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Revamped Torqus SmartOrder POS for the Users

  • Published on : 28/11/2016

With technology transforming every aspect of our lives, its effective use in business has proved to be successful across industries. When it comes to the F&B industry, smart restaurateurs are switching to restaurant management software with a view to digitise all the processes and doing away with traditional practises prone to human errors. However, the concern that is not paid enough attention to is whether the staff is really able to make the most of the software.

torqus POS new ui
We: Torqus – Smart Order, have changed our design to fit the needs of your restaurant’s front and backend activities. Our Smart Order POS software, perhaps most used today by the F&B businesses, has been revamped with complete focus on the User, and their experience.
In terms of the former, it is now possible to carry out the same operations in a much more simplified manner, thereby taking an increased number of orders in the same amount of time, increasing delivery speed, accuracy, and better customer service. In terms of the latter, the staff using the software has a seamless experience since the number of icons have been improvised/re-aligned cleverly by revamping the previous screen, the number of clicks required to perform a task have been reduced, and the navigation has been made much more simpler with little or no training required to use the software.

Any technology in use is certain to rouse emotional as well as intellectual response in its user. If the POS system currently functional is one that is difficult to comprehend, operating it is viewed by users as a task, makes your staff feel incompetent due to its complexity and leads them to get stuck every now and then while operating it and requiring assistance to get out of otherwise minor glitches.

It is time to switch to the all-new Smart Order POS software by Torqus. A happy staff results in better service, better service results in customer satisfaction, and this further results in increased sales.

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