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Understanding Table Management

  • Published on : 15/09/2020

If you own a restaurant then you surely know how difficult it can be to manage the floor during rush hours! With times changing suddenly capacity management has become even more vital.  So, if you are planning to set up a new restaurant in a busy block or already have one and would like some tips to manage it, you have reached the right place.

Here is a list of best measures to take while managing your restaurant floor right from the industry experts.

1. Set up According to the Location

Are you situated in a quaint street with a good view? Or is it a busy corner that attracts the office crowd? These factors will define how you set up the seating arrangement. If you are targeting the office crowd then you are better off with smaller but more number of tables. Whereas a restaurant planning to cater to families will need to provide different variations of seating arrangement and table sizes.

2. Minimize Table Prep Time

This is the time in-between one guest vacating a table and a new guest occupying the space. A huge number of restaurants lose out on customers by not taking care of the table prep time. It also leads to long queues and unsatisfied guests. With the help of a table management software, you can ensure optimal table efficiency and customer satisfaction.  

3. Leverage Booking Applications

Most diners want to book their table online and it is also easy to manage the entire process if you are doing it through an app. By leveraging booking applications for your restaurant, you can be assured about your available tables as well as the reserved ones. Additionally, you can ensure a better customer experience with the application.

4. Separate Cloud Kitchen Staff

If you are going to cater to online orders as well as in-house guests, you will surely require a bigger workforce. Once you start getting frequent online orders, trying to manage with your current kitchen workforce will only mean delaying the services for your in-house guests. Table management is based on ensuring that no one is overloaded with work, and this is a smart way to approach a restaurant cum cloud kitchen set-up. Thus, it ensures work with utmost efficiency.

5. Special Bookings

Even if you are a new restaurant owner, once in a while you are bound to get big bookings from offices or birthday parties and such. Many restaurant managers try to avoid such bookings in order to not disrupt the flow of daily customers. But at the same time, special bookings can be highly profitable and good for establishing a business as well. The key here is to analyze your peak hours and try to get hold of big bookings outside of those time slots. Through this, you can add more eyeballs to your restaurant and market yourself to the company for more frequent visits.

Use these 5 tips to ensure that your restaurant or cafe floor is never mismanaged!


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