Restaurant Trends in 2020

Restaurant Trends in 2020

Restaurants are home to birthday parties, romantic dinner, family reunions, weddings, and numerous night-outs, among other events. Besides offering the tastiest dishes and beverages, it is a great space to develop social relationships, peacefully work, and build lasting networks. 2019 has seen unique trends in the restaurant industry. However, 2020 promises even more exciting news for restaurant chains, especially with the advent of technology that generates more profit and is cost-effective.

Restaurateurs have quickly adapted to the rising market trends by keeping abreast of the latest innovations in marketing and services. Keeping in mind the COVID-19 scenario, given below are some trends in the global restaurant industry that are surely going to modernize it in 2020. 

1. Clarity & Health

With Covid-19’s abrupt spread and awareness,  customers are sure to demand detailed information about the food they buy, from inventory information to pricing trends, steps taken by restaurants to tackle the situation, as well as the health effects of specific cuisine offered by restaurants.

For example, growth in environmental consciousness has led more people to order dishes that are made using sustainable methods. In turn, customers have gradually boycotted plastic products and encouraged zero-waste kitchens. 

Moreover, people are increasingly choosing health over taste, particularly young adults. Food is consumed as a cure for diseases and disorders. Experts say that customers are much more careful about the items they purchase vis a vis their impact on health. 

2. Rise of Fast-Casual Restaurants

People frequenting fast-casual restaurants have found that their food items are healthier, more convenient to consume, and cost-effective. Therefore, the value of these restaurant chains has skyrocketed, keeping in mind the strict COVID-19 rules! 

Further, fast-casual chains lead the food industry towards higher usage of technology. As a result, they have rapidly grown in recent years. 

3. Delivery 2.0

Independent third parties are contributing to food delivery, taking food to your doorstep from a large number of restaurants. In addition, COVID has enabled us to get used to ordering online and getting delivery outside of restaurant premises. Thus, software developers are developing online apps and POS ordering systems to reach out to a maximum number of customers and keep them engaged. 

Maverick entrepreneurs claim that in the foreseeable future, food orders will be delivered via autonomous vehicles and even programmed drones. This will ensure faster delivery with reduced spending on delivery logistics and higher safety for staff as well as customers. Dialexa and Uber Eats are one of the first companies which have banked on such state-of-the-art technology to deliver food.

4. Enter Robochefs & Self-Service Kiosks

AI-based robochefs have been deployed since the last decade, but 2020 and the coming years promise commercial growth of these robots. They have several advantages over human cooks in the aspects of precision, improved taste, hygiene, speed, safety, and consistency. Finally, the money that would be otherwise spent on recruiting skilled personnel can be reinvested in expansion or counted as cost-shaving. 

Self-service kiosks expedite the ordering process, along with enabling each customer to customize orders according to her/his own interests. Also, they store the order-related data of individual customers so that everyone gets personalized food options that are curated according to their order histories and past preferences. The tool? Facial recognition technology!

In all, 2020 seems geared up for some technologically backed restaurant trends, at a fast pace and affordable prices. Restaurant owners and managers are expected to keep abreast of the upcoming trends to propel their chances of success at local levels and also in the worldwide food industry. 

Virtual Kitchen – The New Fad or the New Future

Virtual Kitchen – The New Fad or the New Future

The advent of the internet has led to disruptions within many industries. One such prominent industry is the restaurant industry. With online food orders becoming a household aspect of today’s netizens, a new wave of restaurants has entered the scene. 

These are known as virtual kitchens or cloud kitchens. These restaurants do not exist in real life, i.e. you can not walk into a virtual kitchen and order food. The only means of ordering food from a virtual kitchen is through the internet.

While people may think of these restaurants as a recent fad, the sheer growth in their numbers proves otherwise. Another aspect that solidifies the stature of virtual kitchens in the restaurant industry is the host of advantages reaped by restaurant owners. Let’s browse through some of these key advantages.

1. Low Establishment Cost

Setting up a virtual kitchen does not require investment in a large space. All you need is a kitchen space and excellent chefs. If your food is good, then you will garner a strong digital following within no time. You also don’t require staff to run the restaurant. It is entirely managed by the cooks and cleaners.

2. Sufficient Incoming Orders

As per the latest reports, 14.76% of the Indian population orders food via apps/websites at least once in two weeks. Cloud Kitchens have a presence across these apps and websites, which helps them with frequent orders and hence the business aspect is taken care of!  

3. Millennials love Virtual Kitchens

Millennials love experimenting with their food! When it comes to experimental food menus virtual kitchens do it the best way! So, any functional cloud kitchen can make high profits with a food menu that serves the target audience’s needs! 

4. Easy To Run Promotions

A regular restaurant needs to put up billboards and run marketing tactics to generate walk-ins, and hence, sales. But a virtual kitchen can simply put up a discount on their app/website or any third party platform they use, and they can attract more sales with ease. Studies suggest that restaurants running promotional offers make much more than regular restaurants.

5. Food Delivery in Minutes! 

Take Away or dining out at a restaurant requires a good amount of time at hand. One needs to account for the travelling time to the restaurant; Time taken in meal preparation – which compared to online ordering is way more!  However, with cloud kitchens, the food is delivered to the buyer’s home within minutes of ordering food. This single factor has led to the development of cloud kitchens as a prominent aspect of the restaurant industry.

Verdict- Virtual Kitchens Are Here To Stay

Virtual kitchens are only growing larger and becoming more versatile. From cloud-based coffee shops to multi-cuisine restaurants, a person can order anything literally from the comfort of their homes. These restaurants are also often more budget-friendly than their real-life counterparts, thereby catering to a larger crowd.

If you are planning to begin a restaurant business, you should definitely consider trying a virtual kitchen to see how your customers respond to your menu, experiment a little, and then invest in a facility (if the need arises). Not only will it be easier to establish, but you will also ensure higher profit margins.

Books to Read | Restaurateur Edition

Books to Read | Restaurateur Edition

It has been nearly four and a half months since this pandemic led us all to be in home quarantine and we have been spending most of our time indoors, working from home & occupying ourselves with mundane chores. 

It has been tough for all of us, mentally and emotionally.

But hey, we have something that will pique your interest & make you experience different worlds without moving from your couch. 

We present to you a list of books that would definitely lighten up your mood and get your grey matter intrigued.  

These are books that will take you to magical places & introduce you to new people. These will tell you facts & history that would fascinate you for months and will help you find answers for life and your business. 

Check this out:

1. Like Water for Chocolate

by Laura Esquivel

Genre- Drama & romance

It is a story of a young girl named Tita who falls in love with Pedro, but she cannot marry him because of her family tradition. She struggles to pursue her true love. She uses her cooking skills to express her feelings in the novel. Each episode involves the preparation of intriguing recipes. 

With the use of magic realism, the author Laura Esquivel has managed to write a beautiful classic love story. If you are someone who has always seen cooking as an art form and a way to express your feelings, you would definitely fall in love with this tale. 

2. The Making of a Chef | Mastering Heat at the Culinary Institute of America

by Michael Ruhlman

Genre- Biography 

In this book, Ruhlman describes how his love affair with food began and his experiences at the Culinary Institute of America, the Ivy League of cooking schools. He pens down his entire journey of becoming a chef, the kind of people he meets along the way & the unnamable elements of great cooking. He also learns many things about the behaviour of food. 

This book was nominated for a 1998 James Beard Foundation award in the Writing in the Food category.

You would relate to his experiences if you are a chef yourself and discover unique things about the making of a chef at the same time. 

3. Hug your Haters: How to Embrace Complaints and Keep Your Customers

by Jay Baer 

Genre – Business 

As the name suggests, this book teaches you how to deal with all types of customer reviews of your business on social media & anywhere else.

Along with strategies for all types of businesses around the world, the book also contains examples of customers going wild with their comments & inspirational stories of companies who have managed to get the ball in their courts & win their customers’ hearts despite the negative comments. 

If you are looking for some good reads to learn something for your business growth, this would be a good pick for you!

4. How to Bake a Perfect Life: A Novel

 by Barbara O’Neal 

Genre – Fiction | Contemporary Romance

This is the story of Ramona Gallagher, a professional baker, is a master of the art of baking that has sustained her through the most turbulent times.

She relies upon patience and the reliability of a good recipe during difficult times. 

In this book, Barbara O’Neal has explored the complex relationships between mothers and daughters—and the healing magic of homemade bread. It is a warm and beautiful story about family relationships with the art of baking in the mix. 

5. Building a StoryBrand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen

by Donald A. Miller

Genre: Business 

The author speaks about how you can connect with our customers effectively and grow your business. The book tells you how customers respond to your messages, their thought process behind making a purchase & how you can simplify your brand message for clear communication across different channels. 

This book will surely transform the way you interact with your customers & add value to their lives & your business.  A great read for days when the passionate restaurateur in you looks within to find ideas to uplift your business. 

So that was it! We are sure that any one of these or maybe more got you excited & curious to explore more.  And hopefully reading these books will ignite your passion, instil confidence within you & teach you lessons to hold on to for a lifetime. That is the beauty of a book. It leaves you with more great things than you think. 

So what are you waiting for? Stock up on your favourite ones & get started 🙂 

And when you have spent time with these new friends of yours, let us know in the comments below, we will come up with more interesting ones for you 🙂

Adopt Safety & Hygiene Solutions at Your Restaurant | Enable #SafeToEatOut

Adopt Safety & Hygiene Solutions at Your Restaurant | Enable #SafeToEatOut

The diners who were waiting to experience the joy of dining out are finally happy to step out & grab their favourite meal as the restaurant industry opens its doors for the public.

But as the pandemic persists around the globe, diners continue to be concerned about their health & question whether it is truly safe to eat out at restaurants.

This is your time to double down on your restaurant’s safety, gain your diners’ trust back and contribute towards flattening the curve of COVID19. All you need are leading safety and hygiene solutions that ensure 360-degree protection and keep your diners as well as your staff safe without any doubt. inresto by dineout has gone ahead and partnered with the best-in-class service providers and curated the perfect set of hygiene essentials that any restaurant would want during these times.

This ensures that diners don’t give a second thought while planning to visit your restaurant.

Here is how you can make it possible for your restaurant:

1. Restaurant safety & PPE kits

To begin with, your restaurant needs  PPE kits for staff present at your restaurant to safeguard your restaurant premise and limit direct contact.

This kit includes gloves, masks, face shield, hand sanitizers and thermometers. We are sure that with this safety kit in place you can reopen your restaurant with confidence, and assure your diners as well as your staff members of a safe dining environment..

2. Monitoring Employee’s Health 

Employee health and safety is paramount. Your employees are one of the biggest assets of your business. And hence their health remains of utmost importance. Since COVID19 is a disease that transmits through human contact, our daily responsibility is to take care of the safety of people around us.

We at inresto by dineout help facilitate routine health check-ups for your staff through healthcare service provided by QubeHealth. Remember, a healthy staff keeps you safe & makes for a safe and healthy environment for your diners. 

3. Sterifume Disinfection Services

Since the virus also spreads from surfaces, and your staff & diners will come in contact with furniture like tables, chairs, kitchen slabs, etc, consciously, and unconsciously which is proper and frequent cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces is extremely important.

We have partnered with Rentokil and Zoono to provide best in class sterifume disinfection services to all our restaurant partners. Rentokil Initial is one of the largest business services companies in the world, providing pest control, hygiene and workwear services.Zoono provides Z-71 microbe shield surface sanitizer and protectant that is highly effective and has been tested to work against corona, ebola and e-coli.  If you are looking for a disinfectant service that lasts pretty long, this is it for you.  

4. Live Kitchen Feed

We are aware of the precautions we take at our home to ensure the safety of our family. 

But the uncertainty of what happens behind the kitchen doors of the dining area at restaurants makes diners question the idea of eating out. inresto has partnered with STAQU to help remove this cloud of doubt and ensure transparency.

This AI-Powered video analytics service in collaboration with STAQU allows the restaurateur to keep a check on every little detail he is concerned with. 

This technology streams live footage of in-restaurant activities that help you

  • Detect people who are not wearing masks
  • Detect people who are violating social distancing norms
  • Monitor hygiene compliances like sanitization, handwash & mopping activities
  • Detect Fever using thermal cameras 
  • Trace contact inside the organization

This way, you can make sure that all the hygiene solutions that you have deployed are being put to proper use. You can assure your diners that what happens inside the kitchens is not hidden, everything is being monitored & the safety guidelines are being adhered to. 

5. Equinox Labs Accreditation for Hygiene Ratings and Audits

As we suggested at the beginning of this blog, the need of the hour is rebuilding diner trust. Diners have several questions about dining out being safe or not. Let them know that you are leaving no stone unturned in keeping their safety your number one priority and upping your restaurant’s hygiene standards. 

Equinox Labs (A FSSAI notified laboratory) provides accreditation to restaurants based on – personal hygiene, waste disposal, screening checkpoints, etc. This certification can proudly be displayed on the dineout app so that diners know that you are taking utmost precautions.

With all this set of hygiene essentials enabled at your restaurant, you can be a #SafeToEatOut restaurant. You do not have to go to each of these partners personally and arrange the services for yourself, inresto will do it all for you 🙂

In the end, we need to acknowledge that an unprecedented situation like this takes a toll on businesses, but us humans have always managed to fight the negative forces, found ways to come out stronger and built successful empires. With a little hope and togetherness, we can change the face of the restaurant industry and remind people of their love for dining out and how they cannot live without it. 🙂

If you have not enabled #SafeToEatOut at your restaurant yet, get in touch with us here.

Effective Ways to do Social Media Marketing for Restaurants

Effective Ways to do Social Media Marketing for Restaurants

Social media, the single biggest tech innovation of the last decade, has changed the way restaurants are marketed. In the world of reviews and food delivery being a click away, the modicum of marketing has to take on a completely new persona.

The first step towards creating a social media brand presence is developing a plan. You can’t simply just sign up and start posting content. This will mess up your reach and ruin your marketing efforts.

Here are some quick social media strategy tips:

  • Firstly, choose the right platforms. There are various platforms out there with different groups of people. Choose the ones that hold your target market.
  • Don’t just post about yourself. Create a social media schedule around topics on which you can post in order to market your restaurant brand.
  • Use paid marketing. Using it on the right platforms can really pay-off and get a restaurant huge amounts of traffic.
  • Hashtags and location pins are important. Find the hashtags that cater to your industry and you will be reaching a whole new range of potential customers. Additionally, location pins help the restaurant be discovered by diners who are exploring those particular locations.
  • Run promotions. Be it an introductory offer or an end of the year discount, the current generation is heavily decisive in their consumerist choices based on promotions.

Platform-based strategies

While the above-mentioned tips work for all social media platforms, there are certain methodologies to be followed when it comes to individual platforms.


A huge amount of the urban population decides where to eat from via Facebook. So if you use it right, your business will surely face a massive boom. Studies show that video content has the best possible reach on FB.


The holy grail for millennials. If your restaurant serves fancy and well-styled dishes then you should heavily concentrate on this platform. Food images are some of the most shared posts on this platform, so it is the perfect ground to market your restaurant. Instagram stories also have a huge amount of organic reach. Going live from your kitchen, sharing behind the scenes will also help garner a lot of attention.


This is where the idea of the hashtag was originally generated, so by using hashtags related to the restaurant industry you will be able to quickly generate a massive number of followers. It is an amazing platform to engage with diners as well as other brands, and showcase a witty side of a restaurant.

But what has really changed?

These tips above can change the presence of your online persona, but how does it reflect on your real-life business? Oftentimes the online world can be flashier than it actually is. And this is where a lot of restaurants lose out on their customer base.

Don’t use that extravagant filter or add custom animation to make your food look better than what it is. Good food will always win over people and if you serve it with love and care customers will always return to you.

But at the same time, you will need to match the demands of the current generation when it comes to marketing. Run offers, give discounts and provide other benefits and you will surely face success through your social media marketing. 

Trends That Will Shape The Food Delivery Industry in 2020

Trends That Will Shape The Food Delivery Industry in 2020

The only thing constant is change

The food & Beverage industry has changed manifolds in the last few years. Online food ordering and delivery is one such revolution that has now become an integral part of our lives. The food delivery service has proven to be a boon to mankind, and with the on-going pandemic, their popularity has only amplified.

As per Statista, the revenue of the online food delivery market is expected to witness an annual growth rate of 7.5% (CAGR 2020-2024) annually with a projected market volume of US$182,327 million by 2024. These figures are an indicator of a swelling industry where no food delivery player wants to be left behind. 

To withstand the competition and to keep up with evolving customer needs, food delivery startups must embrace the on-going trends and technological innovations in the industry. 

1. Take your Restaurant on Cloud-9: Rise of Cloud Kitchens

Cloud kitchens are the best way to reduce overhead costs with no retail footprint. This is the perfect time when restaurants should look at this model. Besides, there are now platforms that provide end-to-end solutions for restaurants to open delivery-only kitchens by providing the required infrastructure and software with minimal capital expenditure. These service providers can house multiple kitchens operating within their infrastructure. Swiggy Access is one such example in India and Kitopi in the middle east, UK and USA.

2. Smart POS for Smarter Management

Traditional POS systems have failed to handle the complexities of modern food delivery requirements, often leading to errors. With a new-age and smart POS systems, restaurants can manage all front & back-end functions from one dashboard. To keep up with the current scenario, a new-age POS like inresto’s Mobile POS can also record the temperature and mask checks of the delivery executive.

3. Big Data Analytics for a Bigger Tomorrow

Like any other industry, Big Data analytics plays a very important part in the functionality of the food delivery service providers. It helps in collecting real-time data, leading to accurate estimation of delivery while eliminating the possibility of food wastage and damage. Restaurants can also analyze the customer sentiments on social media, which in turn can help them to improve their operational efficiency. 

4. By Hook or By Crook: Multiple Delivery Channels

With the rise in demand for home delivery services, restaurants need to explore the multiple delivery channels and not just restrict to one. The third-party delivery service providers are already facilitating the job with their strong technology and wide reach. But, it is equally important to have an own-delivery system in place to avoid total reliability on these channels and limit the order related issues.

5. Future of Ordering: Going beyond Apps and Websites

Technology is constantly evolving, and there are already new avenues where customers can order from beyond existing channels. inresto’s latest partnership with WhatsApp now enables restaurants to take orders directly through an AI-powered conversation which is simple and secure. The future of ordering can also be witnessed in western countries through virtual assistants, smartwatches, smart TVs, and even smart cars. For example,- Grubhub, which is an American food delivery giant, allows its customers to reorder from the last three purchases on its platform through Alexa (Amazon’s Virtual Assistant).

With the ever-growing competition, restaurants should be able to deliver food cheaper, faster and with a better experience. It is a growing industry with room for new technological trends that restaurants must embrace to enhance their delivery experience. With the above-listed trends, food delivery startups can easily keep up with the industry and be prepared for the future. 

Malls have unlocked | Are you ready for the new normal?

Malls have unlocked | Are you ready for the new normal?

As the world around us slowly and steadily reels out of major lockdowns, individuals, as well as businesses, have a common worry, capacity management or in simpler terms crowd control. Even while businesses are pulling up their shutters and firing up their kitchen, excited about welcoming their customers back into establishments, this continues to play hardball. A partially deserted mall is usually one that has failed to please its customers. But somehow the same concept now represents an establishment that maintains social distancing to the core.

While most businesses understand the intricacies and importance of social distancing and capacity management, what they are struggling with is the best way to implement it without compromising on customer experience. And here, technology plays an important role. Dineout was born with the mission to help foodies discover and visit restaurants across the country. Our B2B product suite, inresto, that witnessed massive success across these restaurants has also found a place within other establishments, malls being one of them. 

Re-invigorating consumer confidence with the advent of technology

In open markets like Wuhan, businesses have already shown promising signs of return to a new normalcy. In India, June is the month where malls will be opening their doors again. However, customers no longer want to squeeze through these doors wary of coming in close contact with strangers. Their psyche has changed and confidence in public places being safe has hit rock bottom. 

The most important task for malls is rebuilding confidence amongst these customers. The only way to tackle distrust is by reducing high-touch elements and maintaining hygiene and social distancing with the help of technology. The establishment of infection prevention infrastructure and regulations like sanitisation stalls, temperature checks, limited entry for both employees and customers will play a crucial role.

1. Technology-Enabled Contactless Services 

In the pre-Covid world, a packed mall was a sight to behold. Customers thronged such malls, knowing well that they are home to some of  the best outlets. But that has become secondary now. Capacity management and sanitation has taken centrestage. Anything less is frowned upon and avoided. We experienced a glimpse of what chaos mismanagement can lead to when alcohol shops were open during lockdown phase 03.Businesses and individuals having learned from this and shifted to adoption of technology in the form of an E-token 

A parallel can be drawn in this case for malls who can prepare ahead of time to create a safe & secure environment by limiting interactions to essentials and managing crowds seamlessly. And this can be managed by inresto’s tried and tested technology product suite that already has many takers in the industry. It will help achieve peak capacity management within the mall by controlling the entry and exit by the usage of pre-booking and QR code features. Here customers will need to pre-book their slots for a visit to any retail or F&B outlet. This will enable the mall to identify expected footfall and spread it across time slots in a day, thereby avoiding overcrowding.

Trends across the world hint at a tectonic shift towards the introduction of technology like digital payments and digital ordering, where customers use their own devices to initiate and complete transactions.

2.  Hygiene & Safety Partnerships

Utmost hygiene has become the new normal. It has invaded every aspect of our lives and is here to stay. And the same needs to be maintained through the entire journey of a customer visiting a mall. Malls need to streamline all necessary hygiene accreditation and regularise sanitation inspections. The key here is attention to detail. Replacing manually opening doors with sensor based doors will reduce the surfaces that customers are prone to touch. Similarly, sanitation stalls across the malls as well as inside the lift will also reassure the customers of their safety.

To help malls do all of this effortlessly inresto has prepared a safety kit. This kit includes items like sanitisers, thermometers, visor, gloves, face masks and headgears. It is a one-stop solution for a mall looking to confidently open its doors. We have also tied up with hygiene accreditation partners who conducted regular checks and hand out certifications. These will help rebuild customer confidence which will ensure steady footfalls once the shutters are lifted.

3. Expand your Revenue Sources

Challenging times have led to people coming up with the most innovative solutions. Ann Landers once said, “Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work, so most people don’t recognize them.” Malls were already struggling with profit margins, a reduction in footfall means even they have a steeper mountain to climb. In such a case they can explore an additional revenue opportunity with an intelligent AI-based Ad-platform. Taking ownership of a digital platform like a website has become vital for sustenance. This gets the businesses in direct touch with their customers, gives them a pulse of their sentiments and brings along a plethora of opportunities from brands and advertisers that can prove beneficial to mall owners. 

Malls already have the means, they just need to execute it. Once such instance is Radio Khaitan, that makes 8 PM whisky and Magic Moments Vodka. During the ongoing lockdown they expanded the use of extra neutral alcohol (ENA) at one of their distillery into the production of hand sanitiser. Similarly malls can make the most of existing brand relationships and give them a promotional platform.

4. Marketing Opportunities

As malls gear up to open their doors, they are aware that footfall will be limited. All the year long marketing plans have gone for a toss. In some cases, marketing budgets have been cut down tremendously. This has led to the reevaluation of a marketing campaign from a strategic point of view. Cause everyone was already shooting in the dark, now even the darts are limited. So marketing on the right platforms becomes even more essential. 

inresto, which already provides cutting edge technology, is partnering with businesses to help them leverage platforms such as Times Digital Network, print media, social network, campaigns, banners & push notifications to reach out to the right audience, rebuild customer confidence, increase footfall and enhance revenue.

Supporting the hospitality business with cutting edge technology has always been inresto’s forte. And as we march into the future, we are looking to support businesses with tech and services in various areas and help them overcome challenges. These would range from enabling businesses with Whitelabel websites digital menus, pre-booking, pre-ordering, takeaways, supply chain automation, credit aggregations and more. Our team is working tirelessly to make this possible for every business strategising to evolve as per the new-normal norms.

As people become more and more wary about their surroundings, they are experiencing an overwhelming sense of fear. H. P. Lovecraft once said, “The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.” 

The onus here is on us to remove this sense of fear and replace it with trust. The tools for progress from here on will be technology. It will pave our path to success and victory. What we need to remember is that humans are social creatures, and the need to socialise is cardinal. And the responsibility to make it possible in a safe and secure environment is collectively ours.

Rebuilding diner’s trust with Contactless Dining

Rebuilding Diners’ Trust with Contactless Dining

Survival of the fittest never had more relevance than it has now. It’s no secret that restaurants are dependent on footfall which has taken a huge hit due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As the industry is on a path to recovery, many are still wondering how to increase the footfall and regain the diners’ trust. 

The answer is -Technology. History speaks for itself that those who adapt first, survive the longest, and evolution is a prime example. inresto by dineout is helping restaurants get a glimpse into the future of eating out through their product suite. The customer needs have evolved over the last couple of months, and as more and more restaurants open their doors across the world, they are experiencing diners demand with a hassle-free, limited contact dining environment in a safe and hygiene compliant establishment.

Even in the pre-COVID era, inresto observed the pivotal problems faced by the restaurateurs like 

  • Repeat user
  • Poor table management 
  • Mis-managed customer data 
  • Low diner repeat rate
  • No centralised diner feedback management
  • Extravagant promotional costs
  • Mis-managed inventory
  • Unorganised valet service 

By adopting technology-led solutions by inresto, restaurateurs have been able to curb these age-old practices and reduce human intervention wherever possible, which is the need of the hour. Technology solutions by inresto like Contactless Booking, Loyalty, Order, Feedback, Whitelabel and DineIn have come to the restaurateurs’ rescue, by giving them more control over everyday operations. These solutions will help instil trust amongst diners and subsequently increase footfall and ultimately help a restaurant to manage their business more efficiently.

The need for technological solutions by restaurants has become more prominent. The idea is not to survive today but to invest in a fruitful future. Diners today may need contactless dining for the safety and hygiene concerns, but it will become a part of the new normal. Therefore, to accelerate the footfall, restaurants must invest in their present and secure their future. 

This is an important time to take charge of what lies ahead and bounce back stronger. With inresto product suite, restaurants can empower the diners to view the menu on their phones, place the order, make payment and even avail valet service without any physical contact. In addition to this, health and hygiene of restaurant staff members is a must and is facilitated by inresto by providing them with PPE kits and safety solutions. 

With a new and revamped business strategy, restaurants can provide their diners with a safe environment hence, increasing the footfall.

What we do today will determine our tomorrow. Reach out to us at for a tomorrow which is enriching, rewarding and revolutionary.  

Instances of Stunning Restaurant Social Media Marketing

Instances of Stunning Restaurant Social Media Marketing

It has become a trend nowadays to post what you dined and wined on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Anyone and everyone from individuals, business owners to large brands are on social media showcasing their presence. This means that even if you are not actively maintaining a profile for your restaurant on social media, it is still being talked about. When you are engaging one-to-one with your prospective diners, you are actually creating a diner-centric brand image that is sure to drive good business in the long run.

As social media sites become the go to platform for sharing every aspect of life, marketing on the same has gained momentum. Restaurateurs are now investing substantial amounts of time, money and effort in social media marketing. In fact, many take it upon themselves to manage the social media profile of their restaurant. The big players are taking it a step further and hiring marketing professionals to look after the marketing strategy of their restaurant, including social media. Having a social media platform for your restaurant is like inviting users to visit your restaurant, take a look around and chat with your people, but virtually.

As you read on, you will be amazed by the simple yet clever ideas that you can adopt to create a compelling narrative for the marketing of your restaurant. Each case is supported by an apt example, what they are doing, why it is awesome, and in some instances where it is required, how to pull it off. 

10 Social Media Marketing Ideas for Restaurants

1. Build up the hype with a BTS reel

Source: wavemountdora

Wave Asian Bistro & Sushi in Mount Dora, FL

What are they doing? It is usual for restaurants to showcase on social media what they have prepared. But Wave has taken it a step further by showing what happens one step back – they often post behind-the-scenes photos and videos of the kitchen activities.

Why it’s become awesome?

Food shows and YouTube series showcasing the procedure of food preparation in a restaurant are always trending. The shows hosted by celebrity chefs like Ranveer Brar and Vikas Khanna have millions of viewers. So by putting up BTS posts, you are cashing in on an already popular show format. Such posts intrigue guests. Thus, drawing them to your restaurant becomes an easy affair as they are already virtually familiar with the experience. In fact, you do not even have to put any extra effort as these scenes are anyway set up every day in the kitchen. All you have to do is film it aesthetically and you are good to go.

How to make it a success?

When we said aesthetic, we also meant that the kitchen must look professional, clean and organized. Choose to show your signature and most popular dishes. You either post a long clip of the entire process on suitable platforms, or you can do shorter clips, like a time-lapse video or a series of prep leading up to the finished dish. Your goal should be to highlight the credibility of your kitchen staff and their skills.

2. Tie up with a theme

Source: sweetgreen

Who are they? Sweetgreen (America), national chain 

What are they doing? Sweetgreen is a brand that sells fresh, sustainable food, and its theme aptly represents the idea. The aesthetic presentation of the food is truly portrayed in their stores, smartphone apps and even their social media posts. Their use of rich and bright presentation themes creates a recognizable vibe. All their quirky posts are enough to highlight their presence even without their logo.

Why it’s become awesome? Sweetgreen obviously took the help of a digital marketing agency to come up with such a well-thought-out social media strategy. But even if you do not hire a marketing manager, you can use this tactic for your restaurant. Just ask yourself what the true essence of your restaurant is and use that to extend your brand identity beyond its location.

3. Set up a Strong Communication 

Source: originalchopshop

Who are they? Chop Shop, three locations in Colorado

What are they doing

The Chop Shop people use the power of two-way communication technology to personally engage with the diners. They create a diner-friendly image by responding to each and every review on their Yelp business page. Virtually, all the reviews, good or bad, are answered with a personal reply addressing the matter of discussion.

Why it’s become awesome?

 Replying to reviews assures the diners that you are listening to them. Chop Shop comes off as earnestly trying to improve themselves by publicly attending to the negative comments. At the same time, by showing gratitude for the positive ones, they display utmost care for diner satisfaction. This way, they turn both the satisfied and dissatisfied diners into patrons and brand ambassadors. You can also follow their example, and at least address the aggrieved diners to bring them back.

4. Encourage signups via email 

Source: steaknshake

Who are they?  Steak ‘n Shake (America), national chain

What are they doing?

 Steak ‘n Shake uses the lure of a free “Double ‘n Cheese ‘n Fries” to all those that sign up for their eClub. The link to their email signup is added in their bio on social media platforms so that visitors can access it while they are still in the rapture of the offer.  

Why it’s become awesome?

 Email newsletters are the most personal access you will ever get to your diners. You can drive targeted promotions using email marketing. You can share birthday discounts, coupons, special events or any other offer this way to cater personally to their demands and urge them to return.

5. Utilize User-Generated Content

Source: wingstop

Who are they? Wingstop, national chain  

What are they doing? 

User-generated content is a veritable weapon of any brand, especially restaurants. UGC can include anything from photo and text posts to any social media content made by diners to show off your brand. As a restaurant-owner, reposting UGC posts with credit lets others know how favored your brand is. Wingstop does just that, using clever graphics and memes or food images with an inset of the post.

Why it’s become awesome?

 UGC is a win-win situation. Your fans are performing the actual marketing work for you, and you are earning the adulation of both these loyalists as well as perspectives. When you repost UGC, you not only convince prospective diners better, since the post came from one of them, but you also maintain a relationship with the existing community in which both sides are hyping each other up.

How to make it a success?

 When you re-share posts, make sure they are relevant to the theme you have already established on your social media profile, to maintain consistency. Never forget to give full credit, as this is not only in accordance with data property rules but also the whole point of UGC marketing.

6. Let your employees take the centre frame

Source: sandwich_hag

Who are they : Sandwich Hag

What are they doing?

 Putting the spotlight on your employees has two important advantages. First, it assures your guests that you do take care about them deeply enough to celebrate them, and nothing unethical goes on behind the doors. Second, it creates a personal connection between you, your staff and your guests, which everyone wants. Sandwich Hag- employs a team of staff members with different abilities, including brother Sang, who has Down syndrome. Her Instagram posts are often about them and their strengths.

Why it’s become awesome?

 When you show off your employees as normal people with very real lives, it humanizes them to your diners. It sends a strong message that you look after them like your family. Not only that, but it also makes diner service a better experience for your staff, because guests will think twice before being harsh to them. Reyna taps into that side of her diners wonderfully when she makes a significant announcement for her restaurant. She puts forward a heart-warming reason for her decision, knowing her diners will relate to it instead of being upset.

7. Engage followers with interactive questions

Source: meimeiboston

Who are they? Mei Mei 

What are they doing? 

Interactive, no-obligation social media engagement has many advantages. For one, it is better at bringing prospective diners on board and intriguing them enough to warrant a visit. For two, interaction is a great way to introduce or revive something, as guests are far more certain to recall and ask for it if they had something to do with it. That is exactly what Mei Mei does right here.

Why it’s become awesome?

 Questions on social media have great potential that brands can tap into. You can use questions to introduce something using pre-release hype, you can ask for the opinion of your followers and you can exponentially increase the engagement time of social media users with your posts. Using questions essentially shows diners that you value their judgement, and putting them at the centre is one of the best ways to augment brand value in their minds.

8. Hop on to the trend wagon

Source: uppercrust_la

Who are they? Upper Crust Pizzeria

What are they doing?

 Using trending hashtags has been one of the most infallible methods to improve visibility on social media, and Upper Crust Pizzeria does it in style. During the rampage of the Nor’wester Stella in Boston, the Upper Crust crew newsjacked the local weatherman with the hashtag #openinBOS that was trending at that time.

Why it’s become awesome?

 Newsjacking is a popular trick for most digital marketers. Since a huge population is already following the tag, restaurants have a great opportunity to ride on it, especially if they have a unique way to associate it with their brand. Upper Crust Pizza did just that. In fact, they hit two birds with one stone as they also highlighted their staff here, which we talked about in the sixth example.

9. Contests aka the endorphin of diners

Source: Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop

Who are theyCapriotti’s Sandwich Shop in Las Vegas, NV

What are they doing? 

Who doesn’t like complimentary free stuff? Capriotti’s knew what they were doing when they partnered to run a contest for their catering trays. Participants just had to order online to enter the contest!

Why it’s become awesome?

 There is no end to the clever ways you can host a contest. Some common ideas are riddles, fun trivia questions, photo contests, fill-in-the-blanks, caption contests and tagging friends. This method is a fast one to generate buzz and expand your online as well as your offline community. 

10. Highlight your Vendors


Who are they? Donna’s Toronto in Toronto, Canada

What are they doing?

 Just as showing off your staff created a personal connection with your guests, putting the spotlight on your vendors does the same. It assures them that you are using the best quality products to cook your meals. It also promotes the two brands together and helps send patrons of one to the other.  Donna’s post is a great example, in which they mention Harbord St Bakery, a local bakery, as the source of the bread for their Reuben sandwich. Returning the favor, Harbord St Bakery also posted about their association with Donna’s for their special. 

Why it’s become awesome?

 This method is the epitome of symbiosis. Both companies rub each others’ back by letting their diners know of their support of each other. This way, diners that trust one brand will also try out the other, and partners of one may be interested to work with the other. Additionally, there is a trend nowadays where diners want to know exactly what goes into what they eat, and this is a great way to let them know. 

The restaurant business is highly centred around diners. In a day and age where people are giving maximum support to brands that personally engage their clients, restaurants have an even greater responsibility to propagate their diner-friendly image. Social media sites are the optimum platforms for this. These innovative ideas of some restaurants for managing their social media profiles will surely inspire you in your quest for a unique social media marketing strategy for your restaurant.