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An Ideal Partner for your Restaurant

  • Published on : 05/02/2021

What is the definition of an ideal partner? There is none. But there are definitely certain traits that make one the companion of your dreams. We have officially entered the month of love, and everyone knowingly or unknowingly craves love. A companionship that is trustworthy, harmonious, giving, and enriching. Just like your ideal life partner, inresto brings to the table the traits of a perfect restaurant partner for you: 

1. I’ll never let you be alone.

We all have those long days when we need the comfort of a partner. When we just don’t want to be alone and want someone to fill the emptiness. Similarly, inresto’s Campaign module doesn’t let your restaurant be alone. Like an ideal partner, our campaign module works its charm and keeps bringing back the diners through easy & effective marketing campaigns.  

 2. I promise to maintain good communication.

What is the foundation of any relationship? Open communication. Things left to ambiguity can sometimes lead to misunderstandings. Honest and transparent communication helps you understand our partner and their needs better. For a restaurant, understanding your diners and their needs is of utmost importance. With inresto as your partner, you can quickly gauge your diner sentiments and work on the gaps by collecting personalised feedback. And it takes two to work in a relationship; therefore with inresto’s Feedback module, you can train and keep track of your staff’s performance basis the feedback received.

3. I’ll always fill the gaps for us.

Everyone wishes to build a home of their dreams with their partner, and we want to fill it with things to make it a “home”. An ideal partner never lets you do things alone; they keep track of everything to make it an efficient innings for both. inresto’s SCM module gives you #powercouple goals where you can keep track of the inventory and stock while minimising wastage. 

4. I’ll be the one you can rely upon anytime.

We all need a partner we can rely upon for all our needs. A go-to person with whom we can share anything and trust blindly. No one wants advice from ten different sources; we all long for that one reliable source. As a restaurant, what can be better than a partner to manage billing, track order queues, customise offers & assess reports, all on one platform. With inresto’s POS, you can easily access orders from different platforms at one single dashboard, be aware of any pilferage and theft, make advance menu management, among others. 

5. I’ll always keep the trust between us.

From sharing a special bond to a pact that can never be broken is the sign of a true partnership. An ideal partner is the one in whom we can confide anything and everything and start a new world. Similarly, with inresto’s Guest & Reserve module you can easily take reservations online while reducing the table turnaround time. You can also be assured of the data gathered of the diners that the same will be maintained safely and with utmost security. 

6. I’ll be as loyal as a dog.

Loyalty is the hallmark of any relationship. A relationship is perfect when each partner has something to offer. With inresto’s Loyalty program, you can offer your diners great deals from time to time to keep them coming back to your restaurant. 

7. I’ll make everything worth an experience.

When you are with your ideal partner, they make every moment of the relationship an experience to cherish forever. It’s a fairytale you would want to relive every day. We promise to make the dining experience of your diners so smooth that they would want to visit again. With an intuitive interface, customisable and QR code-based digital menu, cross-selling promotion options, we promise this will be a perfect partnership with inresto’s DineIn.

Through thick and thin, I promise to stand by you no matter what. Like an ideal partner, inresto ticks all the boxes in your checklist to become a successful restaurant. Let me take you out by giving you a free demo of what all I can do for you (inresto products). 

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