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Unlock your Potential, Unlock with inresto

  • Published on : 02/07/2021

Hasn’t it been so relieving to finally say – ‘We’re open for Dine-in’, to see all the happy faces at your restaurant relishing the joy of dining out? With the vaccination drive in full swing, we are getting stronger by the day to get over this pandemic, and everyone needs an escape by visiting their favourite restaurants. We are overjoyed to see restaurants prep with the passion to welcome their diners again with utmost safety. 

As restaurants prepare their kitchens, curate new menus with new dishes and cocktails, inresto by Dineout is helping them equip with the latest technology and marketing solutions in the process. 

While the mood is happy and filled with hope, there are restaurants still struggling to accelerate growth and give a boost to their business. After a rough 2020 and a slow 2021, every restaurant deserves to Unlock in a way that brings in a wave of happy diners and revenue spike. 

Check out how inresto is helping restaurants Unlock with technology. 

1. #UnlockYourKitchen

Nothing makes a chef happier than getting on stage to create and serve the best of his dishes. It’s a bummer when you are all set to create relishing dishes for the diners, and while preparing, you realise some items are out of stock. Even the diner waiting for his order does not want to hear that. Especially at this time, we need to be better equipped and don’t want any more spoilers.

A good supply chain management system makes sure your inventory never runs out of stock. To further ensure the smooth running of operations, inresto SCM helps restaurants with the following:

  • Simplified & optimised kitchen inventory 
  • Real-time updates on out of stock & expired item
  • Wastage & pilferage is reduced to less than 1%
  • The vendor management & procurement process is streamlined
  • Access to your inventory/stock dashboard on mobile
  • Access to 200+ insightful reports 

2. #UnlockYourDining

Diners laughing out loud and creating a million memories with their family and friends is one of the most joyous things to witness. To be able to make it happen for us makes restaurants the saviors we all cannot thank enough. 

Here’s how you can Unlock all those dining out experiences for us again:

  • Guest & Reserve: Assign tables according to real-time availability and preferences. It reduces customer’s wait time and thereby helps you manage a rush at the entrances.  
  • Dine-In: A digital menu that diners can access on their phones and place their orders without having to wait for the waiter makes the ordering process quicker. 
  • Feedback: Happy customers are everything in a business. Their feedback matters the most. A digital feedback system notifies the manager instantly, and any grievances can be redressed on the spot. 
  • POS: An integrated cloud POS plays a big role in the efficient management of operations. You can manage billings, orders, and menus from one platform. 

3. #UnlockEvents

Live music, comedy gigs, karaoke, a special discount day?

Your diners are done missing and talking about these events. It’s time for them to relive those at your restaurant. With inresto Loyalty, restaurants are able to create personalised loyalty programs and spread the word via SMS and emails using inresto campaigns. 

While loyalty programs and campaigns are the techniques restaurants use to market their restaurants, advanced marketing solutions give an edge to restaurants over the competition. 

Check them out:

  • Photoshoots: Drool-worthy images online and on your digital menu makes a huge difference. Professional menu photoshoots by companies like inresto can help you do that. 
  • Engaging Videos: Great video content is the perfect escape for anyone and everyone today. 
  • Search Engine Optimisation: Increase your chances of getting discovered by your diners through professionally driven SEO.
  • Social Media Posts: Communicate with your customers via posts that stand out.
  • 5. Social Media Ads: Increase your reach on social media. Target the right customers based on the city & food preferences to reach the relevant ones for your business.

So, what are you waiting for? Unlock all these experiences with inresto. We would be glad to have you as a part of our 15,000+ family 🙂


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