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Importance of Point of Sale Software for Any Restaurant

  • Published on : 17/11/2018

In the present era, technology plays an integral role in management of restaurants. With the advent of Point of Sale Software (POS), restaurants has increased their efficiency and levels of customer satisfaction significantly.

What is a Restaurant Point of Sale Software?

A restaurant POS software processes the day-to-day transactions that happen in your restaurant. The beauty of the platform is that it manages multiple functions such as billing, reservations, inventory management, marketing and a lot of other functions. Here are 7 key advantages of Restaurant POS.

Accepts orders from multiple platforms

In the post-Covid world, customers have become more safety conscious. They prefer to order food online rather than visiting restaurants. As per the report by ORB Media, in UK people who opt for food delivery from restaurants has increased by 19 percent over 2019. Of these 10 percent use third party delivery service. The POS systems help you seamlessly process orders from multiple sources such as third party aggregators, websites and apps. Track all the orders in a single platform with no scope for chaos and customer complaints.

No more long queues at the billing counter

The software processes billing transactions quickly causing no delays. Unlike the legacy systems, the system is automated and it cuts down the manual labour. It also eliminates chances of misappropriation of funds. With the outbreak of Covid-19 there has been a rise in customers opting for digital payments. The POS system accepts multiple modes of payments such as cash, debit card/ credit card, digital payments, etc.  

Eliminates overstocking and under-stocking of inventory

When you run short of food items, it’s quite embarrassing to face a disappointed customer. At the same time, you cannot afford to overstock inventory as it leads to dead investment. With inresto POS, you don’t have to deal with these nagging problems anymore. The inventory status is updated automatically and the software alerts you with timely notifications on minimum threshold quantities. You can also monitor the stock status live from any location, anytime. All your supplies and raw material are quite secure, and there is absolutely no scope for theft. It also aids in optimum use of kitchen resources, cuts down overall grocery requirement and minimises wastage and pilferage

Offer valuable insights on sales

The sales at your restaurant may fluctuate depending on the seasons, holidays, etc. The POS platform offers valuable insights such as which are the fast moving dishes on your menu and those that are slow-moving. If customers are ready to pay more, you can charge higher prices for the fast-moving items. The system also lets you pull weekly and quarterly sales reports.

Run marketing campaigns

Platforms such as inresto lets you identify your target audience and run marketing campaigns. The communication channel can be SMS, E-mail, or push based on your preference. Automate the marketing campaigns and schedule them based on intelligent information. The effectiveness of the marketing campaign can be assessed and amendments can be made accordingly.

Evaluate employee performance

Employees are the heart and soul of any restaurant. There are several parameters for employee evaluation such as the time taken for a waiter to serve food at the table, how they handle the traffic during peak times, etc. The valuable insights provided by POS software help you assess the performance of employees. Educate employees and deliver training sessions in areas where they need improvement.

Customise loyalty programs

A major advantage is that you can customise your loyalty programs based on your customer retention goals. Reward customers either based on the number of visits or amount spend at your restaurant. Each time customers earn loyalty points, you can notify them so that they make repeated visits at your restaurant. The feature of report generation lets you identify regular customers. Extend special offers to regular visitors so that it boost sales at your restaurant in the long run.      

Parting Words:

You can no longer afford to manage restaurant operations using legacy manual systems. Customers have become more demanding and their expectations have gone up. The restaurant POS platforms no doubt help you gain an upper hand by providing exceptional customer service and cutting down unnecessary expenses.


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