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Why Should a Restaurant Use KOT System?

  • Published on : 01/12/2018

This is the age of automation and artificial intelligence. With everything being guided by technology, even the restaurant industry is making its move. Gone are the days when the processes were done manually, giving room for errors and confusion. Thanks to technological advancement, restaurant operations have become streamlined and automated.

In earlier days, Kitchen Order Tickets (KOTs) were written manually by a waiter. A KOT is a document used to transfer a diner’s order to the kitchen. This note contains details such as table number, items ordered and their quantity with any special instructions for cooking/serving. Three copies are made of which one is sent to the kitchen, second retained for billing and third is with waiter for reference. Unlike earlier days when a waiter used to note orders (in red/pink, yellow and white paper) manually and was time-consuming, an automated KOT system saves time, generates real-time order reports, and reduces mistakes and monetary discrepancies. KOT app for mobile devices is POS software that comes in touchscreen format; hence you don’t have to be tech savvy to use it.

Digitizing the process not only simplifies ordering but also improves the efficiency of your restaurant’s staff. An automated restaurant KOT app has many positive impacts on business operations. Using this system is also quite simple. Once the orders are punched, a KOT is generated automatically and service process is accelerated. Since data capture happens real-time, it significantly reduces turnaround and service time.

Online ordering can also be streamlined by integrating this system. Food orders from ordering platforms are accepted directly and a ticket is generated immediately in the kitchen. This ensures that orders aren’t missed or delayed and minimizes discrepancies. With automated KOT restaurant software, you can reduce manual work since a token number is generated for easy tracking, thereby keeping a tab on order duplication and also cut down on wrong deliveries.

A POS is low investment and an added advantage for your restaurant. Since billing apps can be configured with KOT, this feature can be subscribed annually. These systems can be mounted at the service desk for ease of access. Since this software works on different devices, it can be integrated with cash draws, barcode scanners, payment systems and receipt printers. You can now have centralized control over accounting, billing and other complex tasks that come with managing franchises or your chain of restaurants.

If you haven’t yet shifted to the KOT system from your traditional process, think again. It will not only reduce expenses but also accelerate operations at your restaurant. Moreover you can also integrate your restaurant’s operations with the android KOT app to enhance the overall functioning of your business, on the move.

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