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inresto- One Stop Shop for all the Online Orders

  • Published on : 22/12/2020

The fact that the world is at your fingertips is now a reality. India’s food industry underwent a revolution when food aggregators commenced their services about a decade ago. The industry has never looked back; it has instead evolved & upped its game since then. Restaurants found a new revenue source through these online channels. 

The world of the internet is vast, and making optimum use of it can be challenging for most restaurateurs. It’s no rocket science that food aggregator apps facilitate large numbers of orders but with gigantic commissions. What is the best way out? The key to making your mark and being found by your customers is through the right channels and the right partners. In today’s era, having a physical presence means nothing if you cannot be found digitally. In this race, people often get lost in choosing the right address for their location, and some even forget to have an address. It’s like inviting people over but having no place of your own. 

inresto, through its latest integration with Google, is helping restaurants be searched by their customers and even take direct orders. inresto Online Order enables restaurants to own their website and manage orders for takeaway & delivery. The cherry on the cake is that restaurateurs have total ownership of their customer data, which they can optimize to market various offers on different occasions. Not just that, we take it up a notch with our integration with Instagram and Facebook, where restaurants can generate orders through their social media accounts as well. 

How does Google integration work?

  • Simply have your website made with inresto Online Order, and we will help redirect customers to the site once they search your name on Google. 
  • If you have any third-party aggregator integration, our association with Google will allow your customers to place orders through these platforms as well. 
  • Your customers can even search and place orders through social media channels like Instagram and Facebook.
  • Getting in-app bookings through Dineout is an added bonus. 

To further aid this process, inresto provides end-to-end tech support and facilitates the last mile delivery through Dunzo, Shadowfax, and Delhivery for its restaurant partners.

By now, we have established the importance and smartest way of having an online presence. But managing these orders from multiple platforms can be a tedious task. With so many integrations, there are chances of orders being messed up or, worst, missed. For example, each aggregator platform requires the menu to be updated separately. Also, every order coming in from a different source needs to be entered manually in the POS to generate Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT). 

How inresto POS helps in managing online orders? 

  • Manage all the orders from different channels on one platform, i.e., inresto POS.
  • Update and manage menu for separate channels from one platform.
  • Receive orders & notify waiters digitally through our multi-tasking POS management.  
  • Easily track & record billing and real-time payment status.

Once your customers can find you through Google search and social media channels, there’s no stopping you. The orders will come pouring in. Fret not; our inresto POS will further help you in managing these orders and other operational tasks. All in all, we’ve got you covered. 


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