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Types of partnerships

Increase the visibility of your restaurants through our listing page & visually appealing banners.

Payment Partners

Online payment partners for safe and hassle-free payment methods .

Order Aggregation Partners

Online delivery partners who have a widespread operational network and provide seamless delivery services.

Table Reservation Partners

Table reservation partners who are servicing leading clients in the F&B industry.

Accounting Partner

Accounting partners that provide cutting edge tech solutions for all kinds of business requirements, maintaining data accuracy and safety.

Property Management Systems (PMS)

Property management partners that provide innovative tech solutions and automates the handling process.

Our International Partners

Our international partners who have an extensive network worldwide and work with leading brands

AIM Consultancy

Based in Saudi Arabia, AIM has a collective experience of around 50 years with leading global hospitality brands

Triumph Tech

Based in UAE, Triumph Tech is a leading technology & services provider for business process automation in the hospitality industry.


Our partner in Kenya, EatOut is an award-winning & the country's largest online restaurant guide and booking engine.

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