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How to Save Time and Money in the Food Truck Business

  • Published on : 17/09/2021

Every food truck business may be unique in its offerings, but there is one thing that binds all of them: the better the time management, the greater the profit. As quick-serve food outlets, food trucks are dependent on growth by increasing their sales amount in each period. 

Want to learn how to save time and money in the food truck business? Here are a few pointers that will enable you to accomplish this objective and much more!

1. Online Orders: Future of Food Trucks

If you’re an upcoming food truck, it is crucial that you build your own digital menu using inresto’s Online Order. . This allows you to book and deliver customer orders at lightning-fast speeds.

The feature not only reduces your order and delivery times, but it also lets many more customers check your menu and order their favourites. So, your customers will be able to say goodbye to the long queues near your food truck with new tech. Further, they can pre-order to get their food at the right time! Say hello to satisfied customers!

2. Point-of-sale (POS) Apps 101

The restaurant industry is adapting to the new business dynamics during the COVID-19 pandemic by becoming heavily dependent on novel technology. POS apps are the best examples of the “new normal” that’s quickly becoming the sole mode food truck operations can use. 

POS apps enable a holistic new approach to business by merging all aspects of your business in a sustainable and profitable vision. You may ask, how to save time and money in the food truck business. For this purpose, you must ensure your staff knows how to operate these systems by training them properly. As a result, when your chefs receive and prepare timely orders, your reception can use your POS to book and track multiple orders. 

3. From Consumers to Marketers

In the age of social media, new-age marketing is being replaced by simple yet effective tactics. For instance, entrepreneurs are counting on a vast virtual audience to maximize brand outreach. This way, they can cut those huge marketing campaigns costs and take their brand to new audiences.

Along with excellent customer reviews, setting up social media pages and events lets you influence your way into becoming the next big food truck in town. 

In short, happy tummies are essential. For that, you need to stay on top of your main game: food. By delivering the taste and quantity you guarantee every time, you become worthy of your name. Add to that smooth, receptive, and timely delivery, and you get a loyal customer base.

4. Think Out of the Box

How to Save Time and Money in the Food Truck Business

The key word is ‘think’.  As a restaurant owner, here are some questions you need to mull over:

  • How to save time and money in the food truck business, that too in resource- and cash-crunched milieus? 
  • Is using eLearning to train restaurant staff a viable option for you? 
  • How does that change your recruitment and resource allocation criteria? 
  • What must stay, and what must go? 
  • How do you balance the old normal with the new?
  • How experimental should you get?

Adaptability is the key to future growth of food truck businesses. If your focus is on keeping your customers happy, satisfied, and loyal, all your operations should revolve around it. So, you should think about reaching your audience through novel means. Reaching a virtual audience will hardly require as much money as technical expertise. Further, you can hire them to get you the desired results.

Food truck businesses may struggle with plenty of problems as they seek the right kind of employees who are willing to work hard and more hours than usual. We urge you to keep in mind the suggestions given below. That will help you retain capital while giving your employees the best possible training in a contactless manner. 

5. Consider Training your Staff

If you are open now, you must go through any required recruitment considering experience and ability. Thereafter, you can hold online tutorials for all your departments and employees where you explain the method of using your POS system.

6. Buy Wise, Save More

Experts claim that it is more prudent, at least now, that browsing the prices and quality of various brands before deciding on the right inventory for the job is critical. This important step is also where you can use some expertise to sieve out the slightly overpriced brands. After all, a penny saved is a penny earned.

Look at your garnish. Are you giving a huge sprig of parsley to finish off a dish? Instead, try a celery leaf. Also, pineapple leaves are a great alternative to mint.

7. Nothing Goes to Waste

A lot of food trucks fail to leverage the full potential of their inventory. This fact is evidently surprising when you look at what is transferred to the bin; a lot of these ‘wastes’ aren’t wastes at all. They can be used innovatively to spruce up your dishes and even create entirely new ones. 

For example, many veggie bits and ends make amazing broths, soups, noodles, and wraps. Even fruit ends can go into the mixer/grinder and into heavenly desserts.

As far as cooking is concerned, you are in the hands of your team of chefs. Make it clear to them that every bit of an ingredient is important. That’ll separate you from the competition. 

8. Check the Quantity

As your orders get packed more often than served, it is extremely important that you pack the right portions into each order: no more, no less. The easiest option is to use the right technical equipment to sort out the right food quantities. Then, put them into sanitized containers, double pack them, and send them to the delivery people. 

Final Remarks

This list can go on and on. However, the suggestions above shed some much-needed light on the future of food truck businesses. This article answers some important questions on ways to save time and money in the food truck business. We hope this article helped you get the results you want.


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