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How Customer Connect App Can Improve Delivery Operations at Your Restaurant

  • Published on : 12/09/2016

A restaurant software is expected to integrate the front as well as back end for smooth functioning of the outlet. The former usually includes streamlining the billing process, theft control, order taking, dynamic menu changes, tax settings, gathering customer data and mapping it with their preferences, email and SMS notifications, etc. However, what if the front end software could be integrated with a CRM module to bring in greater efficiencies in terms of customer service?

torqus customer connect app calling screen
The Customer Connect App which is part of an end to end restaurant management solution by Torqus, is perhaps one of the best innovations for the hoteliers. By connecting automatically with the POS software, this app helps trace the caller and flashes important details about them even before the phone is answered.

Therefore, when a customer calls, the attendee is equipped with significant information such as their name, number, address, order history, average value of orders, etc., enough to make the caller feel valued by your staff. By being integrated with the CRM module, the Customer Connect App has also revolutionised loyalty programs by restaurants.

torqus customer connect app customer sort options
With the data collected, the app also makes it possible to cross and up sell, gauge how open and receptive the customers must be for promotional offers, social media contests, and other infrequently used marketing strategies in the F&B industry. Thus, in addition to tapping on customers who place orders at the restaurant by being physically present or online, this app includes, under its purview, telephonic orders too.

Understanding customers, their needs, and purchase behaviour is perhaps the determining factor of success for any business in any industry. The Customer Connect App helps in creating long-term relationships with customers and arming the business owners with enough data and tools to sustain and grow this relationship.

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