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Importance of MPOS for A New Digital India

  • Published on : 22/12/2016

In a world, that grows more mobile every day, the MPOS system is an evolution of POS technology. With mobility, you can break free from the wires that limit the traditional POS, allowing you to enable all or part of the transaction process wherever needed to preserve and improve service quality – from pre-scanning items in the baskets of shoppers to complete payment processing.

6 Dish List - Torqus MPOS
Mobile POS, or mPOS, systems are the modernised and disruptive players in the restaurant point-of-scale game. They are quite precisely described to be: POS systems with the ability to be used anywhere. Servers can hoist around and use them anywhere in the restaurant. Food trucks can use them regardless of where they’re at. And vendors can use them at any off-site events and farmer market.

From a “multi-cuisine fine-dine restaurant to a vada-pav wala” down the road, anyone and everyone can use MPOS as per their convenience.

Down from their inherent mobility, mobile or cloud based POS systems offer many advantages over traditional POS solutions. For example, the high cost of implementation and bulky nature of legacy systems can be bullying to restaurants looking to adopt a new portable & latest tech-driven point of sale system for their restaurant. Around 63 percent of the restaurateurs still, don’t have a POS system in place. Either they do not have space to keep the bulky hardware or the facility to setup the system, cannot afford the setup cost, want to hide sales figures, or whatever their comprehensions are!.

MPOS – For Flexible, on the Spot Acceptance at the Point of Decision
No longer limited to a fixed register, the MPOS allows you to provide your customers brand new conveniences that help to boost the speed of service and quality. According to the latest report, the global MPOS terminals will reach $42.99 billion by 2022 from $9.07 billion in 2015.

How does it work?
The MPOS system consists of a handheld mobile “computer” with a lightweight, compact portable (bluetooth) printer and payment card reader. Or the receipt/bill can be shared with the customer either via a text message or an email, thereby saving paper (minimising carbon footprint) and printer cost. One can simply swipe their debit/credit cards are required in order to complete the purchase or can take money from the customers via various mobile wallets or net banking facilities. A flexible MPOS technology can either replace the supplement wired POS stations, traditional wired checkout stand, or both.

The Many Benefits of MPOS in Restaurants
Restaurateurs can use the wireless handheld device to access a wealth of information from ingredient information to real-time menu changes, prompts that ensure every order is complete, as well as the solution to many questions such as whether a dish contains nuts or is gluten-free.

MPOS technology allows F&B businesses to:

Increase Sales: as the overall process of serving customers is faster, , enabling more table turns in fast turnover environments. Add something else, same things repeated again and again

Assure service quality: customers may have enjoyed a great meal with good service, but if they have to wait a long time to complete the payment, their last impression will have a negative impact on the overall customer experience. With the MPOS in hand, there is never a wait.

Enhance credit card security: With the MPOS at the table, diners have the peace of mind that comes from never losing their sight off their credit cards. The skimming of credit card is no longer possible. The card can’t be negligently charged twice. And a customer’s card won’t unwittingly end up in the hands of another diner.

Boost service productivity for a restaurant: through eradicating all the trips to the POS terminal, the server productivity is increased. The same number of servers can now provide better service to more tables, thereby allowing owners to contain staffing costs without impacting service quality. repeated again

Achieve POS functionality and more for a Rapid ROI:
MPOs also offer another value – it is not a point solution. The handheld mobile computer that is at the heart of the MPOS is a multi-functional device that helps to serve many purposes. In addition to allowing employees to ring up purchases and access sales related information, it can also be used after hours to take inventory, execute markups and markdowns, conduct shelf audits, process and reconcile incoming shipments, alter electronic signage, and enable communication between employees. The number of devices you need to purchase, and your workers need to carry is reduced. And you get a single device you can put to work every minute of the business day – an investment with a rapid return.

According to a POS Software Trend Report for 2015, these were the business drivers influencing restaurant POS upgrades, but with the current Demonetisation drive by Modi government, you can only guess what the numbers would be now and how important it would be, to be technologically ahead from the others!

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