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5 Reasons Why Customer Loyalty & Feedback Need to Be a Part of Your Restaurant POS

  • Published on : 23/07/2018

A restaurant Point of Sale (POS) system has become inevitable for the smooth functioning of a modern day restaurant. However, it’s equally important that your POS system incorporate a customer loyalty and feedback program as part of the application.

The study by Oracle hospitality shows that 52% of consumers will recommend to others the restaurants they are most loyal to. The loyalty program also entices customers to make repeat visits at your restaurant. Customer feedback is another integral area as it helps you work on your pitfalls and offer an excellent service. Listing the 5 top reasons that make customer loyalty and feedback important.

Customer feedback improves customer retention

It’s always easy to retain an existing customer than acquiring a new one. In digital platforms such as inresto feedback, they integrate the feedback module with the POS system. The system let you personalise the feedback form and address grievances in no time. There is a major advantage of implementing the customer suggestions on time. Your customer will feel more valued and definitely come back to your restaurant the next time.

Sales boost and ease of promotion

Inresto loyalty offers the feature of customising your loyalty program. One more advantage is that customers can redeem rewards instantly as points or discounts. As the platform includes the loyalty program in the POS system, it’s easy to manage all your promotional activities.

Offering promotions as part of loyalty programs prompts customers to refer other diners. Also, your existing customers will be more interested in trying out new dishes. A study carried out by Gartner group shows that 20% of your customers generate 80% of your profits.

Loyal customers offer a constructive feedback

The right people to offer an honest feedback for your restaurant would be your loyal customers. As they visit your restaurant frequently, they can provide constructive criticism on the various areas. It can range from front-of-the house service, opinion on the new dishes or the behaviour of the waiters. However, make sure that you take these feedbacks positively. Review all the suggestions and try to implement them wherever possible.   

New customers rely on the feedback of existing ones

It’s quite normal that you check with our friends, neighbours or relatives before trying out a new product. Most of the customers don’t want to take a chance while visiting a new restaurant as well. They rely upon the feedback of the existing customers who have visited the same restaurant before. 

Nowadays social media play a major role in deciding the fate of restaurants. A superb review by a celebrity guest can boost sales at your restaurant beyond imagination. At the same time, a negative review can mar your reputation in the market beyond repair. Thus, as soon as a bad review is posted, try to respond immediately. Analyse the review, find out the root cause and take corrective measures at the earliest.

Loyal customers protect your business from competition

The shocking fact is that unlike your loyal customers, the new ones keep switching restaurants. A study by Mckinsey found that 78% of US consumers have switched stores, brands or the way they shop due to Covid-19. When your business is going through tough phases like these, it’s your loyal customers that help you recoup the losses. Thus focus on them, pay more attention to their feedback and increase their loyalty towards your restaurant.

Keep the redemption process of your loyalty program simple. Surprise your loyal customers by rewarding them systematically. Send timely notifications on new offers and promotions. They should have some strong reason to make repeated visits at your restaurant. Also, review the impact of your loyalty program periodically. Based on the feedbacks from customers, make tweaks wherever necessary.

Parting Words 

The restaurant industry worldwide is battered due to the losses caused by Covid-19. In this bleak scenario, having a robust loyalty program can help boost sales and increase word of mouth publicity. A strong feedback system is also quite essential to work on the shortcomings of your restaurant. In an era where customer feedback serves as the main point of reference, you can reap enormous benefits out of it.


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