Adopt Safety & Hygiene Solutions at Your Restaurant | Enable #SafeToEatOut

Adopt Safety & Hygiene Solutions at Your Restaurant | Enable #SafeToEatOut

The diners who were waiting to experience the joy of dining out are finally happy to step out & grab their favourite meal as the restaurant industry opens its doors for the public.

But as the pandemic persists around the globe, diners continue to be concerned about their health & question whether it is truly safe to eat out at restaurants.

This is your time to double down on your restaurant’s safety, gain your diners’ trust back and contribute towards flattening the curve of COVID19. All you need are leading safety and hygiene solutions that ensure 360-degree protection and keep your diners as well as your staff safe without any doubt. inresto by dineout has gone ahead and partnered with the best-in-class service providers and curated the perfect set of hygiene essentials that any restaurant would want during these times.

This ensures that diners don’t give a second thought while planning to visit your restaurant.

Here is how you can make it possible for your restaurant:

1. Restaurant safety & PPE kits

To begin with, your restaurant needs  PPE kits for staff present at your restaurant to safeguard your restaurant premise and limit direct contact.

This kit includes gloves, masks, face shield, hand sanitizers and thermometers. We are sure that with this safety kit in place you can reopen your restaurant with confidence, and assure your diners as well as your staff members of a safe dining environment..

2. Monitoring Employee’s Health 

Employee health and safety is paramount. Your employees are one of the biggest assets of your business. And hence their health remains of utmost importance. Since COVID19 is a disease that transmits through human contact, our daily responsibility is to take care of the safety of people around us.

We at inresto by dineout help facilitate routine health check-ups for your staff through healthcare service provided by QubeHealth. Remember, a healthy staff keeps you safe & makes for a safe and healthy environment for your diners. 

3. Sterifume Disinfection Services

Since the virus also spreads from surfaces, and your staff & diners will come in contact with furniture like tables, chairs, kitchen slabs, etc, consciously, and unconsciously which is proper and frequent cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces is extremely important.

We have partnered with Rentokil and Zoono to provide best in class sterifume disinfection services to all our restaurant partners. Rentokil Initial is one of the largest business services companies in the world, providing pest control, hygiene and workwear services.Zoono provides Z-71 microbe shield surface sanitizer and protectant that is highly effective and has been tested to work against corona, ebola and e-coli.  If you are looking for a disinfectant service that lasts pretty long, this is it for you.  

4. Live Kitchen Feed

We are aware of the precautions we take at our home to ensure the safety of our family. 

But the uncertainty of what happens behind the kitchen doors of the dining area at restaurants makes diners question the idea of eating out. inresto has partnered with STAQU to help remove this cloud of doubt and ensure transparency.

This AI-Powered video analytics service in collaboration with STAQU allows the restaurateur to keep a check on every little detail he is concerned with. 

This technology streams live footage of in-restaurant activities that help you

  • Detect people who are not wearing masks
  • Detect people who are violating social distancing norms
  • Monitor hygiene compliances like sanitization, handwash & mopping activities
  • Detect Fever using thermal cameras 
  • Trace contact inside the organization

This way, you can make sure that all the hygiene solutions that you have deployed are being put to proper use. You can assure your diners that what happens inside the kitchens is not hidden, everything is being monitored & the safety guidelines are being adhered to. 

5. Equinox Labs Accreditation for Hygiene Ratings and Audits

As we suggested at the beginning of this blog, the need of the hour is rebuilding diner trust. Diners have several questions about dining out being safe or not. Let them know that you are leaving no stone unturned in keeping their safety your number one priority and upping your restaurant’s hygiene standards. 

Equinox Labs (A FSSAI notified laboratory) provides accreditation to restaurants based on – personal hygiene, waste disposal, screening checkpoints, etc. This certification can proudly be displayed on the dineout app so that diners know that you are taking utmost precautions.

With all this set of hygiene essentials enabled at your restaurant, you can be a #SafeToEatOut restaurant. You do not have to go to each of these partners personally and arrange the services for yourself, inresto will do it all for you 🙂

In the end, we need to acknowledge that an unprecedented situation like this takes a toll on businesses, but us humans have always managed to fight the negative forces, found ways to come out stronger and built successful empires. With a little hope and togetherness, we can change the face of the restaurant industry and remind people of their love for dining out and how they cannot live without it. 🙂

If you have not enabled #SafeToEatOut at your restaurant yet, get in touch with us here.

Reopen Doors to the New Normal using Technology

Reopen Doors to the New Normal using Technology

COVID-19 pandemic outbreak and the subsequent prolonged lockdown has severely impacted many industries. The retail sector that was at standstill for months has finally reopened its gates and welcomed back its customers under the new normal.

While many retailers have come up with innovative marketing solutions to attract customers, they continue to face challenges with respect to capacity management and social distancing at their stores. This is where inresto’s contactless technology suite comes to the rescue.

How does technology empower your store?

Retail stores’ biggest challenge is to identify expected footfall and spread it across time slots in a day, thereby avoiding overcrowding. inresto’s tried and tested technology product suite helps achieve peak capacity management within the store by controlling the entry and exit through usage of pre-booking and QR code features.  Here’s how it can work for your store –


Retailers can enable a pre-booking feature on their website and Social Media handles that will allow customers to book a slot before their visit. This will provide you with a preview of expected footfall in a day and let you admit a limited number of visitors as per the guidelines.

In this process, arogya setu questions can be mandated to ensure customers entering the store are healthy and fit.

Digital Valet

Customers can hand over their vehicle with ease and the valet shares parking details with the customer over an SMS. The customer can request a remote vehicle recall from their own device. This makes the mundane and time consuming process of parking hasslefree. Thus Digital Valet reduces wait time and avoids overcrowding at the entrance.

Self – Check-in

Just like the airline model, customers with scheduled visits can scan a QR code at the retail store entrance for admission. Many customers who are visiting nearby stores can also use this feature to schedule a visit on the spot. This will trigger a visit request on the dashboard management system, where the manager can allot a slot as per availability.

Digital Payments 

Physical currency is one of the high touch elements, and hence most customers have already switched to digital payment methods. This way the store shares a payment link via SMS and the customer can pay using their own devices.

Digital Feedback and Loyalty

Feedback is even more important now, cause everyday is a make or break situation. With digital feedback forms your customers can share their feedback using a link directly from their phones. You can track these in real-time and correct any untoward incident that might sour the shopping experience and lead to negative sentiment on social media.

One of the best ways to keep your customers coming back to you is via loyalty . inresto’s loyalty feature helps you categorise and analyze your customers on the basis of their visit and spend, allowing you to target the right set of customers. 

This entire contactless product suite helps you tie all loose ends and reach peak capacity management. To know more about this, click here.

Supporting various businesses with cutting edge technology has always been inresto’s vision. And our technology is poised to revolutionize the retail sector by creating a seamless shopping experience. inresto’s product suite possesses the transformative power to help retailers overcome the current market challenges and translate them into opportunities for a brighter future. Click here to revolutionize your retail business.

inresto’s Contactless Dining | Paving the Future of the Middle Eastern Restaurant Industry

inresto’s Contactless Dining | Paving the Future of the Middle Eastern Restaurant Industry

The impact of the coronavirus outbreak has been swift & brutal across the world.

In the middle east region, the government has taken the necessary precautionary measures to protect the lives of citizens and residents and to prevent the spread of the pandemic. This has led to the suspension or reduction of many local economic activities, which had a negative impact on non-oil revenue and economic growth.

With its rapid escalation, it has begun to decimate the restaurant industry as an increasing number of states and regions enforce population lockdowns and close eateries, gyms and other “nonessential” businesses.

While the markets have been allowed to open partially, there are new government regulations imposed by the UAE Government to operate in the post-lockdown era. 

New Government Regulations (UAE)

The government laid regulations insist on the opening of restaurants in a phased manner, with the following practices:

  • Restaurants should register in the food watch portal to ensure compliance with the newly laid regulations.
  • Restaurants to utilise the dining space with a maximum of 30% capacity.
  • Continuous sanitisation and consistent cleaning of premises are mandatory.
  • Restrictions discouraging children under the age of 12 and old people from dining out should be in place.
  • Usage of disposable cutleries and crockery for diners, and masks and gloves for staff.

Contactless Dining | The Way Ahead for the Restaurant Industry

As COVID-19 impacts all sections of life and people have been introduced to the new social distancing practice. Dineout, India’s largest restaurant tech platform recently introduced the country’s first end-to-end ‘contactless dining suite’ for its partner restaurants to put in place the right seamless plug-and-play technology and sanitation requirements to support limited-contact dining for the foreseeable future.

The brand’s inresto Contactless Dining suite covers the entire dining experience from

• Pre-ordering – To cut the wait times at the restaurants, diners will now opt for pre-ordering to ensure that the food is ready by the time they reach.

• Contactless Valet – To cut the wait time down at the restaurant lobby. Diners will have their vehicles to be brought in just as they complete payments. Digital valet will cut short the time spent at community areas to curb the spread of infections.

• Contactless Seating – To make reservations online and facilitate digital table allotment. Reservations and waitlist management software will ensure that restaurants aren’t reserving more than what the social distancing norms will dictate. For example: Having a 2m distance between tables.

• Contactless Menu – inresto`s ‘Dine-In’ digital menu solution will use Data Analytics and AI to offer dynamic pricing and customized offers at partner restaurants besides offering diners the options to place an order without handling physical menu cards

• Contactless payments – To ease the payment process for both the consumer and the restaurant. Digital payments via e-wallets will avoid the exchange of cash and cards, thereby forcing social distancing.

• Feedback – Online feedback systems will collect real-time feedback on the dining experience

The goal behind this movement is to enable restaurants to reopen their businesses soon while making restaurants a safe harbour for diners. The role of tech in this post-COVID-19 era is to establish trust and build confidence in the minds of consumers.  The new inresto Contactless Dining Suite would help the F&B industry adjust to the new normal in a conducive environment. 

It’s time to grab the opportunity and let your diners experience exceptional dining and create new memories with a side of confidence and trust.

Contact us to make your restaurant a safe harbour for diners.

Dineout’s Instagram Live with Rachel Goenka: Ensuring Customer Delight Post COVID-19 Lockdown

Dineout’s Instagram Live with Rachel Goenka: Ensuring Customer Delight Post the Lockdown

As the world reels from the coronavirus pandemic, restaurants are among one of the most affected industries, considering the need for social distancing and scarcity of resources. Sahil Jain, Cofounder of Dineout recently conducted an informative session with Rachel Goenka, Founder and CEO, The Chocolate Spoon Company. During this session, she talked about the current plight of restaurants, various business strategies, and the prospects owing to COVID-19. Here are the highlights of the conversation.

1. Prioritize Safety Above All

Brand loyalty and trust, post lockdown, will come from showcasing better service quality and brand value. People will slowly feel more comfortable about stepping out post lockdown, if restaurants assure them of all the steps taken to ensure diners’ safety and hygiene within the restaurant. Communicate the importance of proper sanitation and hygiene, routine temperature checks, and sanitisers made available for customers as well as staff. 

Further, higher dependency on technology for communication, menu management, and posting awareness-centric content on social media platforms to educate diners’ on safety can prove to be a great method to restore the lost trust and retain brand loyalty. 

Focus on Survival

Restaurants will run on a 50% capacity, while waiting for government directives. Self-policing by restaurants while waiting for direction from the government needs to become more stringent for the sake of both, employees as well as customers. New industry entrants must stay strong, as the market is sure to bounce back. Cut costs wherever possible, and shift from high-end imported ingredients (unavailable) to local materials.

Going local and curating menus out of locally available ingredients and items make sales more profitable and enables better safety measures. The future foregrounds practices such as cloud-kitchens, home delivery, and takeaways. Further, prioritising microwave-safe packaging due to higher safety (cold items sanitized from outside, hot items can be put in the microwave directly) can be one of the best practices to adopt as it can instil better trust from diners in restaurants.  

Introduce Seamless Technology

Technology has proved beneficial for many industries worldwide. There are various touchpoints in a restaurant business where technology can work along with the staff and create a tectonic shift. Diner sentiments across social media platforms points at pre-order and table reservation being crucial. They no longer want to touch foreign objects and are willing to opt for digital menu as well as digital payment methods. DineIn by Dineout, will let diners place orders directly from their phones using a QR code.. Similarly, digital payments like DOPay will remove the need for diners to exchange physical currency. Table management will be crucial to maintain physical distancing. Dineout’s Reserve will simplify and automate this process with least human intervention. For such solutions and more, click here

Redesign your Menu and Offerings

Provision of special menu options to your target audience, based on customer feedback will ensure better walk-ins post lockdown. For instance, the Chocolate Spoon Company had created a special Parsi menu during the Parsi New Year at Nariman Point, which was a raging success.

Such novelty and inventive attitudes of restaurant chains will always attract customers. For instance, Rachel’s brand created an innovative menu based on gravy chocolate to entice audiences that were looking for chic cake options.

Additionally, introduction of cost-effective recipes that use minimal inventory to make delightful products to retain customer’s curiosity can aid in minimization of expenditure. This also creates more space to experiment and launch seasonal menus. Re-engineering the menu to provide more comfort food (made from available raw materials) can aid in better sales, especially for fine dine restaurants. With supply chains disrupted, there is a dearth for imported goods. In addition, customers are also opting for easy-to-prepare options such as burgers instead of heavy meals.

Adopt Changes to Retain Customer-base

Diners must trust and connect with your brand if you wish to retain their loyalty. Their feedback and your responses are integral to such retention and ensuring restaurant sales.

Further, dining out in local restaurants will be a priority, from a diner’s perspective, post COVID-19 lockdown. Customizing your restaurant in accordance with your brand will ensure brand loyalty. 

Aside from this, employees must be empowered and trusted by managers and owners. Restaurant staff should be able to take daily managerial decisions without prior approvals. Creating consumer/employee awareness can also facilitate retention of brand value in these market conditions. Such awareness can be created through different marketing strategies such as informative videos on cooking and packaging processes, videos conveying hygiene measures taken by restaurants, efforts of delivery executives to ensure uncontaminated food delivery (by proper hand sanitization, double bagging each food order, etc.).

A brand must utilize its diner-base for survival as a whole business family. As Rachel assertively mentions, ‘If you have that brand equity and a loyal customer-base, make the most of it right now!’