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Rebuilding Diners’ Trust with Contactless Dining

  • Published on : 02/07/2020

Survival of the fittest never had more relevance than it has now. It’s no secret that restaurants are dependent on footfall which has taken a huge hit due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As the industry is on a path to recovery, many are still wondering how to increase the footfall and regain the diners’ trust. 

The answer is -Technology. History speaks for itself that those who adapt first, survive the longest, and evolution is a prime example. inresto by dineout is helping restaurants get a glimpse into the future of eating out through their product suite. The customer needs have evolved over the last couple of months, and as more and more restaurants open their doors across the world, they are experiencing diners demand with a hassle-free, limited contact dining environment in a safe and hygiene compliant establishment.

Even in the pre-COVID era, inresto observed the pivotal problems faced by the restaurateurs like 

  • Repeat user
  • Poor table management 
  • Mis-managed customer data 
  • Low diner repeat rate
  • No centralised diner feedback management
  • Extravagant promotional costs
  • Mis-managed inventory
  • Unorganised valet service 

By adopting technology-led solutions by inresto, restaurateurs have been able to curb these age-old practices and reduce human intervention wherever possible, which is the need of the hour. Technology solutions by inresto like Contactless Booking, Loyalty, Order, Feedback, Whitelabel and DineIn have come to the restaurateurs’ rescue, by giving them more control over everyday operations. These solutions will help instil trust amongst diners and subsequently increase footfall and ultimately help a restaurant to manage their business more efficiently.

The need for technological solutions by restaurants has become more prominent. The idea is not to survive today but to invest in a fruitful future. Diners today may need contactless dining for the safety and hygiene concerns, but it will become a part of the new normal. Therefore, to accelerate the footfall, restaurants must invest in their present and secure their future. 

This is an important time to take charge of what lies ahead and bounce back stronger. With inresto product suite, restaurants can empower the diners to view the menu on their phones, place the order, make payment and even avail valet service without any physical contact. In addition to this, health and hygiene of restaurant staff members is a must and is facilitated by inresto by providing them with PPE kits and safety solutions. 

With a new and revamped business strategy, restaurants can provide their diners with a safe environment hence, increasing the footfall.

What we do today will determine our tomorrow. Reach out to us at for a tomorrow which is enriching, rewarding and revolutionary.  


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