Wakefield, the Asia Pacific region is the fastest-growing when it comes to spending on dining out. The average annual growth rate is estimated at 7.5% during the period 2017-27.

How is technology helping you to keep your customers hooked?

Your restaurant has great food, and your diners love you, but what can you do to build a special relationship with your diners? Make your diners feel special on their every visit, and every time they want to dine out, they will think of you. Loyalty programs can help you do that effortlessly.

You need to understand your customers’ patterns and shower them with offers. And, this does not mean that running offers will lead you to losses. On the contrary, it is the perfect strategy to gain profits.

There are customers who visit your restaurant at least two times a week. Some visit less often, but whenever they do, they like to spend a hefty amount. There are also customers who have a favorite from the menu and order it on their every visit. 

With Loyalty programs, you can recognise such customer behaviour, categorize them into segments, and create programs tailored to their preferences. 

There is nothing like a good loyalty program that can keep the diners hooked to your restaurant.

There is more you can do with it-

  • Provides you a choice between point-based and instant discount based programs. Restaurants have total control over the entire process, including the rewards to be given.
  • Creates a reward program on billing value and frequency of visits.
  • Enables effective and hassle-free customer interactions.

According to the Restaurant Success Report of 2019, 64% of guests look for loyalty programs while dining out. Among them, 50% of customers say that loyalty programs – and the rewards they offer – are important factors in picking the restaurant they choose to visit.


Spread the Word and Reach Out to your Customers

You have created the most effective loyalty programs for your customer base, but how will your customers know that amazing offers are awaiting them at your restaurant?

Of course, you can hand them gift cards when they visit you, but you can reach a larger audience by making use of technology.

Campaigns‘ is a tool that enables you to periodically reach out to your target customers. Messages and Emails that contain offers and experiences tailored to their individual preferences create compelling reasons for them to come back – effectively driving up the frequency of customer visits to the restaurant.

People often reach out to their phones whenever they have to choose a place of dining. Their smartphone becomes their best friend. When you send them personalised campaigns that contain offers, discounts, and experiences that your restaurant will provide them, your restaurant gets noticed, and there is a more likely chance that they visit you.

There is more to it-

  • Imports customer data to set-up personalised campaigns. 
  • Automates the process of targeting the customer base through text messages and emails. 
  • Performs exhaustive analytics to assess campaign performance and suggest course corrections as and when required. 

About 50% of the recipients find automated email services helpful, as per the Restaurant Success Report of 2019. The importance of this tool cannot be overstated, as it can significantly increase a restaurant’s acquisition and retention rates. 

Loyalty programs and marketing campaigns have proved to be a powerful tool in retaining a loyal customer base. Adopt these technology solutions in your restaurant and see for yourself. There will be a lot of familiar and happy faces you are going to see often! 

How to win your customers’ hearts this Valentines Day

Did you know restaurants rank Valentine’s Day as the second busiest day of the year? 

According to the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association, consumers spend about $13.19 billion on Valentine’s Day, enough to afford all the travel plans every person made after watching ‘Yeh Jawani hai Deewani’.

A restaurant is a place where love stories begin and moments of love brew. The place where he first proposed, their first date after their wedding, her first blind date, or be it funny date arranged by parents, a restaurant always plays an essential part in creating beautiful love memories. It is a part of every proposal story they will tell their friends.

Everyone knows one cannot choose their family, but they can choose their partner. As much as love can make you go WTF, there’s no denying we’d all be a little less rich without love in life!

Here’s how you can make their merry moments merrier:

1. Valentine’s day demands ‘The Food of Love.’ 


There is nothing like too much red on Valentine’s day, so spice up your food menu with Red velvet pastries, heart-shaped cookies, and cute love themed cupcakes.

Create unique combos and Platters, like a beer combo with some chicken finger food, a bottle of champagne with a bouquet of flowers, and heart-shaped chocolates.

Let’s give the couples more time engaging in intimate moments and less time picking various items from the menu.

Your diners must be aware beforehand that a Valentine’s Day special food menu awaits them so that they can pick the right venue for the day. So spread the word by sending them an email and SMS campaigns.

2. Run Hatke Offers

  • Send personalised cards at your diners’ tables, which might go something like, “You both look adorable together! Have a nice evening.” The card or a scroll(if you want to do it the cupid’s way) can be designed in love-themed templates like this cupid one or even the classic heart-shaped ones.

  • Collaborate with a photographer and capture their special moments, which they can cherish for life. You must post these pictures on your social channels and get all the people talking about your restaurant. 

Along with that, the efforts put in the decor, the food, and the setting must be captured and put across the web- on dineout stories and Instagram stories so that new customers searching for a restaurant on the web so that new customers can also get aware of the ongoing events at your restaurant.

You can create the most desirable romantic date fantasies for people watching your restaurant’s stories and pictures on the web. 

Send personalised messages to your customers so that they remember you while deciding a place for their special evening. Here’s how

3. Organize fun activities


  • Collaborate with a band or an artist for live music to set the mood at your restaurant. Music can make or break the mood. Romantic music such that your diners are drooling in love, and there is euphoria! 

Artists like Prateek Kuhad, Hari & Sukhmani, and bands like Agni are just some of the top picks when it comes to setting a romantic mood with some music.

  • Salsa night: There is no bond like the one you make with a partner on the dance floor. You can call professional salsa dancers and get all the people grooving on the dance floor. Singles also get a chance to mingle with new people and dance their hearts out!

4. Plan a Singles’ day out


If you thought just calling out couples on Valentine’s day is a hit plan for your restaurant, you are wrong! Shout out to all the singles out there and organize a party.

  • The golden rule of the party: Couple entries strictly not allowed!
  • Decorate your restaurants with funny quotes or memes for single people. When love life’s DOA, memes are your best friends.
  • Let the ‘We hate couples’ club and ‘I can’t ever get out of the friend zone’ be your guest for the day. 
  • Organize a comedy stand up or screen shows like ‘Haq Se Single’ by Zakir khan at your restaurant to hype the mood.

With social media, SMS, and email campaigns, you can create a very quirky campaign with memes and quotes that will catch your target audience’s eye. 

5. Dress code Party

  • There can be a simple dress code party planned where you invite your diners, saying they must wear red and black.
  • Or you can add a funky touch and make it interesting by asking your diners to come dress as a famous couple. It can be a classic Raj & Simran couple, Anjali and Rahul from Kuch Kuch Hota hai, or the very sensual Ram Leela.
  • A vampire couple or greek mythology inspired couple, basically tell them to be as weird and quirky as they can. And you can reward the best dressed with a free meal! 


It’s always exciting for couples to play dress up, and you can add spice to their lives with different themes like this. Make it engaging for them by making them act like the couple they have come dressed as or make them dance on Bollywood songs, and they will remember you as their best host! 

So get started on those Valentine’s day preps, and select ideas that you think will be a hit for your restaurant. Aren’t you already excited for D day?

You can get creative and wild with your ideas and put up a great show, but it is not good enough unless your customers know about it. Running Campaigns is, therefore, your key to create a buzz amongst your audience and make your show a hit! 

Let us help you do that. You can get in touch – Contact us: