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Online Ordering, What Happens if I Don’t Offer It?

  • Published on : 29/08/2019

Earlier, the food delivery market was almost non-existent. Only a few vendors used to offer delivery of food to the doorstep and that too through call. This delivery service was managed in a haphazard way and only increased issues for the vendor.

However, today, we live in a technology-driven era. You can order food any time through a mobile app and get it delivered in a matter of 30 minutes. Almost every small or big restaurant or food vendor has an online presence.

When you decide to go online, your online visibility increases. You have an opportunity to grab new customers and improve customer satisfaction. If you don’t offer it, you are less preferred by customers.

Here are the reasons why online food ordering is the ultimate go-to option for restaurants:

Extended Outreach

When you offer online food ordering, you increase your outreach by increasing your target audience.
This is due to the fact that customers don’t go out frequently and sometimes, they don’t visit because of the distance. But, that doesn’t mean that your customers won’t order food at home. Online ordering is simple, approachable, and affordable, which is why many people order in more than they go out.

Better Customer Experience

Since online food ordering is a click away, you are automatically improving the experience of your users with your brand. They don’t even have to get up to order food. All your users have to do is pick up their phone, select the items from the menu, and order food in a few minutes.

Restaurants can improve this experience by delivering food as fast as possible. Did you know that some restaurants create a specific food delivery kitchen to offer faster home food deliveries to online customers?

Easy Services

One of the biggest reasons is that it is simply easier for users as well as the restaurant. When people order food online, they don’t have to walk out of their comfort zone. And for the restaurant, they don’t have to utilize extra staff to manage and handle the customer. You just need the chef to prepare and pack the food. Then, you can send it to the customer without much hassle.

All-Time Delivery

All-time delivery is the biggest advantage of online food delivery services. You don’t have to ask all your staff members to stay back. You need the chef and the delivery person to be there. You would be making the same amount of money with the online delivery option as well.
In fact, this option can increase your customer base as you would be easily noticeable to late-eaters.

Customer Data Gathering

Above all, you can gather data relevant to your users and customize menus. This data can be collaborated with the restaurant data to create customized offers for customers. You can even evaluate your favourite cuisines and launch new ones with this cuisine for faster selling.


If you are not offering online food ordering, you are simply letting by all these opportunities and benefits. You won’t be able to improve your brand name, increase customer base, or offer valuable customer experience. Hence, leave behind all the doubts and start online food ordering now. If you want help, visit Torqus for restaurant management software. You can find more details on our website.


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