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Time Hacks for Restaurant Operators: Work Smarter, Not Harder

  • Published on : 27/02/2020

In our superficial world, we often position money to be the most important thing in our lives. But there is something far more important and valuable than money – time. Time is one such resource that cannot be bought by money, but can be instead turned into money!

We live in one of the most amazing times, wherein we are blessed with abundance of connectivity, internet, and information. However, we still do not have an abundance of time. This begs for the importance of time management.

Time management is a conscious act of planning and utilizing your time to work in a far more efficient and productive manner. In any business, time management is of utmost importance to get tasks done, meet deadlines, and attain success.

For a restaurant operator, the role is highly stressful, demanding, and busy. On any given day, the role pulls them towards every possible direction; from addressing customer needs to look at the food quality, from addressing staff needs to check the P&Ls. These pressures and responsibilities eventually lead to burnouts and decreased productivity rates. Thus highlighting the effective need for working smarter and not harder. 

Time Hacks for Restaurant Operators to Ensure Efficiency

  • Usage of data tools

With the help of data tools, restaurant operators can figure out potential and ongoing trends in the industry and fix any visible gaps in the operation. Restaurant analytics like average cooking time, speed of service, and busy working hours are immensely helpful for operators to ensure an optimal level of efficiency.

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  • Pay at the table service

Similar to a restaurant, time is highly important for the customer as well. Hence, the usage of pay-at-table service enables the customer to make payments faster and saves considerable time.

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  • Online Kitchen Software

Online kitchen software is used to notify the kitchen staff about any new orders. This ensures timely delivery and less wait time for the customers, thereby heightening the productivity level of the restaurant.

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  • Training Manual for the Employees

In order to help both new and existing employees to understand the functioning of the restaurant in a better manner, operators must create a training manual. This not only allows them to gain extra insight into the restaurant but also enables them to work accordingly.

  • Allowing Online Bookings

Allowing online booking options for the customers is a highly effective technique for restaurant operators to ease down operations and save time. Although managing the same can be tedious at first, it can be highly effective in the long run. Add to this, it broadens the revenue channels of the restaurant.

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This list is in no way exhaustive, and there are a number of time hacks that restaurant operators can use. However, it ultimately boils down to understanding the critical areas in your restaurant workflow and making changes therein, accordingly. Although advertised as hacks, these techniques are what differentiates one from working smarter than working harder. 


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