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Restaurant Marketing Strategies | Festive season edition

  • Published on : 26/10/2020

With festivals around the corner, we have all the more reason to celebrate and end this year on a positive note. It is the best time for restaurants to bounce back in full glory and leverage the fact that people are now cautiously stepping out of their homes to celebrate. 

Everyone is eagerly looking forward to enjoying the festivities this year and are likely to revenge splurge. Restaurants can re-strategize their marketing plan and grab this opportunity to increase the footfall. 

1. Step Up Your Social Media Game

With the technology renaissance, it is essential to have a digital presence. Create your social media identity on platforms like Instagram, Facebook & Twitter. Use content marketing through the perfect amalgamation of videos, regular & topical posts, blogs and right hashtags. A strong social media game can help you engage with your diners. With technology growing each day, you can also generate orders through WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook through a single click. 

2. Run Digital Contests

Festivals are the best time to run some engaging contests. Offering discount coupons and vouchers are the best way to grab your diners’ attention. With paid marketing, restaurants can do the right targeting and reach a broad set of audiences. You can easily track the amount spent on a paid ad. Running some exciting contests and offers on social media will eventually boost the engagement and number of orders. 

3. Chart-Up A Customised Marketing Calendar

Celebrations are incomplete without food in India. So why have the regular menu for the festive season? Reengineer your menu with dishes from your local regions, experiment, add your spin to it and make it extra special. In the north, Navratri special thali is a rage. However, in the east, Dussehra is the time to feast on non-veg items. A customized proposition reaching out to the various sets of target audiences on social media platforms will give you the extra mileage.

4. Organize Virtual Events

With hardly any prospects of any on-ground event happening this year, restaurants can utilize this opportunity to host some virtual events like live band performances, folk dance shows, or special days like the Diwali party. Alongside you can run offers on your festival special menu or items. Restaurants can even host some events on the premises with proper hygiene & social distancing measures. It can be a great way to boost footfall.  

5. Run Special Offers & Deals

One of the most desirable things to do is look for special offers and deals. So if your diners are already looking for it, why not give them that incentive and get more business? You can promote such offers using SMS and Email marketing. inresto campaign has done wonders for its 15,000 restaurant partners, helping them boost their revenue.

6. Build Long-Term Relationships

What withstands the test of times withstands it all. Investing in the right tools that help you forge a close connection with your diners will be the most profitable. To do that, you can incentivize them using loyalty programs. It can be made possible by cutting edge CRM tools and POS systems that help you run and track these programs. This is the best way to make them feel special and a part of your exclusive club of diners.

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