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Predictions For The Restaurant Industry In 2019

  • Published on : 15/02/2019

new age restaurant and bar

As restaurants race to keep up with the constant demands of customers, the industry at large is undergoing significant changes. Every year, restaurateurs introduce something new into their business models, to show that they are different than the rest. Trends this year may be new or the existing ones with a twist added.

Social media has completely taken the various industries, including the restaurant business. Restaurants are continuously striving aesthetically present food, that is appealing to the eye and palate, so that diners can post it online. Off late, food bloggers and social media influencers have become an integral part of the restaurant marketing campaigns.

Though restaurants are already familiar with technology, owners are now looking for sophisticated technology that can be more than just a billing software. Automated and smart billing processes, customer relationship module, stock and inventory control, along with real-time reporting and analytics can pave way for reduced costs and optimized operations.

Big data is power and restaurateurs are tapping this resource to deliver enhanced service to their patrons. Gone are the days when collecting customer details was all about sending promotional emails or SMSes. Today, eating preferences, ordering history and behavior are recorded in POS-integrated CRMs to not only understand diners, but also customize campaigns to attract more footfall.

Another emerging trend is the fast-casual restaurants, which are basically eateries that are a mix of quick-service and full dining restaurants. These places offer the convenience of a quick-serving restaurant and also the quality and service provided at casual dining restaurants.

Cloud or ghost kitchens are another trend that can be seen in 2019. With an increase in the number of online food deliveries, restaurant operators are investing in cloud kitchens, as they are a smarter way to run the food business. Since these kitchens are comparatively low on investments, they are slowly becoming popular.

The restaurant industry is quite dynamic, with constantly evolving trends . Restaurants need to adapt and innovate owing to the changing customer demands, challenges and extreme competition, to stay ahead.

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