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Automated Inventory System v/s Manual Inventory System: Which is better?

  • Published on : 09/07/2021

Data is becoming a very crucial factor for different businesses to analyze their shortcomings and strengths to perform better. So, it’s extremely important in the food industry to have a proper inventory system. This system will not only help in managing different things seamlessly but also in keeping a proper record of food items and other expenses. It can also help in the reduction of costs that helps you to save a lot. 

In this article, we are going to look at which is better – An automated Inventory system or a Manual Inventory system. So let us get started by understanding the difference between the two.

Difference Between Automated and Manual Inventory System

The manual inventory system keeps all the data in inventory sheets and manually notes down everything in there. It is an old method and is used by many even now. In the manual inventory system, each record is maintained and updated manually by a person who keeps track of all things which increases the human error frequency. Further, this system is also vulnerable to the loss of valuable data as inventory sheets may get torn down over time or may get replaced or lost.

Whereas, the automated inventory system is a new concept and is managed by Inventory Software. It is relatively fast, more secure, highly efficient, and there are very fewer chances of data loss. More and more people are now using an automated food inventory system for faster and secure data and inventory management. 

Why Do You Need to Automate Your Inventory System?

The market out there is becoming more and more competitive. Those who understand the needs of the present and change accordingly are the one who succeeds in the long run. Currently, the world is becoming fast-paced and is highly dependent on technology. Customers require higher efficiency, fast services, and quality products. Those who are in sync with these dynamic circumstances in any industry are the clear winners.

An automated inventory system is a modern solution to the many troublesome issues of the manual inventory system. It is more efficient and easy to manage inventory systems as it comes with automation and helps the management to manage tasks effectively at a much faster speed. Automated inventory systems are the need of the hour. 

Anyone who is looking forward to adopting an inventory system or having an old school manual system, this is the reason why you need to automate your inventory system at the earliest. In the next section, we are going to talk about the advantages of the Automated Inventory System.

Advantages of Automated Inventory System

An automated inventory system uses inventory software that helps in tracking inventory from procurement to its utilization. It also helps in bringing different parts of inventory like materials, vendors, recipes, taxes, and other expenditures under a single umbrella, and helps in managing things well. Find the detailed advantages of automated inventory system in detail below: –

1. Better Material and Recipe Management

An automated inventory list keeps all aspects of your restaurant inventory on track. It will help you track and stock all the materials in your inventory accurately and aids in better optimization of available resources while saving any kind of wastage. It will also aid in managing all the recipes that never allow you to run out of materials at any point in time. As a result, you’ll prepare and serve food timely to your customers without worrying about the availability of small materials and items.

2. Tax Management 

Automated inventory software keeps track of every penny from what is being bought to what is served at the counter. The chances of any mistake are very less as the software is foolproof and cannot be used inappropriately by anyone. This will help you in the calculation and better management of your taxes and expenses. 

3. Better Outlet Management

If you are having a base kitchen or a multiple outlet system, it is very important to track down everything from delivery to the details of the outlet providers. As there are higher chances of mistakes and improper usage of resources by workers while dealing with multiple outlet systems, a better inventory system is a must. Automated inventory software helps in tracking details very efficiently. It manages opening stock, closing stock, and everything in between to avoid any kind of mistake.

4. Efficient Waste Tracking

Reducing your daily wastage is an efficient method to increase your profits and cut down your avoidable expenditures. Automated inventory software will keep real-time track of every item that comes in and is wasted eventually. These statistics at the end of the day may assist you in understanding what items can be reduced in your list to cut down the daily wastage. This can even help you save a lot of money in the long run. The automated inventory system is an amazing tool to track your wastage over time paving way for maximum usage. 

5. Food Cost Management

Restaurants, cafes, base kitchens, and other food-serving platforms can maximize their profits to a greater extent by managing their food costs daily. Automated inventory software can help food companies in managing their food costs in the right way. The data stored can help you to adjust your menu as well as help you in understanding the peak hours of purchase adding maximum profit to your business.


As technology is becoming an integral part of different industries, those who can remain in sync with these dynamic changes are the ones who will earn more profit and stand out among others. 

Managing data is an essential tool that helps businesses to run efficiently while managing their expenses. That’s why you need to automate your inventory system as it’s the best method to keep a track of all your inventories that ultimately helps you in enhancing your returns. With inresto’s expert restaurant supply chain management tool, you can easily optimize your inventory usage and save a lot of money! So, get in touch with our experts today.


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