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Reopen Doors To The New Normal Using Technology

  • Published on : 24/08/2020

COVID-19 pandemic outbreak and the subsequent prolonged lockdown has severely impacted many industries. The retail sector that was at standstill for months has finally reopened its gates and welcomed back its customers under the new normal.

While many retailers have come up with innovative marketing solutions to attract customers, they continue to face challenges with respect to capacity management and social distancing at their stores. This is where inresto’s contactless technology suite comes to the rescue.

How does technology empower your  store?

Retail stores’ biggest challenge is to identify expected footfall and spread it across time slots in a day, thereby avoiding overcrowding. inresto’s tried and tested technology product suite helps achieve peak capacity management within the store by controlling the entry and exit through the usage of pre-booking and QR code features.  Here’s how it can work for your store –

1. Pre-Booking 

Retailers can enable a pre-booking feature on their website and Social Media handles that will allow customers to book a slot before their visit. This will provide you with a preview of expected footfall in a day and let you admit a limited number of visitors as per the guidelines.

In this process, Arogya Setu questions can be mandated to ensure customers entering the store are healthy and fit.

2. Digital Valet

Customers can hand over their vehicle with ease and the valet shares parking details with the customer over an SMS. The customer can request a remote vehicle recall from their own device. This makes the mundane and time-consuming process of parking hasslefree. Thus Digital Valet reduces wait time and avoids overcrowding at the entrance.

3. Self – Check-in

Just like the airline model, customers with scheduled visits can scan a QR code at the retail store entrance for admission. Many customers who are visiting nearby stores can also use this feature to schedule a visit on the spot. This will trigger a visit request on the dashboard management system, where the manager can allot a slot as per the availability.

4. Digital Payments 

Physical currency is one of the high touch elements, and hence most customers have already switched to digital payment methods. This way the store shares a payment link via SMS and the customer can pay using their own devices.

5. Digital Feedback and Loyalty

Feedback is even more important now, cause every day is a make or break situation. With digital feedback forms, your customers can share their feedback using a link directly from their phones. You can track these in real-time and correct any untoward incident that might sour the shopping experience and lead to a negative sentiment on social media.

One of the best ways to keep your customers coming back to you is via loyalty. inresto’s loyalty feature helps you categorise and analyze your customers on the basis of their visit and spend, allowing you to target the right set of customers. 

This entire contactless product suite helps you tie all loose ends and reach peak capacity management. To know more about this, click here.

Supporting various businesses with cutting edge technology has always been inresto’s vision. And our technology is poised to revolutionize the retail sector by creating a seamless shopping experience. inresto’s product suite possesses the transformative power to help retailers overcome the current market challenges and translate them into opportunities for a brighter future. Click here to revolutionize your retail business.


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