We Miss You | A Letter to all the Restaurants

We Miss You | A Letter to all the Restaurants

While the world is dealing with the COVID pandemic, many businesses like restaurants have shut their services as a safety measure.

And as we sit inside our homes binge-watching movies, all we can think of is the delicious food from our favourite restaurants; we will be having once the lockdown is lifted. Our ears long for the sizzling of pan-fried noodles, whirring of milkshakes with ice creams churning, conversations over coffee and kids haggling with their mothers for one more scoop at the ice-cream parlours.

The world will get it’s pizza, burgers & momos back. There will be date nights at bars again, Salsa Sundays at Summer House, live music at Music & Mountains, and people will grab their fav McDonalds meal while going back home from a tiring day. That would be a day to rejoice for the entire restaurant industry. Restaurants will witness happy faces dining out, moments brewing & beginning of love stories over coffee. 

Good food and good dining experiences are addictive, and you would know why we say that. 

Even during this quarantine, people are learning new recipes in the memory of their favourite dishes. They are trying to recreate the magic served by their favourite restaurants. 

Restaurants surely are facing the biggest crisis, with revenue curves declining.

These are grim times for many such industries. But don’t lose heart as the world is dearly missing you. While pondering upon the state of affairs, we asked the diners to share the names of the restaurants they are missing the most. And we just wanted to stop by and send this letter of love, warmth and hope to all the restaurants. 

Sit back and have a look-

and there is more.

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