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What are the Preventive Maintenance Steps Restaurant Operators Should Take?

  • Published on : 20/08/2020

Owning a restaurant is not everyone’s cup of tea. A lot goes into the meticulous planning of the restaurant, leading it to a successful business. Amidst all of the other details, it is likely for an owner to not have maintenance high up on the priority list. However, having a preventive maintenance system in place can prove to be much more beneficial than to tackle issues as an emergency.

Here are some measures that a restaurant owner should take as preventive maintenance:

To Improve Consumer Experience

Consumer experience plays a vital role in turning one-time customers into patrons. A clean environment can improve walk-ins drastically. Along with tasty food, customers also look forward to eating in a hygienic driven restaurant. 

Regularly checking customer-facing equipment can bag a lot of patrons. All your software must be up to date and if you have a system failure, the downtime must be as low as possible, to maintain the comfort level of your consumers. 

Installing a computerized maintenance system can help you regularize and schedule your maintenance items. A preventive maintenance system can be easily incorporated into your restaurant without any rise in operational costs. The return on investment from a preventive maintenance system will undoubtedly be more than employing a reactive maintenance strategy. 

To Reduce Unnecessary Costs

Running a restaurant without a preventive maintenance system in place will inevitably lead to more expensive solutions. Imagine having to shut your restaurant down due to unforeseen equipment failure. This not only leads to a loss in sales but also increases your expenditure. A preventive system initially may come at a high cost, but it saves a lot of your future losses. 

To Maintain Equipment & Inventory

Your up and running restaurant cannot afford to indulge in short term equipment investment. Preventive maintenance systems can add years to your equipment be it big or small. Spending a few minutes cleaning, checking, and scheduling repair appointments (if needed) for such equipment can save you a lot of hefty expenses in the future. Keeping your ovens, frying pans, microwaves, and grills clean will help you serve your customers with delicious food on time. 

Apart from that, preventive maintenance saves your unnecessary costs also by reducing the energy expenditure. When you have your equipment regularly checked and maintained, the food is cooked at a shorter time. For example, if a well-maintained oven takes 60 minutes to cook something, a poorly maintained oven may take longer and lead to inconsistent cooking results. This leads to higher expenditure, in terms of energy, which sooner or later gets translated to lower sales and eventually, lower foot-fall. 

Moreover, the installation of sensor technology can prove to be an excellent investment too. Sensor technology can send an automated alert to your computerized maintenance system as soon as there is any technical error in the equipment. This way you will no longer have to employ a dedicated person, and your equipment and inventory will be efficiently managed.

In summary, a preventive maintenance program, fortunately, or unfortunately, falls under the “necessary” category. Getting it installed will not only drastically improve your restaurant’s efficiency but will also scale up consumer satisfaction. Take a proactive approach and install necessary computerized maintenance systems to save hefty expenditure from unforeseen breakdowns and emergencies.


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