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How Recipe Management Can Be Highly Profitable for You

  • Published on : 20/08/2020

A restaurateur should have one goal in mind (apart from popularity), and that is profitability. When a restaurant business owner has just started out, they begin to work hard towards impacting their customers’ taste buds and maximizing the restaurant’s brand value. However, in this pursuit, the profitability starts to take a hit. However, there are many ways to not only maintain the profits but also elevate them. One such way is to imbibe recipe management into your operations.

Recipe Management is simply a system that allows you to standardize recipes of your entire menu across outlets. Now, how does it affect your profitability? Let’s take a look:

1. More Foot Fall

Recipe Management, as mentioned earlier, enables you to standardize recipes across different outlets. It allows you to record the recipes and aid the cooking team to make dishes that taste the same, every. Single. Time.

This standardization of recipes, enables your loyal customers to walk in at any branch and enjoy their favourite meals, all the same. Additionally, many times, even though people know about your restaurant, they might avoid visiting if they’re living far away. Hence, once a new outlet is opened close to them, recipe management allows them to gorge in on the exact same dishes they heard about, without any taste differences! From there, it’s a piece of cake to convert them into loyal customers!

Secondly, food bloggers have started visiting different outlets from the same brand, to check if the taste is standardized across all branches. Food bloggers have a heavy influence upon the walk-ins that a restaurant witnesses. Hence, recipe management enables you to tap into a giant potential consumer-base. The more your restaurant’s foot falls, the higher will be your sales. Say hello to higher profits!

2. Different Chef, Yet Same Taste

We all know that even though your restaurant is open every single day, your team deserves holidays. Hiring new team members to take their place is quite rational. However, this leads to the stemming of a new problem: irregularity of taste. This problem can be tackled quite smoothly by applying a recipe management system. Even if the chefs are different, the recipe management system enables them to follow set recipes and create dishes that don’t differ in taste. This not only leads to the same taste of food every single day, it vastly affects the brand value of your restaurant in the minds of others.

3. Lower Food Costs

Recipe management enables the usage of food products in an optimal manner. Further, it also aids in logistics. Recipe management allows you to figure out exactly how much inventory you will need to suffice a week’s or a month’s worth of walk-ins. The inResto SCM will aid with recipe management efficiently and avoid wastage! Trying it first hand will give you much better insights into its value!

Further, food that is returned to the kitchen from unhappy customers also lowers in count, further lowering the costs and maximizing profits.

These 3 major benefits of integrating a recipe management system are hopefully proof enough that you must invest in one.


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