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Tips for Restaurants to Fight COVID19

  • Published on : 28/05/2020

With the fear of the COVID-19 pandemic still looming large, the heavily impacted restaurant industry continues to look for innovative means to fight COVID 19. Organizations like the WHO and various government health departments continue to share tips for public places/businesses to fight COVID 19.

Some COVID 19 regulations for restaurants that must be followed to keep the virus at bay are listed below.

1. Caring for the staff members

Taking care of the restaurant staff is the foremost tip for restaurants to fight COVID 19. Training them with the safety guidelines like refraining from touching their eyes, nose, and mouth, making sanitizer accessible, and ensuring the 20-second hand washing after touching any new surface must be done. If any employee shows any symptoms of sickness, they must be asked to stay at home and follow the prescribed safety guidelines.

2. Proper Utilisation of Resources

Another noteworthy tip for restaurants to fight COVID 19 is to make optimum utilization of existing resources. With business being slow, it is advisable to use resources in an advantageous way. Restaurant owners can invest their resources in SEO tools to highlight the visibility of their restaurant for online orders, look to expand their delivery channels, and start new ones if the restaurant was not offering delivery service already. Further, servers with personal vehicles can also work as restaurant delivery agents. 

3. Convert Obstacles Into Opportunities and Minimise Cost

Follow smart management practices by encashing on delivery services and revamping the restaurant menu to include dishes that have higher margins and lower costs. Include special offers to deliver meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Restaurants can even look at options to collaborate with contractual channels for delivery service while ensuring all hygiene parameters are met when delivering food.

4. Keeping the Guests Updated

Keeping in line with the COVID 19 government restrictions, restaurants must ensure to share all relevant information, safety protocol, and any changes in the modus operandi of the restaurant operations with the customers. They must use their website, email, message, and social media platform to assure customers of the safety and hygiene precautions followed at the restaurant. Efforts must be made to keep all such communications positive and timely. 

5. Sanitizing Business Premises

Keeping the restaurant clean and disinfected must be diligently followed. Frequent and regular cleaning of surfaces that are touched regularly, such as door handles, electrical switches, table tops, chair seats, and floor must be practiced. 

6. Stay Informed

Restaurateurs must, at all times, keep themselves updated and informed about the modifications, amendments, additions, or relaxations done by the Government in the COVID 19 regulations. Staying informed will give them adequate time to plan and strategize for the times ahead and keep their business soaring.

7. Adopt Cutting Edge Technology for Restaurant Management

Restaurateurs must figure out processes that can be managed with the help of machines or using restaurant technologies. Restaurants must also go contactless on services such as booking, preordering, digital menu, digital payment etc.. This will helps secure the health and safety of both diners as well as staff members.

We hope these tips will aid you and your restaurant to strengthen your fight against COVID19. 

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