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On-Demand POS Assistance- How Torqus supports you remotely when you need it

  • Published on : 17/01/2020

As a restaurant owner, you may be aware that two things matter the most: quality of food and the service offered. Both of these factors encourage your customers to visit again. Apart from these, ambience and experience also play a key role in keeping your diners happy. So how does one manage all this? The answer is quite simple. With the help of a Point of Sales (POS) system. For any restaurant, a POS system is an invaluable resource. Not only does it help manage day-to-day operations and boost profits, but it also ensures that the overall business is running smoothly.

Imagine you have an outdated POS, or you aren’t in possession of one yet.

How will you offer effective point-of-sale service?

How will you cater to the orders of your customers without delaying?

A POS that is prone to shut down or malfunction can prove to be detrimental to the business. Being a restaurant owner, you must invest in a good, reliable POS for seamless functionality of your business. The POS offered by Torqus is your best bet, as our software runs on the latest technology that can manage all your front-end and back-end activities.are runs on the latest technology that can manage all your front-end and back-end activities.

Features of Torqus POS:

  • Hassle-free UI and user-friendly functioning.
  • Easy customer profiling options.
  • Android-based application for wide access.
  • Access control for high security.
  • A centralized cashbook accounting option.
  • Built-in reservation and waiting app.
  • Easy reporting and analytics.
  • Integration to online ordering applications. 

We offer best-in-class POS that can be easily customized based on the restaurant format. So, no matter what your business is – bakery, coffee shop, food truck, food court, pubs and bars– we offer solutions and services best fitted for a successful endeavour. Here’s how Torqus offers on-demand POS assistance, whenever you need it:

  • Our professional and highly talented POS support team works in sync with you to understand your restaurant’s workflow and help achieve your goals.
  • Truly dedicated, we will walk you through the entire process from set-up to operations. The team is also fully trained to handle issues, in case your POS experiences any errors.
  • We have skilled account managers to help you customize your POS or make changes to the system that suit your immediate requirements
  • Personal training is also one of our fortes. We offer thorough training and also real-time help so that you can upgrade or rectify the system (in case of glitches), without having to wait for support personnel.

A POS will give you more than just a solution to run your restaurant. It is an excellent way to increase sales, have a better management system and serve customers. At Torqus, we do just that! Provide you on-demand POS assistance, so that your restaurant operations never experience any glitches. 


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